God Of War Ragnarok Casualty Of War: The Hourglass Favour Guide

by Vlad
November 25, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok Casualty Of War: The Hourglass is the fifth and final fetch quest you’ll need to complete (assuming you followed the order from our GoW Ragnarok Wiki) by finding the other half of the hourglass for Skarde.

As with all other Casualties of War, the God Of War Ragnarok Hourglass Casualty Of War counts as one of the 47 Favours in the video game, developed by Santa Monica Studio, which means that if you aim for 100% completion, it’s mandatory to finish it.

However, the God Of War Ragnarok Casualty Of War: The Hourglass Side Quest is also the most complicated because you’ll have to explore the Sinkholes area of the Vanaheim Crater.

Fear not, though, because, throughout the following walkthrough, we’ll tell you where to find the Hourglass Halves and guide you through the Sinkholes maze.

How To Start Casualty of War: The Hourglass In The Vanaheim Sinkholes

Casualty Of War: The Hourglass is best approached while playing the Quaking Hollow Favor because you’ll find Skarde while tracking down one of the dragons.

It goes without saying that The Sinkholes should be visited after you finish the Return of the River Favour explained here because you must also flood this region.

So, while playing the Quaking Hollow Side Quest, you’ll get to a larger area where you’ll also trigger The Burning Skies quest. This area features the Sinkholes Celestial Altar and The Sinkholes Mystic Gateway.

As you progress through the Quaking Hollow quest (explained in-depth here), you’ll have to open one of the gates over the river. It is on the right side while facing the Sinkholes Celestial Altar standing on the other side of the ruins.

Upon opening the said gate, on the right side, you’ll see a tune with some brambles you’ll need to burn using the Runic Arrows and the Blades of Chaos.

God Of War Ragnarok Casualty Of War: The Hourglass Walkthrough

Burn the brambles pictured above; then, you’ll have to throw your Leviathan Axe at the poisonous plant to remove the toxic gas blocking the path.

Immediately after entering the tunnel, go past the plant, and you’ll see Skarde waiting for you.

Interact with the purple item on the ground, and you’ll start the God Of War Ragnarok Casualty Of War: The Hourglass Side Quest.

God Of War Ragnarok Casualty Of War: The Hourglass Guide

Where To Find The Hourglass Half

After talking to Skarde, you’ll be asked to find the other half of the hourglass. At this point, you’ll want to focus on The Burning Skies Favor because the item you need is down the path toward the Ash Tyrant dragon.

You’ll need full access to The Sinkholes, and you also have to open the second large gate blocking the canal east of the Celestial Altar.

If you have already completed it, return to the Celestial Altar area, take the boat and follow the canal opposite to the one where you found Skarde.

Once you reach the lake on the other side, dock the boat on the beach marked below.

God Of War Ragnarok Casualty Of War Half Hourglass Location

Head through the tunnel ahead, then follow the linear path by going through the tunnel on the right side.

As you go deeper, eventually, you’ll reach a dark area. Climb the wall on the right side, and you should be able to spot the other half of the hourglass glowing in the dark.

God Of War Ragnarok Casualty Of War Hourglass Half Location

Upon retrieving the other hourglass half, Skarde will continue his story, and the God Of War Ragnarok Casualty Of War: The Hourglass Quest ends.

Before leaving the area, though, remember to get all Sinkholes Collectibles we’ve covered here you may have missed and if you need help with other Side Quests, check our Wiki Hub page to find guides for all of them.

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