God Of War Ragnarok Raider Hideout Collectibles Locations Guide

November 25, 2022

God of War Ragnarok Raider Hideout is a hidden small cave in the Midgard realm, and one of four Kol Raider Camps you must clear as part of the Animal Instincts Favour covered here.

Inside the GoW Ragnarok Raider Hideout, you’ll be able to get three different collectibles, as follows:

  • 1 Kol Raider Camp
  • 1 Nornir Chest
  • 1 Legendary Chest

To reach Raider Hideout, go to the elevator east of Tyr’s Temple in the Lake of Nine region (covered in-depth here), then follow the path northeast until you reach an opening into a cave.

Now, let’s see where all the God of War Ragnarok Raider Hideout collectibles are and how to get them.

Kol Raider Camp: Inside The Raider Hideout Cave

Enter the Raider Hideout, and defeat all the Kol Raider enemies until the last one.

Shortly after killing the last Kol Raider, a blue favour icon will appear in the top left corner of the screen marking the Kol Raider Camp activity as completed, counting the progress toward Animal Instinct Favour.

This collectible is slightly different from the others because you don’t have to pick it up. Instead, you’ll have to defeat all the enemies, similar to the Remnants of Asgard collectible.

God Of War Ragnarok Raider Hideout Kol Rider Camp Location

Legendary Chest (Tartarus Rage): Right Corner Of The Cave

Once you’ve cleared all Kol Raider enemies, check the right corner of the cave to find the GoW Ragnarok Raider Hideout Legendary Chest.

Open the Legendary Chest to receive the Tartarus Rage, a Heavy Runic Attack for your Blades of Chaos.

God Of War Ragnarok Raider Hideout Legendary Chest Location

Legendary Chests are an excellent source of equipment and runic attacks, so check our Legendary Chests Locations guide here to expand your collection.

Nornir Chest: Left Of The Legendary Chest

As you probably noticed, the God of War Ragnarok Raider Hideout Nornir Chest can be found to the left of the Legendary Chest.

To open this Nornir Chest, you’ll have to light the three seal braziers, but you’ll have to use the firebombs from the vase in the middle of the cave.

The first seal brazier can be found to the left of the Nornir Chest. Shoot a sigil arrow at the red vines and burn them using your Blades of Chaos by pressing (L2) + (R2) to reveal the brazier.

Then pick up a firebomb and throw it at the brazier to ignite it.

God Of War Ragnarok Raider Hideout Nornir Chest First Brazier Location

The second brazier is to the right of the chest, behind some gold ore in the wall.

Throw a firebomb at the gold ore to destroy it, then throw another at the brazier to ignite it.

God Of War Ragnarok Raider Hideout Nornir Chest Second Brazier Location

The third brazier is well-hidden and difficult to spot, but we got you covered. Go to the bottom of the stairs near the entrance to the cave and look to the east.

You’ll find the brazier perched at the top of a stone pillar. Place two large sigils on the pillar, one near the bottom and the other near the brazier. To create a large sigil, shoot three arrows in the same spot to increase the effective radius of the sigil.

Then, throw the firebomb directly at the brazier, which will fall down toward the bottom sigil, initiating a chain reaction and igniting the brazier.

God Of War Ragnarok Raider Hideout Nornir Chest Third Brazier Location

After igniting all three braziers, open the Nornir Chest to receive an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead.

If you wish to solve more Nornir Chests puzzles, check our God Of War Ragnarok Nornir Chests Locations Guide here.

That’s all you have to know to find all God of War Ragnarok Raider Hideout collectibles. Feel free to check our GoW Ragnarok Wiki Hub for more collectibles and favours guides.

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