God Of War Ragnarok Raider Stronghold Collectibles Locations Guide

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November 25, 2022

God of War Ragnarok Raider Stronghold region is a small room within Tyr’s Temple in the Midgard Realm, which also contains one of the four Kol Raider Camps you must eliminate to progress Animal Instincts Favour covered here.

Because the GoW Ragnarok Raider Stronghold region is just a small room, it contains only two collectibles, listed below as follows:

  • Legendary Chests: 1
  • Kol Raider Camps: 1

To reach the Raider Stronghold region, fast travel to Lake of Nine Mystic Gateway, take the sled of wolves, and proceed southeast toward Tyr’s Temple in the Lake of Nine region covered here.

Near Tyr’s Golden Helmet which is part of the Guiding Light Favour, enter through the door under the bridge to Tyr’s Temple to discover the Raider Stronghold region.

Now, let’s see what collectibles you can find inside Raider Stronghold in the video game developed by Santa Monica Studios.

Kol Raider Camp: Inside Raider Stronghold

After you enter the region, defeat all Kol Raider enemies inside.

Once you’ve killed the last Kol Raider, you’ll see a notification in the top left corner, showing you the progress of the Animal Instincts Favour, which will also mark the collectible as completed.

This collectible doesn’t require you to pick anything up, just to clear all the enemies, similar to the Remnants of Asgard collectible.

God Of War Ragnarok Raider Stronghold Kol Raider Camp Location

Legendary Chest (Cyclone Of Chaos): In The Back Of The Room

After defeating all Kol Raider enemies, check the south part of the room to find the God of War Ragnarok Raider Stronghold Legendary Chest near an exit blocked by snow.

Open the Legendary Chest to receive the Cyclone of Chaos, a Light Runic Attack for your Blades of Chaos.

God Of War Ragnarok Raider Stronghold Legendary Chest Location

Finding and opening Legendary Chests is an efficient way to acquire equipment and runic attacks, so feel free to check our Legendary Chests Locations guide here to locate all of them.

If you wish to continue finding more collectibles or completing favours around the nine realms, we have this GoW Ragnarok Wiki Hub with everything you need.

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