God Of War Ragnarok Guiding Light Favour Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
November 21, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok Guiding Light is a fetch quest you can complete while visiting Midgard in the latest video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and one of the 47 Favours you need to finish to reach 100% completion across all Realms.

God Of War Ragnarok Guiding Light Favour can be approached after you unlock Midgard by progressing through the game, and it counts as one of the four quests in this Realm.

For this GoW Ragnarok Favor, however, you have to do some exploration around Tyr’s Temple in Midgard because otherwise, you won’t be able to start it.

Your objective is to check four specific locations containing parts from Tyr’s Statue. You probably remember the colossal statue if you played the previous game.

Now that the statue is ruined, you’ll want to look closer.

So if you wonder where to find the 4 God Of War Ragnarok Guiding Light Statue Runes Reads, below we’ll tell you everything you need to know about them.

How To Start The Guiding Light In Midgard

To start the Guiding Light Side Quest, first, you’ll have to unlock Midgard, but it’s essential to know that while this Realm becomes available early in the game, you’ll need to be in the area known as Lake of Nine.

Furthermore, you’ll need to play as Kratos, not Atreus, who will also visit this Realm alone.

Finally, the GoW Ragnarok Guiding Light Favor can only be triggered by finding one of the 4 Statue Runes. Any of them will do, and we’ll go over their locations below.

After finding one of the Rune Reads, approach it and press the square button to interact with it. This action will trigger the quest.

God Of War Ragnarok Guiding Light Walkthrough

Guiding Light Tyr’s Statue Runes Locations

Before going over the first location you have to visit, it’s worth knowing that the Rune Reads count as Lake of Nine Collectibles covered here. Also, at each site, you’ll find a glowing digging spot you don’t want to miss because they contain pieces of Tyr’s Armor Set.

Now, let’s see where to find Tyr’s Statue Rune Reads.

The first one you should approach is very close to the northern side of Tyr’s Temple, or the round red building in the middle of the Lake of Nine.

Look for a huge golden helmet with smoke coming out of it. You can see it below.

God Of War Ragnarok Guiding Light Guide

The helmet is only several steps away from the entrance to the Raider Stronghold you have to clear as part of the Animal Instincts Favor.

After you find it, get close to it, and inside, you’ll see a Rune Read on the left side and a glowing digging spot on the ground. Interact with both of them to trigger the quest and obtain the Breastplate of Guiding Light Chest Armour.

From the previous location, head southeast under the large bridge. Go past it, then go around a small iceberg to spot the next Rune Read close to the mountain’s wall.

As you can see below, this is Tyr’s Spear.

God Of War Ragnarok Guiding Light Favor Walkthrough

Read the Rune on the spear, then on the left side, you’ll see the digging spot. Recover the buried treasure to unlock Jotunheim’s Essence Amulet Enchantment.

Now, hop on the sled and head northwest towards the small temple east of the Lake of Nine Mystic Gateway.

If you have already completed Sigrun’s Curse Favour explained here, the next location is west of The Oarsmen.

To get to the next Rune Read, you’ll need to find the eastern path behind the snow wall and along the canyon (crack in the ground).

Look for a stone pillar you can jump over, pick the large boulder and continue through the metal wreckage. When you exit the wreckage, turn right, and you’ll see the Rune Read behind some vines you can burn using the Blades of Chaos (hold L2 and press R2).

God Of War Ragnarok Guiding Light Side Quest Guide

Upon reading the Statue Rune and collecting the Waist Guard of Guiding Light Armour, retrace your steps back to the Lake of Nine area and head west towards the Lake of Nine Mystic Gateway.

On the right side of the said Gateway, you’ll see one of the statue’s arms and the last God Of War Ragnarok Guiding Light Rune Read.

Make sure you interact with it and also retrieve the last part of Tyr’s Armour set from the glowing digging spot.

God Of War Ragnarok Guiding Light Statue Runes Locations

Now that you found the last Rune Read, the God Of War Ragnarok Guiding Light Favour is complete, but don’t forget to check our Wiki Hub page here for more Side Quests and all collectibles locations in the Lake of Nine area.

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