God Of War Ragnarok Sigrun’s Curse Favour Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
November 21, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok Sigrun’s Curse is one of the four Midgard Side Quests and one of the 47 Favours you must complete across all Realms in the video game developed by Santa Monica Studio.

The God Of War Ragnarok Sigrun’s Curse Favour is the longest, but it grants access to several locations you’ll most likely want to visit.

Furthermore, the GoW Ragnarok Sigrun’s Curse Side Quest involves a series of puzzles you may need help with; otherwise, it can be challenging to complete.

As such, our God Of War Ragnarok Sigrun’s Curse walkthrough below will guide you from start to finish and explain how to solve the related puzzles and where to find the two Broken Keys to access The Lost Treasury covered here.

How To Start Sigrun’s Curse Favour In Midgard

Sigrun’s Curse starts automatically after visiting one of the two locations involving the broken keys you’ll need to find.

It goes without saying that to play this quest, first, you’ll need to get to Midgard and unlock the Lake of Nine region via story progression.

Once you reach the large area from the previous God of War video game, you must visit one of the following landmarks:

  • The Oarsmen
  • The Derelict Outpost

You’ll automatically start Sigrun’s Curse when you approach any of these landmarks.

God Of War Ragnarok Sigrun's Curse Guide

Since The Oarsmen is closer to the Lake of Nine Mystic Gateway, let’s start with this landmark.

So, after arriving in the Lake of Nine area, open your map and head east but stay close to the northern edge of the map.

Eventually, you’ll see the Alfheim Tower (there is a Mystic Gateway on top of it), and if you look closely at your map, you’ll see the arm of Tyr’s Statue.

The passage east of the arm is your way towards The Oarsmen, while the arm itself is an objective you’ll have to inspect as part of the Guiding Light Favor covered here.

Once you identify the location on your map, look for a fallen pillar, jump over it, and move the giant boulder blocking the path. As you progress, you’ll eventually see some vines blocking the path on the right side.

Burn them with your Blades of Chaos, then jump over the gap to enter the cave pictured below.

God Of War Ragnarok Sigrun's Curse Walkthrough

Where To Find Clues From Sigrun’s Past (First Broken Key Location)

When you step inside the cave, get ready to deal with some mobs. Clear the area first, then look around, and you should see a painted ledge on the other side of the cave.

One of the 35 GoW Ragnarok Nornir Chests is also here, but ignore it for now.

Climb the painted ledge and then the wall on the right side (pictured).

God Of War Ragnarok Sigrun's Curse Favour Walkthrough

When you exit on the other side, defeat the Stalker and clear the area of all loot.

Now, look for a golden chain you can use to ascend, then drop to the next area.

Here you’ll see a rather large chain and a wooden door on the right side. First, open the door because it’s a shortcut to the entrance.

Next, approach the chain and move it by pressing O.

God Of War Ragnarok Sigrun's Curse Favor Walkthrough

By pulling the chain, Kratos will reveal a secret entrance to the cave below, so follow the stairs, and on the right side, you’ll see one of the 53 Legendary Chests listed here.

Deal with the mobs you encounter, then cross the cave and take a left turn. Now you should see an iron gate.

On the left side, facing the gate, you’ll see a small monument and a glowing item. Pick it up because it’s the Fjoturlund Vault Key Half or one of the two Sigrun’s Curse Broken Keys.

Now, if you are a completionist, continue looking for all Oarsmen Collectibles (covered in-depth here) in this area. If you are focusing on the quest, open the iron gate, and head outside.

Retrace your steps back to the Lake of Nine, then hop on the sled and travel southwest on the map. Your next destination is The Derelict Outpost (we’ve covered in-depth here).

Where To Find The Second Broken Key

The second God of War Ragnarok Broken Key needed for Sigrun’s Curse Quest is inside The Derelict Outpost, southwest of Tyr’s Temple.

Follow the passage leading to the outpost, and you’ll find a new Mystic Gateway. In front of it is a golden chain you can climb.

Follow the path ahead, past the shop, then take a left turn to enter a cave. Swing over the gap, and on the right side, you’ll see a crane.

God Of War Ragnarok Sigrun's Curse Quest Walkthrough

Aim for the golden plate on the right side to move the crane (pictured above), then use it to swing to the other side.

In the next area, deal with the Wisps and make sure you destroy the pillar to stop them from spawning; then, you’ll see another crane you can rotate. Throw your Leviathan Axe at the right golden plate, then swing across.

In the next section, turn left, and you’ll see a wooden post. On top of it is one of Odin’s Ravens. Kill the birds to progress the Eyes Of Odin Favor. Now turn right to see a chain you can interact with (screenshot below).

God Of War Ragnarok Sigrun's Curse Side Quest Walkthrough

Pull the chain to lower another beam, then use the grappling point on it to swing to the other side.

Now deal with the Hel-Raiders, and follow the linear path to the left, climbing the mountain wall in the distance.

When you reach the top, turn right and get ready for more Hel-Raiders. Push forward, and you’ll eventually reach a wall made of ice. Smash it with your weapon; then, you’ll see another gap and a crane on the right side. Here you’ll have to solve a puzzle.

Start by approaching the edge on the right side and descend the area below.

Approach the chain (pictured below), lower the crane to the bottom, and then hit the plate on the right side once (also pictured).

God Of War Ragnarok Sigrun's Curse Side Quest Guide

Finally, pull the chain to raise the crane, head back to the upper ledge, and swing across the gap.

Upon reaching the next area, climb the wall on the left side to reach the upper section, where you’ll find a Legendary Chest and a Rune Read. On the left side of the chest is another wall you can climb.

On top, you’ll find the second Sigrun’s Curse Broken Key on an altar.

God Of War Ragnarok Sigrun's Curse Broken Keys Locations

After finding the second Broken Key, you’ll be asked to open the treasury door, so you’ll have to return to the Lake of Nine.

At this point, it’s recommended to find all Derelict Outpost Collectibles you may have missed.

Again, if you are not interested in them, while facing the altar where you found the key, head left and descend the golden chain. Keep following the linear path because it leads to a shortcut (metal plate) that will take you outside the outpost.

After returning to the Lake of Nine, take the sled east and remain close to the southern mountain wall, looking for a rather large valley where you should see a round golden object. This object is Tyr’s Shield, which guards the entrance to The Lost Treasury.

To get inside, however, you need to solve another puzzle.

The Lost Treasury Puzzle Solution

The God Of War Ragnarok Lost Treasury Puzzle is one of the best in the game, and it may confuse you a bit. To solve it, first, interact with the wheel in front of the shield, and you’ll notice that you can open the gates, but the shield is blocking the entrance.

Now, approach the large shield, and you’ll see a grappling point (pictured below).

God Of War Ragnarok Sigrun's Curse Lost Treasury Puzzle Solution

Interact with it, then move the shield to the right. Get close to the shield now and climb on it, following the markings. When you get on the top of the ledge, throw your Leviathan Axe at the red jar to destroy the golden pile of rubble.

When you do this, you’ll see a pillar falling in front of you. Now, head back to the ground and grab the shield again. This time, move it all the way to the left.

Again climb on it, and follow the markings that will take you to the upper left side of the treasury.

Go through the opening you created and head back to the pillar. Now you can see a grappling point on it.

God Of War Ragnarok Lost Treasury Puzzle Solution

What you want to do next is to pull the pillar to the left. This way, it will block the shield in a new position. So head back to the ground and grab the shield. Move it to the right, and you’ll see that The Lost Treasury entrance is unobstructed. Except for the bars.

To fully open it, you’ll want to get close to the wheel made of wood. Rotate it until the treasury door is wide open, then aim your Leviathan Axe at the plate on the left side.

Throw it to freeze the plate, then ask your companion to shoot a Runic Arrow (pink).

God Of War Ragnarok How To Open Lost Treasury

Now retrieve your Axe (press triangle), then freeze the plate switch on the right side of the shield. Without recovering the Axe, quickly head inside.

If your companion remains outside (or to exit the Lost Treasury), find the switch on the right side of the gate while looking at it from the inside. Make sure you destroy it.

God Of War Ragnarok How To Exit Lost Treasury

Great job! Now that you have solved the God of War Ragnarok Lost Treasury puzzle, head left and burn the vines after your companion uses a Runic Arrow on them.

Open the next gate, and after you clear, all enemies inside, approach the Rune Read.

God Of War Ragnarok Sigrun's Curse Quest Guide

Interact with it, and the God Of War Ragnarok Sigrun’s Curse Quest ends. Before leaving this location, though, make sure you get all The Lost Treasury Collectibles covered in depth here.

Last but not least, refer to our GoW Ragnarok Wiki Hub for guides on all Favors and all collectibles locations.

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