God Of War Ragnarok Quaking Hollow Favour Guide

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November 27, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok Quaking Hollow is one of the three Favours in The Sinkholes area of the Vanaheim Crater and one of the 47 Side Quests available in the latest video game developed by Santa Monica Studio.

God Of War Ragnarok Quaking Hollow Favour starts automatically as you approach The Sinkholes, and your objective is to find the source of the tremors you’ll witness the moment you enter the third area of The Crater.

The path leading to the said source can be pretty confusing, especially because in The Sinkholes, you’ll have to open several locked gates that can be hard to reach.

To help you with this quest, we’ll discuss all steps you’ll have to follow in our God Of War Ragnarok Quaking Hollow guide below.

How To Start Quaking Hollow In The Vanaheim Sinkholes

To start the GoW Ragnarok Quaking Hollow Favor, you must enter The Sinkholes, the third area in the Vanaheim Crater.

While you can do this at the end of the Favour named Scent of Survival, it’s best to approach the area after you finish both For Vanaheim and Return of the River.

The latter makes the navigation easier, and it will help you get all Sinkholes Collectibles we’ve covered here that you won’t be able to reach otherwise.

When you are ready to start, from the Eastern Plains Mystic Gateway, head southeast on your map, and eventually, you’ll see an unusual building with a hole in the middle.

As you descend, if you have already found A Scar Is Born Treasure Map, you’ll be able to retrieve the buried treasure inside the tunnel.

Now, head towards the zipline and descend to The Sinkholes. If you look around, you’ll eventually find one of the 35 Nornir Chests in a tunnel below the zipline.

Approach the grate in the tunnel, and you’ll witness the tremor mentioned above, thus starting the Quaking Hollow God Of War Ragnarok Quest.

God Of War Ragnarok Quaking Hollow Walkthrough

Where To Find The Source Of The Tremors

After starting the quest, head through the tunnel south of the zipline, and jump over the water upon throwing your axe at the poisonous plant on the other side.

Keep following the tunnel, and you’ll reach a new clearing where you can see a Boat Dock and a Mystic Gateway.

Swing over the river next and enter the tunnel behind the Mystic Gateway.

God Of War Ragnarok Quaking Hollow Quest Walkthrough

In the next tunnel, you’ll notice a rock blocking the path ahead. Aim your Spear at the airstream coming out of the rock and detonate it by pressing the triangle button on your PS4/5 controller.

Now, you’ll enter an even larger area where you’ll see another Dragon. Killing it is part of The Burning Skies Favour.

When you enter this new area, stay mobile and deal with all Vikens.

To progress, you’ll need to force the dragon to leave the area, and you can do this by blowing up the stone pillars the creature is standing on.

First, deal with the pillar on the right side and blow it up using the Spear. Aim for the airstream and then detonate the Spear.

God Of War Ragnarok Quaking Hollow Favour Walkthrough

Do the same with the pillar on the left side (marked above), and the dragon will eventually leave.

Now you’ll want to head southwest and use the chain on the right side of the large iron gate to open it.

Jump over the gap and enter the tunnel on the right side. Burn the brambles using the Runic Arrows (pink) and the Blades of Chaos, then throw your Leviathan Axe at the poisonous totem behind the ruins.

After taking a right turn, you’ll see Skarde, who has a request for you. Talk to him, and you’ll start the Casualty Of War: The Hourglass Favour we have covered in depth here.

After talking to Skarde, follow the tunnel until you reach a larger gap.

On the ceiling, you’ll see more brambles you can burn by connecting the Runic Arrows.

God Of War Ragnarok Quaking Hollow Favor Walkthrough

After swinging over the gap, keep pushing forward, then drop into the tunnel below. Squeeze through the hole but be advised that when you exit, you’ll have to face the Crag Jaw, one of the Dragons in The Sinkholes.

If you can’t handle it, consider lowering the difficulty level or getting better gear by hunting the Legendary Chests we’ve listed here.

The God Of War Ragnarok Quaking Hollow Quest ends after you defeat the Crag Jaw, but remember to check our Wiki Guide here for all collectibles and all quests in The Sinkholes.

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