God of War Ragnarok A Scar Is Born Treasure Map: Where To Find The Buried Treasure

Written by Vlad Susanu
November 24, 2022

God of War Ragnarok A Scar Is Born Treasure Map is the trickiest one in the video game developed by Santa Monica Studio because, unlike all other Treasure Maps, for this one, you’ll have to complete a specific Favor, which is not part of the story.

The God of War Ragnarok A Scar Is Born Map is nevertheless mandatory because it leads to The Plains Buried Treasure.

So if you are a completionist and wonder where to find the GoW Ragnarok A Scar Is Born Treasure and the map that leads to it, throughout the following guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it.

Where To Find A Scar Is Born Treasure Map

God of War Ragnarok A Scar Is Born Treasure Map is found on a solitary island in The Plains area of the Vanaheim Crater.

The problem is that when you first reach The Crater in GoW Ragnarok, at the end of the Scent of Survival Favour, you’ll notice some vast canyons.

Those canyons must be flooded, but first, you’ll want to find Birgir, so focus on finishing For Vanaheim Quest we explained here.

Once you free Birgir, you’ll want to head south into the Jungle. The path can be confusing, so follow our Return of the River Quest walkthrough and release the waters from The Jungle Dam.

Finally, return to the Western Plains Mystic Gateway to go after the Treasure Map. If you want, you can also start the Favour, In The Dead Of Night, which will take you close to the map’s location.

From the Western Plains Mystic Gateway, head east on your map until you reach the river that splits The Plains region in two.

Look for a Boat Dock, then head south until you find a small island. On it, you should be able to spot a glowing rift (pictured below).

God of War Ragnarok A Scar Is Born Treasure Map Location

Get out of the boat, and on the small island, you’ll see the glowing map on the ground. After you pick up the Scar Is Born God of War Ragnarok Treasure Map, open your inventory, navigate to the Goals tab, and then to the Treasure Maps.

You should be able to read the following clue:

There’s a gaping maw in Vanaheim, and it ain’t just my dear chum Aki’s mouth. What better place for treasure than a giant hole in the ground? The work’s practically done for me.

A Scar Is Born Treasure Map Riddle – God of War Ragnarok

Next to the clue, you can also see an image showing what seems to be a tunnel. But where is it?

God of War Ragnarok A Scar Is Born Buried Treasure Location

A Scar Is Born Buried Treasure in God of War Ragnarok is found south of the Eastern Plains Mystic Gateway.

From your current location, you’ll want to travel north, then east along the river until you reach the easternmost Boat Dock in The Plains area.

Exit the boat, and after you clear the area around the Celestial Altar, head east and jump to the large plain.

Next, head north, and on the left side, you’ll notice the giant hole from the Treasure Map image. This path or tunnel leads to The Sinkholes region of the crater.

God of War Ragnarok A Scar Is Born Treasure Location

Now that you found the GoW Ragnarok A Scar Is Born Buried Treasure, dig it out to receive the following rewards:

  • 4 Petrified Bones
  • 4 Luminous Alloy
  • 4 Asgardian Ingots
  • 75 Shattered Runes

Great job, Treasure Hunter! Now feel free to find all the remaining Plains Collectibles we’ve covered here and finish all other Favours in this area, following our God of War Ragnarok Wiki Hub here.

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