God Of War Ragnarok Path Of Destruction Favour Guide

by Vlad
November 24, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok Path Of Destruction Favour becomes available in the Crater Jungle Area of Vanaheim after Kratos and his companion (Atreus or Freya) discover some huge footprints that will eventually lead them to a drake.

Unlike all other Side Quests, God Of War Ragnarok Path Of Destruction is quite unique because for Kratos to take down the drake, or the dragon if you want, first he must lure it.

Luring the Path Of Destruction Drake is not easy because you need to obtain some food for the dragon you are about to fight.

Assuming you need help with this task, we’ll cover all objectives you have to complete in our God Of War Ragnarok Path Of Destruction walkthrough below.

How To Start Path Of Destruction In The Vanaheim Jungle

The Path Of Destruction God of War Ragnarok Favor is somehow hidden, meaning that if you don’t find the tracks or the footprints, you won’t be able to go after the drake.

The Side Quest also counts as one of the 47 Favors in the game, while the drake you’ll face is one of the Dragon Hunts.

So the first step towards starting this quest is to flood the Jungle area by completing the Return of the River Favor explained here.

Once you flood the Jungle, take the boat near the elevator leading to the top of the Dam, and if needed, go to the Celestial Altar and switch to daytime.

Next, head north towards the Jungle Entrance Mystic gateway.

When close, turn east and follow the river through the small tunnel. Behind it, you’ll find a secluded Boat Dock. You may remember it from the Trail Of The Dead Side Quest.

Get out of the boat, and squeeze through the stones ahead.

God Of War Ragnarok Path Of Destruction Walkthrough

In the area behind the two stones, you’ll have to deal with two trolls if you did not kill them during the Trail Of The Dead. Furthermore, here you’ll also find the other half of the toy for Andor (Casualty of War: The Toy Side Quest).

Once you defeat the trolls, cross the large roots ahead by swinging over the gap. When you reach the other side, you should find the Stag of Summer you must feed for A Stag for All Seasons Quest.

Take a right turn next and jump over the gap, and lower the golden chain near the chest because you’ll use it later as a shortcut.

Next, turn left and go up the hill. After jumping over another gap, you’ll see another footprint on the ground in front of a wall (pictured).

God Of War Ragnarok Path Of Destruction Guide

Squeeze between the two walls, and you’ll reach a larger area with a big hole in the middle.

Approach the hole and jump inside to receive the next objective.

How To Lure The Drake

The moment you fall into the hole, you’ll notice that you are inside a cage. So the first thing you’ll want to do is get outside.

On the back wall, you can see a wooden board and a round golden plate. What you have to do next is throw your Leviathan Axe at the painted wooden board. This will raise the cage.

God Of War Ragnarok Path Of Destruction Lure Drake Puzzle Solution

After raising the cage, recall your axe quickly and aim for the golden plate (wheel) under the board (pictured above).

This will freeze the trap. After freezing it in place, do not recall your axe. Leave it there and exit the cage.

Now, look around, and you’ll spot an iron gate. Open it, and behind, you’ll notice two Gulons. They will be the drake’s lure. So open the gate but do not attack the Gulons.

Instead, get close to them so they can spot you, then quickly get back to the cage and wait for them.

The idea here is to let the Gulons step inside the trap, then recall your Leviathan Axe so that the cage moves up, carrying the Gulons to the feeding area.

God Of War Ragnarok Path Of Destruction Puzzle Solution

When the Gulons are inside, quickly step outside and then recall your axe.

Now, head outside through the iron gate, then head left and keep following the path that will eventually bring you to the area where you lowered the golden chain.

Use it to go up, then follow the path back to the large arena by squeezing through the walls. In the arena now you should see the drake or the Slag Horn.

As with all other dragons you’ve faced, the fight against the Slag Horn depends on your gear, difficulty level, and skills. If you find the fight too hard, consider lowering the difficulty level or start looking for Legendary Chests using our collectibles guides listed as part of the GoW Ragnarok Wiki hub.

The God Of War Ragnarok Path Of Destruction ends after you defeat the Slag Horn.

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