God Of War Ragnarok Trail Of The Dead Favour Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
November 24, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok Trail Of The Dead is the longest Favour in The Crater Jungle Region of Vanaheim and one of the most important because it allows you to deal with The Corpse Eater Dragon.

Like all other Favours, it counts as one of the 47 GoW Ragnarok Side Quests and is mandatory for reaching 100% completion in both The Jungle and Vanaheim Realm.

While the main objective of the God Of War Ragnarok Trail Of The Dead Favor is to kill the Dragon, the path leading to its feeding ground can also be problematic because you’ll need to do a lot of climbing and also deal with two trolls.

To help you with the GoW Ragnarok Trail Of The Dead Quest, below we’ll discuss all the steps you need to follow to get close to it.

How To Start Trail Of The Dead In The Vanaheim Jungle

God Of War Ragnarok Trail Of The Dead Side Quest starts after you get to The Jungle area and flood The Crater by releasing the water from the blocked dam.

This objective is part of the Return of the River Favour we already explained in-depth.

Assuming you already talked to Magnus (Casualty of War: The Stein Favour) behind the dam, and dealt with the two Dreki (What Lies Below Favor), take the elevator from the top of the dam, and when you reach the ground, you’ll see a large Dragon flying around.

So this quest starts automatically when you first spot The Corpse Eater.

God Of War Ragnarok Trail Of The Dead Walkthrough

How To Reach The Dragon’s Feeding Ground

Once you start the quest, head to The Jungle Celestial Altar across the river from where the dam’s elevator is.

Next to the Altar, you’ll also find The Jungle Mystic Gateway and Andor, your quest giver for the Casualty of War: The Toy Favor.

You can ignore Andor for now, as well as all Junglec Collectibles, and focus on the Dragon.

While standing next to the Celestial Altar, head east and climb the wall in the distance (pictured below).

God Of War Ragnarok Trail Of The Dead Guide

Head right next, jump to the lower area, then follow the tunnel on the left side. When you reach the other side, you’ll have to use several grappling points to go around the ruins.

Eventually, you’ll end up on a higher ledge, and you can see some red brambles across the water.

Use your companion’s Runic Arrows (pink) to burn the brambles by starting a chain reaction.

Basically, you’ll have to connect the pink spheres until you can hit one of them with Kratos’s Blades of Chaos.

God Of War Ragnarok Trail Of The Dead Favour Walkthrough

After burning the brambles, use the grappling points you used earlier to get to the other side of the ruins. After opening the Legendary Chest, head left, and you’ll see some trolls in the area below.

The path ahead is blocked by them, which means you’ll first need to get rid of both trolls, then return to this spot.

Now, turn around and use the grappling point (red) on the ceiling, then swing across and hit the metal plate at the edge of the wall.

This allows you to create a shortcut and get back to the Altar faster. The next step is to get into the boat and head north towards the Jungle Entrance Mystic Gateway.

As you get close, you’ll see an entrance east (right side) as you navigate north. Keep following it, and you’ll reach a hidden Boat Dock (marked on the map below).

God Of War Ragnarok Trail Of The Dead Side Quest Walkthrough

After docking your boat, squeeze through the two stones and deal with both trolls. Now that the area is clear head back to your boat and go back to the Celestial Altar.

Once you climb the eastern wall you climbed earlier, turn left, use the shortcut you’ve unlocked, and then swing over the water.

Next, go around the left side of the ruins and climb the wall towards the dragon feeding ground.

God Of War Ragnarok Trail Of The Dead Dragon Feeding Ground

At the top of the ruins, you’ll finally find The Corpse Eater Dragon. Like all bosses in God of War Ragnarok, the fight ahead depends on gear, skill, and difficulty. If the Dragon is too hard for you, consider lowering the game’s difficulty level.

Alternatively, if you need better gear, refer to our GoW Ragnarok Wiki here to get the best armor sets available. After you deal with The Corpse Eater Dragon, the God Of War Ragnarok Trail Of The Dead Quest ends, but you have plenty of Jungle Collectibles we’ve covered here waiting for you.

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