God Of War Ragnarok Conscience For The Dead Favour Guide

by Vlad
December 1, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok Conscience For The Dead is probably the most accessible Favour in Vanaheim because to complete it; you’ll only need to clear the Seidr Fanatics inside The Veiled Passage.

GoW Ragnarok Conscience For The Dead Favour, however, can become tricky because you’ll need to complete several extra steps to reach The Veiled Passage and the Seidr Fanatics.

Furthermore, you’ll also want to progress Kratos’s story to the point where you get access to the southern part of the River Delta.

Don’t worry, though, because, throughout the following God Of War Ragnarok Conscience For The Dead walkthrough, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this quest.

How To Start Conscience For The Dead In Vanaheim

Like Garden For The Dead, we covered here, Conscience For The Dead becomes available after you finish the 6th Main Quest in the video game developed by Santa Monica, named The Reckoning.

At the end of the said Main Quest, you’ll return to Freyr’s Camp, and from there, you can navigate south towards the Cliffside Ruins, a beach on the western side of the river.

It is worth mentioning that if you play this quest later, you’ll need to make sure that before leaving Freyr’s Camp, you switch from day to night using the Celestial Altar because the southern part of the river can’t be accessed during the night.

As you navigate south, dock your boat near the Cliffside Ruins beach and clear the area ahead.

On the other side of the beach, you’ll see a ghost named Gunhild.

God Of War Ragnarok Conscience For The Dead Walkthrough

Gunhild will ask you to find the corrupted Seidr Fanatics who fought by her side and put them to rest. Let’s see what you need to do next.

Where To Find The Seidr Fanatics

The Seidr Fanatics in God of War Ragnarok are found in The Veiled Passage; however, that area must be unlocked. If you played Freya’s Missing Peace, explained here, you already unlocked it because it’s very close to the Goddess Falls.

If you didn’t, you’ll have to do it now, and your starting point is the wall on the left side of Gunhild.

God Of War Ragnarok Conscience For The Dead Guide

Make sure you climb it, then turn around and jump on the suspended platforms. The idea here is to release the golden chain above Gunhild’s location.

To do this, you’ll have to burn some red brambles using purple arrows and Kratos’s Blades of Chaos.

god of war ragnarok freya missing peace favour walkthrough - GameClubz

Once you release the chain, head back to the ground and climb it, turn left, and on the cliff’s edge, you’ll find a chisel.

Interact with it, and your companion will be able to read a rune, thus clearing the path down the river.

Now head back to your boat but make sure you find as many Cliffside Ruins Collectibles we’ve covered here as possible.

Row south on your map, then enter The Veiled Passage, next to Goddess Falls beach.

Inside the passage, you can make a short stop to claim one of the 35 Nornir Chests or one of The Veiled Passage Collectibles covered here.

If you are not interested in it, keep rowing until you get to the other side of the passage. Next, you’ll want to destroy the wooden gate on the left side.

God Of War Ragnarok Conscience For The Dead Quest Walkthrough

After dealing with the mushrooms on the left wall behind the wooden gate, start climbing.

The path ahead is very linear, meaning that you can’t get lost because there is only one tunnel to follow; however, make sure you kill all Fanatics you encounter.

After reaching the poisonous purple totem, you can freeze with your axe, kill the last Fanatic, and you’ll be asked to return to the spirit.

To save time, drop the golden chain, then descend and lower the wooden bridge. This path will take you back to Gunhild, who is waiting for you at the same location where you first met her.

Upon talking to Gunhild, God Of War Ragnarok Conscience For The Dead Side Quest ends, but make sure you visit our Wiki Hub here for all other Favours in the game as well as all Collectibles locations.

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