God Of War Ragnarok The Desert Door Favour Guide

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November 18, 2022

The Desert Door is one of the 47 God Of War Ragnarok Favours featured in the video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and one of the trickiest in The Forbidden Sands area of the Alfheim Realm.

God Of War Ragnarok The Desert Door Favor or Side Quest, if you want, can’t be started unless you know its requirements, and to complete it, you need to find two Key Halves in The Forbidden Sands.

Otherwise, the GoW Ragnarok Desert Door Quest is relatively short and leads to a unique boss fight you’ll miss otherwise.

So, suppose you are a completionist who wants to experience everything within the 9 Realms; throughout the following God Of War Ragnarok Desert Door walkthrough, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this quest.

How To Start The Desert Door In Alfheim

To start The Desert Door Quest, first, you’ll need to complete Freyr’s Gift Favour we covered here.

This means that you’ll want to progress Kratos’s story and finish the 6th Main Quest named The Reckoning.

Next, you’ll want to start The Elven Sanctum Favour by talking to Beyla and Byggvir in Frey’s Camp in Vanaheim so that you can open the gate leading to The Forbidden Sands.

Upon entering The Forbidden Sands, you’ll have to focus on the Song of the Sands Favor to get rid of the sandstorm. If you don’t stop the sandstorm, you’ll not be able to collect most of the Forbidden Sands collectibles covered here.

Once the sky is clear, head northwest and find Freyr’s statue. When you get close to it, you’ll need to finish Freyr’s Gift Side-Quest by solving the small puzzle we outlined in our guide.

By finishing Frey’s Gift, you’ll get to loot a small treasure in front of his statue. It sits in the middle of a blue circle.

This is quite important because upon getting the first gift from Freyr, all blue circles in The Forbidden Sands area will have a lot of loot waiting for you. But some of them have quest items, such as the Key Halves you need to open The Desert Door.

The actual Favor becomes available only after you find the first Alfheim Barrens Key Half, as you can see below.

God Of War Ragnarok The Desert Door Walkthrough

Once you do this, The Desert Door Favor is triggered. So let’s see where to find the two Key Halves since you can obtain them in any order you want.

God Of War Ragnarok Desert Door Key Halves Locations

As said, there are two God of War Ragnarok Key Halves required to complete the Desert Door Key.

You can see their locations on the map below and notice that one is on the northwestern side of the area, while the second is close to the Hjarta canyon entrance.

God Of War Ragnarok Desert Door Key Halves Locations Map

At the first two locations on the map above, you’ll find the Key Halves glowing in the center of the blue circles. You don’t need to get out of your sled. Simply walk over to collect them.

The third location shows where to find the Desert Door you need to open after you get both Key Halves.

When you get close to the Desert Door, look around for a stone pillar with a grappling point on it. Climb up, then smash through the stone plate on the upper ledge; then, you should see the Desert Door on the left side.

God Of War Ragnarok The Desert Door Favour Guide

Remember that behind the door is the Gravel Belly mini-boss, a Drake that hits quite hard. Make sure you are ready for such a fight.

Defeating the Gravel Belly boss is mandatory for finishing the God Of War Ragnarok Desert Door Quest.

If you succeed, you’ll get Skirnir’s Gambanteinn, Alfheim’s Fortune Amulet Enchantment, and the Dragon Claw Unique Crafting Material you can use to craft the Dragon Scaled Armour.

Now that you know how to complete this Favor and where to find the Key Halves, make sure you deal with the Gravel Belly and check our GoW Ragnarok Wiki here for other quests in The Forbidden Sands.

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