God Of War Ragnarok The Elven Sanctum Favour Guide

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November 19, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok The Elven Sanctum is the shortest Favour you can complete in Alfheim, but one of the most important because it grants access to The Forbidden Sands area you’ll have to explore if you wish to reach 100% completion in the video game developed by Santa Monica Studio.

The God Of War Ragnarok Elven Sanctum Favour or Side Quest revolves around a building Kratos must visit.

This GoW Ragnarok Side Quest also counts as one of the 47 Favors in the game, and it leads to a mini-boss fight.

So if you wonder how to complete the GoW Ragnarok Elven Sanctum Quest, we’ll tell you everything you need to know in the following walkthrough.

How To Start The Elven Sanctum In Alfheim

To play The Elven Sanctum in God of War Ragnarok, you must complete The Reckoning Main Quest or the 6th Quest in Kratos’s story.

At the end of The Reckoning, you’ll return to Freyr’s Camp, where you can talk to Beyla and Byggvir, two Elves helping Freyr.

Once you talk to them, you’ll start The Elven Sanctum Quest, and if you follow it, you’ll need to reach The Barrens in Alfheim.

To get to The Barrens, if this is your first visit, you must use the Strond Mystic Gateway and head northeast towards The Canyons. After you get all Canyons Collectibles explained here, keep moving northeast to enter The Barrens.

As you are about to see, in The Barrens, you’ll face a sandstorm that makes navigation almost impossible.

Therefore focus on finishing the Secret Of The Sands Quest, and get all The Below Collectibles.

Upon getting rid of the sandstorm, use the sled and head northwest to get to a large gate Kratos can open with the help of his companion after interacting with the chisel on the left side.

Now, you’ll enter another passage named The Hjarta. There are no collectibles in this area, so keep moving west to enter The Forbidden Sands.

Similar to The Burrows, here you’ll face another sandstorm. While not mandatory, it’s best to complete the Song Of The Sands Favor first so you can remove the sandstorm.

If you want to focus on the quest at hand, then when you exit The Hjarta passage, head north and stay close to the mountain wall on the right side.

Eventually, you’ll see a rather large temple on the northeastern side of The Forbidden Sands. This is the Elven Sanctum.

God Of War Ragnarok The Elven Sanctum Guide

To enter the Sanctum, get close to the building, use the grappling point on the balcony, and then open the door.

Where To Find The Elven Sanctum History Clues

Upon entering the first room, open the next door and reach a rather large library.

All items you see in the first room count as Forbidden Sands Collectibles (covered in-depth here), so feel free to explore as you want and gather everything you see.

To find the clue, look around for two grappling points on the left and the right side of the large tree. They are above the entrance you used to get to the large room.

Pick any of them and climb to the upper floor.

God Of War Ragnarok The Elven Sanctum Walkthrough

Keep going up, looting, and inspecting everything.

On the upper level, you’ll also find one of the 53 Legendary Chests and the Forgotten Tower Treasure Map we covered here.

After you clear the area, focus on the glowing object on the table/altar pictured below.

God Of War Ragnarok The Elven Sanctum Favour Walkthrough

Pick it up because it’s the clue (Consul’s Journal) you are looking for. Now, after you clear the area, head back to the entrance following the same path, and you’ll need to deal with The Maven.

This is a mini-boss and defeating her is the final objective of the quest.

Upon finishing the God Of War Ragnarok The Elven Sanctum Favour, feel free to sell the Consul’s Journal because it serves no purpose.

Last but not least, don’t forget to visit our GoW Ragnarok Wiki Hub here because more quests and collectibles await in The Forbidden Sands.

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