God Of War Ragnarok Freyr’s Gift Favour Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
November 18, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok Freyr’s Gift is a short Favour or Side Quest you can complete in The Forbidden Sands area of Alfheim, and it involves a small puzzle you have to solve so that you can get access to Freyr’s Monument.

The God Of War Ragnarok Freyr’s Gift Favour is mandatory if you are a completionist because it counts toward getting 100% completion in The Forbidden Sands and as one of the 47 Favours in the game.

Furthermore, if you successfully solve Freyr’s Gift puzzle, you’ll also gain access to one of the collectibles in The Forbidden Sands (covered in-depth here), and you’ll be able to trigger The Desert Storm Favour, which leads to a secret boss.

Since this Side Quest requires specific steps you must follow, if you get stuck, in the following God Of War Ragnarok Freyr’s Gift walkthrough, we’ll tell you what you have to do.

How To Start Freyr’s Gif In Alfheim

GoW Ragnarok Freyr’s Gift Side Quest can be started only after you get access to the area known as The Forbidden Sands; however, to open the gates, you have to start another Favor named The Elven Sanctum.

The latter becomes available only after you complete the 6th Main Quest named The Reckoning.

Once you finish The Reckoning, you must return to Frey’s Camp in Vanaheim and find Beyla and Byggvir. Talk to them to begin The Elven Sanctum.

Now, you’ll have to head to The Barrens area in Alfheim. If you want to get 100% completion, make sure you check our Barrens collectibles guide here.

If not, head northwest on the map while in The Barrens, and you’ll find a large gate you can open. This gate leads to The Hjarta, a canyon connecting The Barrens and The Forbidden Sands. There are no collectibles in this canyon.

Upon entering The Forbidden Sands, you’ll have to deal with another sandstorm by completing the Song of the Sands Favor in The Burrows.

This step is mandatory for being able to explore The Forbidden Sands freely. Once the sandstorm is gone, head northwest, looking for a giant statue depicting Freyr.

Cross the bright bridge, and you’ll trigger Freyr’s Gift Quest.

God Of War Ragnarok Freyr’s Gift Walkthrough

Freyr’s Monument Puzzle Solution

As you cross the bridge, look around, and you’ll see a small area featuring a puzzle. Your objective is to investigate the monument to Freyr.

The monument is a round blue circle, but to investigate it first, you must find a way to activate the statue.

Great, so now that you know what to do while facing the monument, turn left, and you’ll see a glowing crystal under the bright bridge.

Go ahead and pick it up to deactivate the bridge, then drop it on the ground next to the pedestal where you found it. Remember its location because you’ll use it later.

Now head around the gap, and use your Leviathan Axe to hit the purple stone that was hidden under the bridge. Move the pointer until the line turns blue, as seen in the following screenshot.

God Of War Ragnarok Freyr’s Gift Guide

When you hit the stone, you’ll remove the brown matter blocking the path ahead.

Awesome, now cross the area, and you should be able to see some red roots (sacks) you must destroy. Follow the ramp, head up, then turn around, and you’ll see them aligned. Throw your axe to dispatch them in one hit.

God Of War Ragnarok Freyr’s Gift Favour Walkthrough

Next, head back to the lower area, following the same path. Look at the hole where the roots were located before destroying them, and you’ll see another brown matter you must deal with.

Make sure your companion has the Sonic Arrows (green) equipped, then get close to the matter.

Ask your companion to fire a Sonic Arrow, then quickly aim at the red sacks behind. Throw your Leviathan Axe to destroy them in one hit. You should see a crystal falling to the ground.

God Of War Ragnarok Freyr’s Gift Favour Guide

Now follow the passage on the right side as you face the matter.

On the left side, you should see some vases. Smash them along with the wall of stone (pictured below).

God Of War Ragnarok Freyr’s Gift Quest Guide

Drop to the area behind the wall and grab the crystal. Carry it on the ramp above your current location, where you should see one of the two pedestals you have to activate.

Now, go back to the previous area (where you destroyed the vases), but follow the path ahead, and you’ll see another crystal near a wooden gate. Remember its location because you’ll have to bring it back to exit this area.

Pick it up and place it in the same location where you removed the first one to deactivate the glowing bridge.

Finally, pick up the first crystal you removed (it should be next to you), and carry it over the glowing bridge. Place it on the second pedestal.

God Of War Ragnarok Freyr’s Gift Quest Walkthrough

With the puzzle solved, all that’s left to do is head back to the front of the large statue and check both the Runestone and the round circle. Pick up the glowing treasure in the middle of the circle to unlock the Invoke The Storm Runic Summon.

After completing Freyr’s Gift Quest in God Of War Ragnarok, if you don’t know how to exit the area, the answer is simple. You must carry a crystal (any crystal) and place it on the pedestal behind the wooden gate. Remember that you took that one earlier to solve the puzzle.

And that’s it! You solved Freyr’s Gift puzzle, so now feel free to continue exploring The Forbidden Sands or check our GoW Ragnarok Wiki Hub for more Favors you can complete in Alfheim.

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