God of War Ragnarok Modvitnir’s Rig: How To Kill The Ormr Loot Lizard

by Vlad
November 12, 2022

Now that you’ve dealt with the Aurvangar Wetlands Ormr, it is time to find the God of War Ragnarok Modvitnir’s Rig Loot Lizard and get some extra materials for Kratos’ gear.

As you probably figured out, the Ormr Loot Lizards, even though they don’t count as collectibles, are essential because of the items they drop.

The God of War Ragnarok Modvitnir’s Rig Ormr Loot Lizard is no different, and it’s pretty easy to find.

Killing it, on the other hand, requires some precision; however, throughout the following guide, we’ll tell you how to deal with it.

Modvitnir’s Rig Loot Lizard Location

Modvitnir’s Rig is a God of War Ragnarok Svartalfheim location you’ll eventually reach while playing In Service of Asgard Favor.

It is one of the three Mining Rigs you’ll have to shut down, and it includes a total of 4 collectibles, all of them being outlined in our Modvitnir’s Rig collectibles guide here.

Even though the Modvitnir Rig Lizard is not one of the collectibles you’ll have to find, you should focus on finding it.

Specifically, the Ormr Loot Lizard in Modvitnir’s Rig is next to a Lore Marker.

Upon reaching Modvitnir’s Rig, follow the path up the hill on the right, then open the gate by hitting the yellow plate.

Now, jump over the gap and climb the round wooden structure. On top of it, you’ll find one of the 53 Legendary Chests.

Next, swing over the gap, then on the right side, look down to spot the Lore Marker and the Modvitnir Rig Ormr next to it.

God of War Ragnarok Modvitnir’s Rig Ormr 
Lizard Location

How To Kill The Modvitnir’s Rig Ormr Lizard

Now that you know where it is, it’s time to deal with it, and things get a bit trickier this time.

So, the next step is to rotate the crane above by hitting the plate on the left side while facing it.

This allows you to swing back to the platform where you found the Legendary Chest.

Once you do that, head toward the edge of the platform, and you’ll be able to hit the Modvitnir Rig Loot Lizard through the hole in the wooden wall, as you can see below.

God of War Ragnarok Modvitnir’s Rig Ormr Loot Lizard How To Kill

Awesome job! Now, spin the crane one more time by hitting the yellow plate on the right side, jump over the gap, and then to the area where the Loot Lizard is found.

Loot the Lizard’s remains and collect the 1 Forged Iron, 4 Shattered Rune, 1 Rawhide, and 1 Slag Deposit.

Now feel free to explore the area, and make sure you use our Modvitnir’s Rig Collectibles locations guide here to reach 100% completion.

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