God Of War Ragnarok The Weight Of Chains Favour Guide

by Vlad
November 17, 2022

The Weight Of Chains is one of the 47 God of War Ragnarok Favours and probably one of the saddest Side Quests you’ll need to finish if you want to get 100% completion in the Svartalfheim Realm.

Unlike The Lost Treasure we covered earlier, God Of War Ragnarok The Weight Of Chains Favor is longer and comes with several puzzles you’ll need to solve.

Furthermore, the God Of War Ragnarok Weight Of Chains Side Quest allows you to discover a hidden area you won’t be able to explore otherwise.

Or simply put, without finishing The Weight Of Chains Favour in GoW Ragnarok, you will not get 100% Svartalfheim completion.

To help you with this Favour, throughout the following God Of War Ragnarok The Weight Of Chains walkthrough, we’ll guide you from start to finish in case you get stuck while playing this Side Quest.

How To Start The Weight Of Chains Favour In Svartalfheim

The Weight Of Chains is an early God of War Ragnarok Side Quest, meaning you’ll only have to reach the Svartalfheim Realm to start it.

Once you do that, you’ll want to cross the area known as Aurvangar Wetlands while gathering as many collectibles as possible. Refer to our Aurvangar Wetlands collectibles guide here if you need help with them.

Upon exiting Aurvangar Wetlands, you’ll get to the dwarven town named Nidavellir, where you’ll find more collectibles. As explained in our Nidavellir collectibles guide, some won’t be available during your first visit.

In Nidavellir, find the Tavern, and you’ll meet Raeb, the innkeeper who will ask you to close the Mining Rigs as part of the Favor named In Service of Asgard.

Now, exit through the second door in the Tavern, and you’ll reach the northern side of the town. Head to the dock down the hill, and you’ll find a boat.

Use it to get to the large area known as the Bay of Bounty and head toward the center to spot a giant geyser. As you get close, you’ll hear Mimir suggest exploring the small island.

This island is known as Lyngbakr Island, so make sure you dock your boat. At this point, you’ll start The Weight Of Chains Side Quest.

Where To Find The Key On The Island

Once you get to the island, your first objective is to find a key that can be used later to open a gate.

So, from the boat dock on Lyngbakr Island, use the Leviathan Axe to destroy the red jar on the red side. Its explosion will remove the pile of gold rubble, allowing you to progress.

God Of War Ragnarok The Weight Of Chains Walkthrough

Keep following the path ahead and destroy the nest you’ll find on top. Now climb the ledge behind.

Cross the next area, and on the left side, you’ll spot another you can destroy. Upon getting rid of the pile of rubble, approach the edge, then follow the white paintings on the wall. You’ll have to descend the wall and then move right.

Pull yourself up after going past the large boulder on the wall, then deal with the nest. Now you should be able to spot a wooden wheel.

Get close to it, then pull the left thumbstick towards you to move the wheel. Next, hold L2 to aim Kratos’ Leviathan Axe at the plate on the left side of the elevator and R1 to throw it.

God Of War Ragnarok The Weight Of Chains Guide

Without recalling your Leviathan Axe (don’t press the triangle button), head back to the edge of the hill on the right side.

Now, descend but move right (opposed to the area where you came from). Eventually, you’ll get to the Lyngbakr Island elevator platform. Now it’s time to recall your axe by pressing the triangle button on your PlayStation 4 or PS5 controller.

When you reach the top, ignore the Red Chest you see in the distance (you’ll get that one later), then approach the edge and look below to spot a stone slab you can destroy by pressing B.

As you jump and get to the lower area, you’ll find the God Of War Ragnarok Lyngbakr Island key in the red chest below. Be advised that some enemies must be defeated first.

God Of War Ragnarok The Weight Of Chains Lyngbakr Island Key Location

Upon retrieving the key, you’ll get a new objective stating that you must bring the key to the watchtower.

Bringing The Key To The Watchtower

For the next God Of War Ragnarok Weight Of Chains objective, you’ll have to find The Watchtower.

The said tower is found south of your current location so open the iron gate in front of the chest, get to the boat, and row south. In the distance, you should be able to see The Watchtower in question.

Upon docking the boat on the beach, take the first path on the right, and climb the hill. At this point, check our Watchtower collectibles guide if you aim for 100% completion in this location.

If you are not interested in collectibles, destroy the pile of rubble on the right side as you reach the base of the tower using the explosive jar.

Next, climb the wall of stone, then go left around the tower’s base. Once you pull yourself up, you’ll see a large gate made of wood on the right side (pictured).

God Of War Ragnarok The Weight Of Chains Favor Walkthrough

Behind the gate, on the right side, you’ll see a metal plate you can destroy to create a shortcut. Once you remove it, approach the drum and interact with it.

As you are about to witness, the Lyngbakr Island in God of War Ragnarok is, in fact, a huge marine monster that Mimir enslaved in the past to obtain oil for Odin’s lanterns.

Now Mimir wants to release the monster who suffered enough. This means that your next objective is to set the monster free.

Get back to the boat and row northeast to get to the Boat Dock near the creature.

How To Free The Lyngbakr

Immediately after you dock, it’s recommended to refer to our complete Lyngbakr Island collectibles guide, as there are multiple essential items you can gather while exploring this area.

Again, if you are not interested in them, climb the stone wall ahead and clear the next area. Go right around the corner now, and you’ll see another explosive jar (pictured).

God Of War Ragnarok The Weight Of Chains Favour Walkthrough

Throw Kratos’ Leviathan Axe to clear the path ahead; then, you’ll spot one of the ropes holding the Lyngbakr captive.

Approach it, press O, then move the left thumbstick in the same direction as the pointer on your screen. Finally, throw your Leviathan Axe at the plate on the chain to release the left fin.

Now, backtrack to the area where you previously defeated the monsters, head left, and you’ll see a newly opened path. Follow it, and after you deal with the mobs, climb the golden chain on the right side.

Now swing over the gap, and head left to find another golden chain and some mobs.

Push the chain down, and descend to find the second rope you’ll need to destroy to release the Lyngbakr.

God Of War Ragnarok The Weight Of Chains Quest Walkthrough

After cutting the rope, destroy the plate on the chain, and you’ll reveal another nest in the distance. By destroying it, you’ll find a red jar containing bombs you can carry and throw at the golden piles of rubble.

Pick one after you kill the Wretches and their nest, and destroy the golden pile where you have found the second rope above.

Now, you’ll want to pick another bomb and jump over the gap where the golden pile was found. From here, look down, and you’ll see another pile in the distance (pictured).

God Of War Ragnarok The Weight Of Chains Favor Guide

Upon revealing the new Boat Dock, you’ll want to return to your boat via the iron gate you can open in the area where the bombs are located.

Get inside your boat and row around the monster, moving east. Dock your boat again, climb the ledge ahead, turn left and climb the next wall. Move left, jump over the gap, then go up and head right, jumping over the next gap.

Once you reach the top, deal with all monsters first, then you’ll be able to spot the rope you have to cut to release the Lyngbakr’s tail.

After you cut it, you’ll need to deal with the plate on the chain, but to reach it, you need to use the zipline in the screenshot below.

God Of War Ragnarok The Weight Of Chains Favour Guide

Upon sliding down the rope, turn right, and you’ll see the plate you must destroy by throwing your Leviathan Axe.

Now that you set the Lyngbakr free, Mimir will ask you to get close to it. Basically, you’ll want to get close to the creature’s left eye.

Boat To The Lyngbakr’s Eye

Use the Blades of Chaos to open the wooden gate nearby, then descend the golden chain to get back to your boat.

From your current location, you’ll want to move west, following the waypoint on your map.

Approach the Lyngbakr’s eye and press O when prompted to do so.

God Of War Ragnarok The Weight Of Chains Quest Guide

Now get ready for a small cutscene featuring a lesson to be learned by everyone.

Finally, don’t forget to check our Lyngbakr Island collectibles guide if you didn’t get all of them and our God of War Ragnarok Wiki Guide if you need help completing all Side Quests.

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