Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Great Sky Island Lake: How To Cross

by Vlad
May 12, 2023

While there are many ponds and rivers, there is only one Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Great Sky Island Lake, and it’s big enough for Link to drown in an attempt to swim to the other side.

Crossing the western Great Sky Island Lake in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom is mandatory while playing The Closed Door main quest early in the game because, on the other side of this large water source, you’ll find the second Shrine you have to complete to open the Temple of Time door. Specifically the In-isa Shrine.

Reaching the lake’s shore also requires a bit of imagination, but don’t worry because, throughout the following guide, we’ll tell you how to get to the lake in question and safely reach the other side since swimming is impossible this time.

Where To Find The Great Sky Island Lake

After you exit the Ukouh Shrine, if you look southwest in the distance, you should be able to spot the second Shrine, known as In-Isa Shrine.

In front of it is the Great Sky Island Lake, and as you can guess, to get to the Shrine, you have to find a way to cross the lake.

The Legend Of Zelda ToTK The Closed Door Walkthrough

Since this Shrine is part of The Closed Door quest, we’ll start our guide from the moment you complete the Ukouh Shrine.

While on top of the plateau, descend the stairs, and head east, crossing the small pond. Look up to spot a hanging rail train you can use to cross the gap.

But for this, you’ll have to use what you’ve learned inside the Ukouh Shrine.

While standing at the bottom of the hanging rail, you’ll see several planks and some hooks. Use the Ultrahand ability to attach one of the hooks to one of the planks and rotate them accordingly.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom The Closed Door Walkthrough

Once the contraption is ready, use the Ultrahand ability again to hang it on the hook, then jump on the platform you created and enjoy the ride.

Upon reaching the next plateau, you’ll find Rauru near some ruins and a Maker Construct who will introduce you to woodcutting.

Talk to Rauru first, then talk to the Maker Construct, and grab the Stone Axe from the tree stump nearby. The stone axe will help you progress to the next area.

While standing near the Maker Construct, you should be able to see a broken bridge. Crossing the gap is mandatory for reaching the next Shrine and the Great Sky Island Lake, so now you’ll want to build something similar to a bridge.

Start by looking around for logs. You should see plenty of them near Rauru and the Maker Construct.

Now, use the Ultrahand ability, and attach three logs vertically, to obtain one single long log. Or a bridge if you want.

Place it in the slots on the plateau’s edge, as seen in the following screenshot.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom The Closed Door Quest Walkthrough

Great job! But you are still a bit far from the next Shrine, so after you cross the gap, stick to the concrete road and head over the small bridge. Nearby you’ll meet a Ranger Construct who will teach you how to hunt.

After talking to him, keep moving south towards the large lake on the western side of the map. Eventually, you’ll get to the edge of the plateau. Move west along the plateau’s edge, and you’ll eventually find a Korok on a Stone who needs your help.

Nearby you should see another Hanging Rail Train that will help you get to the other side.

This time around, however, you won’t find any planks, so you must create one using the logs nearby. If you can’t find any tree logs, you can easily cut some trees with the axe you found earlier.

Using Link’s Ultrahand, you’ll want to attach three logs horizontally and obtain a plank made of boards. Next, attach a hook to your board, and place it on the Hanging Rail Train, as you see in the picture below.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Closed Door Quest Walkthrough

Upon attaching the hook on the Rail Train, hop on the platform and enjoy the short ride again. On the next plateau, you’ll see another Rail Train if you turn left.

Luckily, you already have the platform you need, so pick it up from the previous rail and place it on the one leading to the lake below. Jump on it to get to the lower area where the Great Sky Island Lake awaits

How To Cross The Great Sky Island Lake In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Now, you’ll want to head east, along the shore, until you find some ruins behind a small stone bridge. Look around to spot several logs and a sail.

As you can guess, you’ll have to build a small raft and sail to the other side of the lake. Here is how to do this:

  • Select the Ultrahand ability
  • Attach three logs together to create a raft
  • Attach the sail on top of your raft
  • Use the Ultrahand ability to place the sailing ship on the water in the small canal nearby
Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Closed Door Great Sky Island Lake

After placing the raft on the water, quickly jump on it and wait until it reaches the other side of the lake,

Now that you learned how to reach and cross the Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Great Sky Island Lake, all that’s left to do is to follow the concrete path and the stairs leading to the hill where the next Shrine is found.

Similar to the first Shrine, the one you are about to explore unlocks a new ability named Fuse. If you need help with it, refer to our Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom In-isa Shrine Puzzle guide here.

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