Monster Hunter Rise: All Relic Record Old Messages Locations

December 20, 2022

Monster Hunter Rise Relic Records are special collectible items that can be found throughout the game world.

They are ancient records that contain valuable information about the history and lore of the Monster Hunter universe.

While finding and collecting these records, you will not only learn more about the game’s lore, but you will also receive various rewards.

Therefore, in the following guide, we will explain everything you need to know about the MHR Relic Records in the action role-playing game developed and published by Capcom.

What Are The Relic Records In Monster Hunter Rise?

An MHR Old Message is a type of Relic left behind by previous Monster Hunters and contains information about their experiences and insights about the world.

These can be found scattered across the Monster Hunter Rise regions as rusty ceremonial-looking katanas stuck in the ground.

monster hunter rise shrine ruins relic record old message location 1 - GameClubz
A Relic Record in Monster Hunter Rise

Upon collecting one of these katana-swords, you will receive an Old Message in your Notebook, which can be accessed by selecting Hunter’s Notes in the main menu.

monster hunter rise relic records messages notebook - GameClubz
You can track these collectibles in your Notebook

Where To Find All MHR Relic Records?

In each region, you can find ten Relic Records plus two Rampage Relic Records, which describe a story of a previous Rampage, explaining why you need to act to stop the current one.

These Rampage Relic Records have their section in your Notebook.

Check the table below for all the Relic Records Rewards available according to each region in the game.

The table also includes links to the game’s regions, and you can use them when hunting down these collectibles.

For each area, you’ll find a custom map along with in-game tips on where to find every Monster Hunter Rise collectible.

Region5 Relic Records Rewards10 Relic Records Rewards
Shrine RuinsArzuros CarvingMagnamalo Carving
Frost IslandsGoss Harag CarvingTetranadon Carving
Sandy PlainsAlmudron CarvingIzuchi Carving
Lava CavernsRakna-Kadaki CarvingAknosom Carving
Flooded ForestSomnacanth CarvingBishaten Carving
Jungle (Sunbreak DLC)Daimyo Hermitaur StatueAstalos Statue
Citadel (Sunbreak DLC)Garangolm StatueLunagaron Statue

What Do You Get For Collecting All Relic Records?

When you collect at least 5 Relic Records in one region, speak to Kagero the Merchant, who will reward you with a unique piece of room decoration.

If you find all 10 Relic Records in the same region, you will receive a second piece of room decoration.

monster hunter rise relic records old messages kagero the merchant - GameClubz
Claim your rewards by talking to Kagero in the Village hub.

When you have collected all 60 Relic Records, Kagero the Merchant will reward you with the following items:

  • Ibushi Carving
  • Narwa Carving
  • Antique Bookmark (Guild Card Award)

In addition, if you obtain the 20 Relic Records in the Jungle and Citadel regions as part of the Sunbreak DLC, Kagero the Merchant will reward you with the Immaculate Bookmark Guild Card Award.

That’s everything you need to know about these Monster Hunter Rise collectibles, but if you have questions, let us know in the comments section below.

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