Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Tale Of Guiguzi: How To Defeat Zhuyan

March 6, 2023

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Tale Of Guiguzi is a sub-battlefield or a side mission consisting only of a fight against Zhuyan.

The Tale Of Guiguzi side mission becomes available immediately after you’ve completed The Valley of Crying Wraiths Main Mission, where you navigate a rocky mountain area and face off Zhang Bao, General of Earth, at the end.

Zhuyan is the giant ape-like demon with big muscular arms and the first boss of the Two Chivalrous Heroes Main Battlefield.

The boss performs the same attacks and Critical Blows as in the previous encounter, but the fight will occur in the same section where you’ve defeated Zhang Bao, General of Earth.

As such, check our information below if you need a reminder on how to defeat Zhuyan to complete Tale Of Guiguzi in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

How To Defeat Zhuyan In Tale Of Guiguzi Sub Battlefield

As you start the Tale Of Guiguzi Sub Battlefield, you’ll notice that Hong Jing will assist you in defeating Zhuyan.

Before heading for the fight, make sure to put on you the best equipment, spend all your Qi upgrading your character, and set the Wizardry Spells if you have or need any.

Now, let’s quickly recap all of Zhuyan’s attack moves and Critical Blows to know what to expect.

Zhuyan mainly performs melee attacks consisting of 1-2 horizontal swipes, an overhead slam in front of him with one hand, and a kind of uppercut attack, where he drags his arm along the ground before striking upwards.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Tale Of Guiguzi Zhuyan Boss Fight

Remaining close to him for too long can result in him unleashing a powerful roar, causing a cluster of corruption spikes to emerge from the ground around him, which will inflict damage upon you and knock you back.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Tale Of Guiguzi Zhuyan Boss Fight

Moreover, if your companion attracts most of his attention while you primarily attack him from the back, he may employ a tail swipe to knock you back.

Zhuyan possesses two Critical Blows. One involves performing a backflip and then propelling itself toward you with a flying kick, covering a considerable distance across the entire arena.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Tale Of Guiguzi Zhuyan Boss Fight

The other Critical Blow entails a short backward jump followed by a forceful overhead slam with both hands.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Tale Of Guiguzi Zhuyan Boss Fight

To key to defeating this boss is adopting a defensive approach. His attacks are reasonably predictable, so use your deflecting skills and quickly follow up with a counterattack, then retreat.

Pay more attention to his Critical Blows because successfully deflecting them will significantly reduce his spirit gauge, leaving him vulnerable to Fatal Strikes, and that’s how you’ll quickly take him down.

For defeating Zhuyan, you’ll receive at least three 3-Star or 4-Star random equipment, which makes him a good early place to farm high-rated equipment.

And that’s everything you need to know about how to defeat Zhuyan in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Tale Of Guiguzi. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments below.

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