Diablo IV Good Riddance: Where To Find the Forgotten Crossbow

June 26, 2023

Good Riddance is a secret quest in the Hawezar region of Diablo 4, in which you must recover the Forgotten Crossbow quest item and return it to Lyndon in Backwater.

We’ve completed similar side quests, such as A Different Beast in the Scosglen region or Currencies From Afar in the Dry Steppes region, where you must search corpses in a specific area to find the quest item.

Therefore, follow our Diablo IV guide to learn how to trigger the Good Riddance quest and how to complete it.

How To Start the Good Riddance Quest in Diablo 4

To embark on the D4 Good Riddance quest, you need first to complete Act 5 of the main story campaign.

Then, proceed with Lyndon’s questline until you finish the Dead to Rights side quest.

Once you have completed the requirements outlined earlier, your next goal is to locate the Forgotten Crossbow quest item in order to trigger the Good Riddance quest.

How To Start the Good Riddance Quest in Diablo 4

You can find the Forgotten Crossbow while searching the corpses of the Slain Crusaders in the Rotspill Delta subregion of Hawezar.

During our playthrough, we collected the Forgotten Crossbow quest item from the first Slain Crusader we encountered north of the Hastily Scrawled Note, which starts the Traveler’s Superstition quest.

Before that, we searched a bunch of corpses of the Slain Villagers but without luck.

Where To Find the Good Riddance Quest in Diablo 4

Where To Find Lyndon in Diablo IV

After you’ve retrieved the Forgotten Crossbow quest item, make your way back to the Backwater and meet with Lyndon.

When you ask Lyndon if he knows anything about the crossbow, he recognizes it and reveals that it is his old one.

Where To Find Lyndon in Diablo IV

He named the crossbow after the woman he loved, who happened to marry his brother.

Lyndon confesses that he carved her name into the hilt to remember her and what she did. However, as he grew older, his memories started to fade, and his anger diminished.

Hence, he tosses the crossbow into the swamp, showing that he no longer feels the need to cling to the memories of his lost love.

So, Lyndon encourages you to keep the crossbow, as he no longer needs it, ending the Good Riddance quest in Diablo 4.

You’ll be awarded XP, Gold, a random Rare Crossbow, and 20 Renown Points for the Hawezar region as a reward for completing the side quest.

To easily track all the side quests within the region, check out our Hawezar side quests locations guide. Moreover, our Wiki Hub Page contains all the information you need to achieve a 100% game completion rate.

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