Diablo IV Untangling Truths: How To Place Offerings at the Derelict Shrines

by Vlad
June 18, 2023

Untangling Truths is the third side quest in Diablo IV Sodden Pact questline, and it continues your hunt for the wight terrorizing the Scosglen northwestern coast.

After discovering the wight’s latest victims (Cecil and his grandchildren) during Whispers From Below, and gathering hair for Roina’s ritual during A Sodden Pact side-quest, it’s time to take the fight one step closer to the wight.

For this, Roina wants you to meet her near Linnead at a druid site where she can start the ritual she learned from her mother.

Since Diablo 4 Untangling Truths is one of the 47 Scosglen side-quests, throughout the following guide, we’ll tell you how to complete it.

How To Start the Untangling Truths Quest in Diablo 4

The Untangling Truths quest in Diablo 4 can be accessed only after you complete the previous two side-quests in the Sodden Pact questline. Specifically, Whispers From Below and A Sodden Pact.

At the end of the second quest, Roina tells you to meet her at a powerful druid site close to Linnead, thus automatically triggering the Untangling Truths side-quest.

As such, your first objective is to get to the location marked on your map while tracking the quest. As you can see below, the druid site is northeast of the Marowen village in Northshore.

Diablo 4 Untangling Truths begins after you complete A Sodden Pact side-quest.

As you get close to the location on the map above, look for Roina in a clearing, standing near some sharp stones surrounding a small pond.

Talk to the NPC, and she’ll tell you that to begin the ritual, you must light the hair you gathered from the Sodden Growths at three different shrines.

These offerings will open a path toward the wight’s lair, but as Roina outlines, whenever you place an offering, you’ll anger the spirits, so be on your guard and stay alert.

How To Place Offerings at the Derelict Shrines in Diablo 4

Once you talk to Roina, open your map, and you’ll see three locations that are clearly marked by blue icons.

Make sure you track the current quest, and you’ll see them placed around the central clearing where you found Roina.

At each location on your map, you’ll find a Derelict Shrine you have to interact with, so you can light the wight’s hair.

Here is what a Derelict Shrine looks like in Diablo 4.

Interact with the three Derelict Shrines to complete the ritual.

After interacting with a shrine, you’ll be ambushed by a group of enemies consisting of Vengeful Spirits. Deal with them and after you place the offerings at the three Derelict Shrines, return to Roina by the small pool in the middle of the clearing.

As you approach Roina, you’ll see a statue emerging from the water, and Roina tells you that she saw her mother drawing the same figure. The inscription on the statue points to the wight’s lair, which you’ll have to visit as part of the next quest in line, named Threads of Envy.

Before starting the last quest in the Sodden Pact questline, claim your rewards for finishing the Diablo IV Untangling Truths side-quest, and don’t forget to empty your inventory before meeting Roina one last time.

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