Disney Dreamlight Valley A Forgotten Combination: How To Find The Numbers

September 12, 2022

A Forgotten Combination is the fifth quest you’ll get from Scrooge McDuck in Disney Dreamlight Valley, for which you’ll receive 310 XP and 500 Star Coins on completion.

The main objective is to help McDuck with his forgotten safe combination, as hinted in the quest’s name.

So if you want to increase Scrooge’s friendship level and make a quick buck while playing detective, this is the quest for you.

Finding the code can cause problems, though, and if you don’t want to waste time doing it, make sure to read the following walkthrough.

How To Start Forgotten Combination In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start A Forgotten Combination quest, you must first concern yourself with reaching friendship level 4 with Scrooge. Check this guide if you are having problems in this department.

And, of course, you also need to complete the previous quest from Scrooge, named Customers Know Best (explained here).

After you are done with all of the above, go talk to Scrooge and start his fifth quest.

Don’t forget to check your map if you have problems finding McDuck. He is usually in his shop in the Plaza area.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Combination Quest Walkthrough

How To Count The Ponds In The Meadow

After Scrooge asks you to help him find the cipher for his safe, he also gives you a note containing everything you need to know to find the six-digit code in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

If you open your backpack (by pressing Y on Xbox) and read the note, you receive the following information:

Ask this Goofy lad about his favorite day

Take a bit o’ fresh air in the Meadow and count the pounds

How many telescopes does one wizard need to study the stars?

Scrooge McDuck’s Note

Leave McDuck’s store and immediately open your map.

Zoom out with the right stick on your controller and check the Peaceful Meadow area, then count the ponds you can see to solve one of the problems from the note.

Just to be sure, you’ve counted 3 ponds, just like in the next image, right?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Combination Meadow Ponds

Remember the number because it’s part of the safe combination.

How Many Telescopes Does One Wizard Need To Study The Stars

Now let’s focus on the question with the telescopes.

For this, you need to go to Merlin’s house on the west side of the Peaceful Meadow area, as shown on the map below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Combination Merlin House

Enter the house and count the telescopes inside; it won’t be hard because there is only 1.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Combination Telescope

Remember this number as well for Scrooge’s forgotten combination.

How To Find Out Goofy’s Favorite Day

The only matter remaining unaddressed from the note above is to find out what is Goofy’s favorite day.

So, find the NPC by checking your map, then go and start a conversation with him.

Select the line: A Forgotten Combination. Then ask him what is his favorite day of the year.

You’ll find out that Goofy’s favorite day is May 25th (or 25-05), so remember this as well for the Disney Dreamlight Valley safe combination.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Combination Goofy Favorite Day

How To Piece Together Scrooge McDuck’s Combination

Now that you have all the information you need go back to McDuck and piece it all together.

Tell Scrooge everything you learned above:

Goofy’s favorite day?May 25th (25-05)
How many ponds did you count in the Meadow?3
How many telescopes does one wizard need to study the stars?1

So the combination is 25-05-3-1.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Forgotten Combination Quest Walkthrough

Great job on completing Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Combination! You’ve pleased Scrooge McDuck, so you raised the friendship level and earned some Star Coins in the process.

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