Disney Dreamlight Valley How Far You’ll Go: Where To Find Moana’s Light

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September 11, 2022

How Far You’ll Go is the third and final quest that you will come across in Moana’s Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley before bringing her to your village.

After you complete the After The Storm quest (covered in depth here) and The Great Maui quest (covered in depth here), you will have to sail across the sea with Moana and search for rich fishing spots, but it’s not an easy task since a thick mist will block your way.

So, throughout this following guide, we will show you how to complete the How Far You’ll Go quest and bring Moana to your village.

How To Complete How Far You’ll Go Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley

All of the steps for completing each part of the How Far You’ll Go quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley are as follows:

  • Talk to Moana to initiate the quest
  • Moana wants to talk to you about something she found on the canoe stuck between the two planks
  • Examine the strange map Moana just gave you
  • Talk to Moana about what the Memory was hiding
  • Search the different areas in the sea to find something to light the way across the mist;
  • Bring the Torch to Moana
  • Navigate across the mist with Moana’s help
  • Something is moving in the water. Try to catch it
  • Show Moana your catch
  • Make sure Moana is comfortable in the village by placing Moana’s Fale
  • Talk to Moana and welcome her to the village

Once you complete The Great Maui quest by giving the correct answers at the Maui’s knowledge quiz and free Moana’s canoe by clearing the sea debris, talk to Moana to start the How Far You’ll Go quest.

After a short conversation, you’ll board her canoe, prompting you to speak with her again. She’ll show you a strange map she found while working on the canoe and ask you to take a look at it.

Open the inventory menu and interact with the Strange Map Memory to progress the quest.

How To Complete How Far You'll Go Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you inspect the map, speak with Moana again to tell her about what the Memory was hiding.

The major challenge you’ll face is the thick mist blocking your way to the rich fishing spots, and you will need something to light the way and cross safely through the mist.

How Far You’ll Go Quest Light Location

When you talk to Moana again and choose the “I’m ready to sail!” line, she’ll ask you where you want and gives you four options:

  • Wrecked Boat
  • Sea Stack
  • Small Islands
  • Coral Reef

The Coral Reef is your destination out of these four options. You’ll find a Torch leaning against a rock, which you can pick up in your inventory and give to Moana so you can sail across the mist.

How Far You'll Go Quest Light Location

After Moana installs the Torch on the canoe, talk to her again and sail across the mist.

How Far You’ll Go Quest Fish Spot Location

Once you cross the mist, you will reach an orange fishing spot on the left side of the boat. Equip the Fishing Rod from your tools menu and catch the fish (check this comprehensive guide explaining how to catch fish).

disney dreamlight valley how far youll go fish spot location 1 - GameClubz

Show your catch to Moana, which will convince her that this is a good spot for her people to replenish the fish stock, and she will agree to visit your village now.

Now, once you’re back to Moana’s island, return to your village through the portal, open the inventory menu, select the Furniture tab and pick Moana’s Fale to place it in your village.

disney dreamlight valley how far youll moana fale - GameClubz

After you place Moana’s Fale, go to the construction site, interact with Scrooge Mcduck’s sign and pay the 2000 Star Coins fee to make the house for Moana.

Welcome her to the village and take a picture together to mark this beautiful moment. Talk to her once more to finish the How Far You’ll Go questline.

Congratulations on completing the How Far You’ll Go quest in the video game developed by Gameloft for PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.

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