Disney Dreamlight Valley Ingredients Guide: How To Get Butter

October 4, 2022

As in real life, the Disney Dreamlight Valley Butter is a very common Cooking Ingredient that can be used in many delicious recipes.

However, this Cooking Ingredient must be unlocked first and then can only be bought, just like the Slush Ice covered in our guide here.

Considering that Butter is mandatory if you want to complete certain quests, you should definitely take the time to learn how to obtain this ingredient.

Therefore, in the guide below, we will talk about what you need to do to unlock it and how you can use it in the video game developed by Gameloft.

How To Unlock Butter In Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can unlock the Butter only with the help of Remy, so you must find a way to bring the little chef (who you might know from the animated film Ratatouille) to the Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Butter Cooking Ingredient

And you’ll have an easier job in doing so by checking our An Important Night At The Restaurant quest walkthrough.

However, getting Remy into the Village is not enough because you must also help him reopen his restaurant by completing the A Restaurant Makeover quest.

Upon completing the said quest, you have to visit Remy’s restaurant in the northeastern corner of the Plaza area, from where you can now buy the Disney Dreamlight Valley Butter.

To be more precise, you must go behind the stove once in the restaurant and interact with the shelves displaying the ingredients.

You’ll find the Cooking Ingredient to the left on the bottom shelf, and it will cost you 190 Star Coins, as shown in the following image.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Butter Where To Find

How To Use Butter

The Butter is a Cooking Ingredient but also a quest item.

So, here are the quests that require Butter in the Early Access version of the game:

Butter Recipes List

The Cooking Ingredient can be sold for 190 Star Coins or can give you 285 Energy if eaten, which is not that impressive.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Butter How To Get

Since you’ll get more out of it if you use it in Cooking, here is the complete list of recipes that require Butter.

RecipeIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Ingredient 5
Sautéed MushroomsMushroomButter
Baked CarpCarpButter
Creamy Garlic ScallopsScallopsLemonButterGarlic
Fish PieAny FishWheatButter
Fish RisottoAny FishRiceButter
Lobster RollLobsterWheatLemonButterGarlic
Poached Basil-Butter SturgeonWhite SturgeonBasilLemonButter
Seafood PieAny SeafoodWheatButter
Simple Fried PerchPerchWheatButter
Sole MeuniéreSoleWheatButterLemon
Spicy Baked BreamBreamButterChili Pepper
Veggie PieAny VegetableWheatButter
Apple PieAppleWheatButter
Banana PieBananaWheatButter
Birthday CakeEggButterSugarcaneWheatCocoa Bean
Blueberry PieBlueberryWheatButter
Cherry PieCherryWheatButter
Chocolate Chip CookiesWheatSugarcaneButterCacao Bean
Meringue PieLemonWheatButterEgg
Mint ChocolateMintCocoa BeanSugarcaneButter
“My Hero Cookie “Any SweetsWheatButter
Red Fruit PieAny FruitWheatButter
Snow White’s Gooseberry PieGooseberryWheatButter
Wedding CakeVanillaSugarcaneButterWheatEgg
Wonderland CookiesVanillaSugarcaneButterWheat

As you can see, the Disney Dreamlight Valley Butter is an essential Cooking Ingredient, so make sure you know how to obtain it, and if you have questions, let us know in the comments section below.

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