Disney Dreamlight Valley Ingredients Guide: How To Get Squids

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October 5, 2022

Squids are Cooking Ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley that can help you prepare meals requiring Seafood.

In the Early Access version of the video game developed by Gameloft, the Squid is also a quest item for Ursula’s third friendship quest, The Ritual, covered in our guide here.

Therefore, you have enough reasons to check our guide below and learn how you can get your hands on some Squids.

Where To Find Squids In Disney Dreamlight Valley

First of all, you might want to check our Fishing Guide here because the Cooking Ingredient must be fished, obviously.

The Seafood you are looking for only spawns in two areas:

  • Glade of Trust
  • Forgotten Lands

If you haven’t unlocked the two Biomes, I suggest you focus on the Glade of Trust area because it’s much cheaper to open than Forgotten Lands.

You have to spend 5.000 Dreamlight if you want to remove the Giant Night Thorns blocking your access to Glade of Trust and 15.000 for Forgotten Lands.

Dreamlight is earned by completing tasks from the Dreamlight tab of the game’s menu.

Before you start looking for the Squids, make sure you are hanging out with your highest-level companion, who is specialized in fishing.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Squids

Doing so can get you more fish, so I strongly recommend you don’t forget your fishing buddy.

Now that you are all set, look for the blue ripples in the water sources in the two Biomes mentioned above.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Squids

Then aim your Fishing Rod at the blue ripples as you learned from the Fishing guide and catch your Squid.

It’s not impossible to get the mollusc from the white ripples, but the chances are small.

The ripples in the water will respawn, so I suggest you deal with all of them, no matter the color, to farm Squids efficiently.

Cooking Recipes Based On Squids

So far, in the Early Access version of the game, there are no Recipes that require Squids specifically, but there is plenty for which you’ll need Seafood.

So, considering Squids are Sea Food, you can use them in the following Recipes.

RecipeIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Ingredient 5
Large Seafood PlatterAny SeafoodAny SeafoodAny SeafoodAny SeafoodLemon
Seafood AppetizerAny Seafood
Seafood PlatterAny SeafoodAny Seafood
BouillabaisseAny SeafoodAny SeafoodAny VegetableShrimpTomato
ChowderAny SeafoodMilkPotatoAny Vegetable
Lancetfish PaellaLancetfishShrimpAny SeafoodTomatoRice
Seafood PastaAny SeafoodWheatMilk
Seafood PieAny SeafoodWheatButter
Seafood SaladAny SeafoodLettuce
Seafood SoupAny SeafoodAny VegetableAny Vegetable

You can also eat the Squid to gain 1.000 Energy or sell it for 500 Star Coins at one of Goofy’s Stalls.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Squids Cooking Ingredients

And that’s all, Villagers! You now know how to get Squids in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how to use them. If you have any questions, make sure you post them below.

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