Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Sweet Lair: How To Craft The Magical Scroll And Ink Kit

September 14, 2022

Upon freeing Ursula from the Dazzle Beach Cursed Cave in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can start her first friendship quest, named Lair Sweet Lair.

As you probably guessed from the quest’s name, Lair Sweet Lair is about getting Ursula, or the Sea Witch, accommodated in the Valley, who, in return, will give you a Shrimp and a Bream (fish).

You’ll also receive 180 XP points. I know the rewards are not that good, but what do you expect from a villain?

The quest can be problematic because you have to craft Glass and other Refined Materials you haven’t encountered yet in the video game developed by Gameloft.

No worries, though! Throughout the walkthrough below, we will tell you how to complete every single objective and get the Sea Witch settled.

How To Start Lair Sweet Lair In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start Lair Sweet Lair, you first have to complete the With Great Power story quest you get from Merlin, in which you must free Ursula, who was imprisoned in a Cursed Cave. You can check this guide if you need help in liberating the Sea Witch.

Find Ursula and talk to her once you’ve set her free. She should always be where there is water, including the ponds in Peaceful Meadow.

Don’t forget you have the in-game map to assist you if you can’t find the villain.

If Ursula is in the sea and you can’t reach her because of the water, just get as close as you can, and she should come to you.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Sweet Lair Quest Walkthrough

How To Place Ursula’s House In The Water

You agree to give the Sea Witch a home after your little conversation with her.

Most of the house must be in the water, so think where exactly you want to place the Lair on the beach and press Y on your Xbox controller.

Then select the Furniture tab and go to Ursula’s icon under requests. Press A, select Ursula’s Lair and press A again.

Now position Ursula’s house so that the area under it is highlighted green, as shown in the next image.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Sweet Lair Ursula House

The next step is a little rough because you have to pay 10000 Star Coins to finish the Lair.

But like the good Villager you are, you don’t even think twice and pay the amount by interacting with the blue sign in front of Ursula’s future home.

How To Gather Paper From The Village’s Houses

Upon talking to Ursula to see what she thinks about her new house, you receive another task, and that is to get her some Paper from the Village’s houses.

More precisely, you have to visit the houses of Goofy, Mickey, and Merlin to get the required Paper in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

If you forgot where the houses of the three Villagers are, let me help you by sharing the following map.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Sweet Lair Quest Guide

So, Goofy’s house is in the middle of the Peaceful Meadow area, Merlin’s house is on the west side of the same area, and Mickey’s house is in the southwestern corner of the Plaza area.

Go to each house and get the Paper. You’ll find the item on a table in each house.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Sweet Lair Where To Find Paper

Go to Ursula once you’ve gotten the Paper and see what other shady task she has for you.

How To Gather Dream Shard

The Sea Witch wants you to craft a Magical Scroll and Ink Kit for which you need to gather the following items:

  • Dream Shard x6
  • Purple Pigment x2
  • Empty Vial

Let’s start with the Dream Shards, which you should have more than enough by now in your inventory or house storage.

But just in case you don’t, go and farm some Night Thorns because they drop Dream Shards sometimes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Sweet Lair How To Get Dream Shard

How To Craft Purple Pigment

Now, if you go to a Crafting Station, you’ll see that to craft Purple Pigment x2, you’ll need:

  • Purple Falling Penstemon x8
  • Purple Rising Penstemon x8

If you don’t know where to find Purple Falling Penstemon, note that it is the purple flower you can find only in the Plaza area. So, just look for all the purple flowers in the said area.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Sweet Lair Where To Find Purple Falling Penstemon

And if you are wondering where to find Purple Rising Penstemon, just look for the purple flowers in the Peaceful Meadow area.

They look a lot like the ones from the Plaza but shorter.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Sweet Lair Where To Find Purple Rising Penstemon

You might have to farm for a while if you are not lucky and have to wait for the flowers to respawn.

When you are done, go to a crafting station, interact with it, and craft the Purple Pigment x2 from the Refined Material tab.

How To Craft Empty Vial

Another item that you need to craft in the Lair Sweet Lair quest is an Empty Vial, for which you need Glass x3.

And to craft Glass x3, you need:

  • Sand x15
  • Coal Ore x3

You get the Sand by simply digging anywhere on the Sand in Dazzle Beach.

However, you’ll have to dig for a while because the Sand is not a guaranteed drop.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Sweet Lair How To Get Sand

Once you have the required Sand, you need to get Coal Ore. You might already have it, so check your inventory and storage.

If not, Coal Ore comes from mining the black rock deposits on the walls of the mountains.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Sweet Lair How To Get Coal Core

Like the Sand, the Coal Ore is not a guaranteed dropped, so mine until you have 3 of them.

Now that you have the materials, go to a crafting station and craft Glass x3.

You can find the Glass under the Refined Material tab after you interact with the crafting station.

Also, from the Refined Material tab, you can now craft an Empty Vial using the Glass, so do it.

How To Craft Magical Scroll And Ink Kit

You can now finally craft the Magical Scroll And Ink Kit, so go to the Functional Items tab while at a crafting station and select Ursula’s desired items from the list.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Sweet Lair Magical Scroll And Ink Kit

All that remains to do is to speak with Ursula and give her the items you’ve worked so hard for, completing the Disney Dreamlight Valley Lair Sweet Lair friendship quest and unlocking the next one in line named Magic Moments.

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