Disney Dreamlight Valley Missing Minnie: How To Cook Fish Sandwiches And Crudites

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September 11, 2022

Missing Minnie is a friendship Disney Dreamlight Valley quest you get from Mickey, which rewards you with 300 XP on completion.

Boosting your friendship level in the video game developed by Gameloft is very important, and if you want more details about this subject, refer to this guide.

Missing Minnie, which is Mickey’s fourth quest, will not take much of your time, especially if you follow the walkthrough below.

How To Start Missing Minnie In Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start the said quest, you must first complete the previous one in line from Mickey, named Hangin’ With Mickey (explained here).

You also need to reach friendship level 3 with Mickey, which shouldn’t be too hard or time-consuming.

Go find Mickey and talk to him once you’re all set. To locate him easier don’t forget to use your map.

He should be around his house in the Plaza area.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Missing Minnie Quest Walkthrough

How To Find Wheat

Mickey is missing Minnie more and more, so you must cheer him up by going to a picnic with him.

It seems you are in charge of the food so you must cook 2 Fish Sandwiches and 5 Crudites.

The tricky part is that you don’t know the Recipes for these meals, but don’t worry! We got you covered.

For these Recipes and many others, you can check our Cooking & Recipes List Guide here.

Let’s start with the Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Sandwich, for which you need 2 wheat and 1 fish.

Considering you need 2 Sandwiches, you actually need 4 wheat and 2 fish.

It’s a good chance that you already have the ingredients, but just in case you don’t, let me tell you how to get some quickly.

The easiest way to get wheat is to upgrade Goofy’s Stall in Peaceful Meadow and buy some seeds from there.

You’ll only need one upgrade that will cost 500 Star Coins, which is not that expensive.

To upgrade the Stall, you have to interact with the orange sign near it, as shown in the following image.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Missing Minnie Quest

Then you can buy 1 wheat Seed at the cost of 1 Star Coin; what a bargain. Buy at least 4 seeds and plant them.

To plant seeds, you must first select your shovel with RT on your Xbox controller and dig 4 holes.

Put the seeds in the holes and water them with your Watering Can, which you also have to select with RT.

Now, wait for these babies to grow, and you have your required wheat.

How To Get Fish

To get the 2 fish needed, you have to go fishing, obviously.

I’m not going to explain much about fishing because you can always check this guide which covers this subject in-depth.

So go to one of the ponds in Peaceful Meadow, aim your rod (select it with RT first) at the orange ripple, preferably, and start fishing.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Missing Minnie How To Fish

It shouldn’t take too long if you have already checked the fishing guide linked above.

Note that it doesn’t matter which type of fish you get for the Recipe.

How To Cook Fish Sandwiches

Now that you have your ingredients for the Fish Sandwiches, head to your house and interact with the Stove.

Select 2 wheat and 1 fish, then press the start cooking button.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Missing Minnie How To Cook Fish Sandwiches

Repeat the process one more time, and you get the 2 Fish Sandwiches.

Don’t forget you need coal ore to start the Stove.

If you don’t have any, mine the deposits (black rocks) that you can find on the wall of the mountains (it doesn’t matter which area).

Farm the rock spots, and you’ll eventually get the crafting material.

How To Cook Crudites

You can focus on the Disney Dreamlight Valley Crudites once you’re done with the Fish Sandwiches.

The Recipe for the Crudites is an easy one because all you need for it is one vegetable.

So for 5 Crudites, you need 5 vegetables, and considering that you’ve just started the game, you can use carrots.

When you remove Night Thorns in the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow areas, you can get carrot seeds, so you should have plenty of those by now.

Getting back to the Stove in your house, add a carrot to the pot and start cooking, just like in the next screenshot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Missing Minnie How To Cook Crudites

Repeat the process another four times to prepare the 5 Crudites, and you’re done with the picnic food.

All you have to do now is give the meals to Mickey and follow him to the picnic spot next to the big pond in the Peaceful Meadow area. Talk to the NPC once you reach the spot, and that’s it.

Good job, friend! You’ve given Mickey more hope about the return of his beloved, completing Disney Dreamlight Valley Missing Minnie, and you also unlocked the Shadows and Bows quest we covered here.

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