Disney Dreamlight Valley Nature & Nurture: How To Restore The Orb Of Nurturing

October 22, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley Nature & Nurture is a new story quest introduced by Scar’s Kingdom update on October 19, 2022, in which you get to meet the main antagonist of the animated film, The Lion King.

Nature & Nurture requires at least 3 days for completion, so you need to exercise your patience yet again.

The story quest can prove challenging because it involves new resources that you might not know how to get your hands on.

Therefore, if you get stuck at any point in the Nature & Nurture story quest, make sure you check the following walkthrough.

How To Start Nature & Nurture In Disney Dreamlight Valley

The requirements for starting the quest are to unlock the Sunlit Plateau Biome and complete The Curse main quest (covered in this guide).

Unlocking the Sunlit Plateau area will require 7.000 Dreamlight, which you can get by completing tasks from the Dreamlight tab of the game’s menu.

Once you are done with the steps above, go to the northeastern corner of the Sunlit Plateau area and enter the huge mammoth skull.

No other than Scar is waiting inside, who will ask you to find out what is blocking the river in Sunlit Plateau and fix it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Nature & Nurture Quest Walkthrough

How To Find What Is Blocking The River In The Sunlit Plateau Area

To find what is blocking the river in the Nature & Nurture quest, you must venture into the Vitalys Mines, which are located on the north side of the Sunlit Plateau Biome, where the river comes out of the Forgotten Lands area (check your map).

Make your way through the Mines until you reach a mining camp. The path is quite linear, so you can’t really get lost.

Also, make sure that along the way, you mine the rock deposits with glowing veins because you’ll get Vitalys Crystals, which you’ll need later.

There will also be normal stones blocking your progress that you can destroy with your Pickaxe.

When you see the mining camp, first go up the slope on the right and read the sign next to the red barrel.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Nature & Nurture Mining Camp

Then look for the green box in the mining camp to get the ingredients mentioned in the message on the sign.

So, you’ll get the following from the green box:

  • Crackling Candy
  • Root Beer Recipe
  • Dried Ginger

These Disney Dreamlight Valley ingredients are the key to destroying the big Night Thorn roots that are blocking the river. You’ve probably seen the blockage near the red barrel before.

How To Clear The Night Thorn Roots Blocking The Water Source

Now take the ingredients to Merlin to figure out the next step for the Nature & Nurture quest.

It seems that you must make an Extra Fizzy Root Beer at a Cooking Station, and you should check this guide to make the process much easier.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Nature & Nurture How To Make Extra Fizzy Root Beer

Once you’ve prepared the Extra Fizzy Root Beer, go back to the red barrel in the mining camp and put the Beer inside, along with the Crackling Candy from the green box.

And just like that, you’ve cleared the way for the water. You can now return to Sunlit Plateau to see if the river has been restored.

How To Get The Orb Of Nurturing

Just as you go back to the Sunlit Plateau area, you see the Forgotten going through a dark portal near the Elephant Graveyard, and of course, you decide to follow the dark entity.

So go through the portal, you brave hero, and you’ll see the Forgotten drop something.

It seems you can’t follow the Forgotten for too much because he has blocked your path, but you can pick up what he dropped.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Nature & Nurture Quest Guide

Pay another visit to Merlin to tell him everything and show him what you’ve found.

After your discussion with the wizard, you’ve learned that the dark entity dropped the Lifeless Orb of Nurturing, and you must restore it.

How To Make The Miracle Growth Elixir

To restore the Orb of Nurturing and complete the Nature & Nurture quest, you must first craft the Disney Dreamlight Valley Miracle Growth Elixir.

Here are the required items for the Elixir:

  • 10 Vitalys Crystals
  • 10 Rich Soil
  • 1.000 Dreamlight

As mentioned, the Vitalys Crystals can be mined from the rock deposits with glowing veins located in Vitalys Mines.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Nature & Nurture How To Get Vitalys Crystals

You can still go back there if you haven’t got enough Crystals from your first run. Also, you should know that these deposits respawn rather fast.

However, the 10 Rich Soil is a little trickier to obtain, so I suggest you check our How To Get Rich Soil guide to have a better understanding of how to farm the resource.

As for the Dreamlight, you should gather it pretty fast by completing tasks, just like you did to unlock the Sunlit Plateau Biome.

Once you have the necessary resources, go to a Crafting Station and make the Miracle Growth Elixir from the Potion & Enchantment tab.

How To Fully Restore The Orb Of Nurturing

Now open your inventory (press Y on your Xbox controller) and use the Elixir to upgrade your Watering Can.

Then go to Merlin yet again so that he can explain how you can restore the Orb of Nurturing.

As instructed, take the Orb to the Sunlit Plateau Pillar, which is located on the south side, near the river.

You have to plant the Orb right in front of the Pillar and water it, as shown in the next image.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Nature & Nurture Orb Of Nurturing

It will take about 3 days for the Orb of Nurturing to be fully restored (patience is key), and you’ll need to water it from time to time, so don’t forget to check up on it.

Congratulations are in order, Villager! You’ve managed to complete the Nature & Nurture main quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, unlocking Scar’s second quest, named Friends Aren’t Food, covered in our guide here.

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