Disney Dreamlight Valley Scrapbook Blitz: How To Take Pictures Of Villagers

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September 20, 2022

To get Goofy’s Signature Hat and 790 XP, you have to complete Disney Dreamlight Valley Scrapbook Blitz, in which you finally finish the scrapbook you and the clumsy Villager worked on.

Scrapbook Blitz is the last friendship quest you receive from Goofy in the Early Access version of the video game developed by Gameloft.

You would think that the last quest from Goofy is the hardest in his storyline, but this is not the case here, as the objectives are not that hard.

However, you might still get stuck doing the tasks, so give the following walkthrough a read to have an even more relaxing experience in the Scrapbook Blitz quest of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Start Scrapbook Blitz In Disney Dreamlight Valley

I’ll start by giving you the requirements needed to begin the quest:

  • Reach Friendship Level 10 with Goofy
  • Unlock Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse
Disney Dreamlight Valley Scrapbook Blitz Quest Walkthrough

Friendship Level 10 is the cap for the moment, and reaching it with any character can take some time.

So, you can check our Friendship Level Up Guide here to get help in this department.

To unlock Mickey Mouse, all you have to do is go to his house on the southwest side of the Plaza area, but I’m sure you’ve already done this.

As for Donald Duck, it can be a little more complicated, so you should check the guide here for all the details needed.

Of course, you can’t start Goofy’s last quest before you complete the previous one, Photo Fervor, covered in the guide here.

Talk to Goofy when you are all set, and start Scrapbook Blitz.

How To Take Pictures Of Villagers Including Donald And Mickey

Goofy thinks that the scrapbook is missing pictures of his best pals, Donald and Mickey.

And, of course, you can add photos of the folks you love. So, you need to take six selfies, out of which two have to be with Mickey and Donald.

Start with Mickey, who you can find with the help of the in-game map.

Get your camera out by pressing the RT button on your Xbox controller, then press X and get Mickey in the frame.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Scrapbook Blitz Mickey Photo

Now press X again, and you’re done with the photo of Mickey.

Repeat the process with Donald, so find him and take a selfie with him.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Scrapbook Blitz Donald Photo

You have four pictures left; therefore, you should pick your favorite characters carefully. I know four is not enough because you probably like most of them, but it will have to do.

Take pictures of the four you chose as you did with Mickey and Donald, then return to Goofy.

How To Place The Scrapbook In The Village

You now have to pick your favorite spot in the Village to place the Disney Dreamlight Valley scrapbook.

Once you’ve decided on a place, open your inventory with Y, go to the Furniture tab, select Goofy’s icon, and then the scrapbook.

Position the scrapbook so that the highlighted ground under it gets green, and press A.

You’ll now have to take one more selfie with the whole group and the scrapbook, as shown in the next screenshot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Scrapbook Blitz Scrapbook

You must talk to Goofy one more time to end Disney Dreamlight Valley Scrapbook Blitz and receive his Signature Hat. Great job, photographer!

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