Disney Dreamlight Valley Photo Fervor: How To Take Photos Of Landmarks And Pillars

September 20, 2022

Photo Fervor is a friendship quest you receive from Goofy in Disney Dreamlight Valley that will reward you with 700 XP on completion.

This time, Goofy will have you run around the Valley to take photos of landmarks and Pillars for his scrapbook.

However, finding the exact locations of what you have to photograph can be difficult if you don’t know your way around the Valley.

But that is why we are here, so give our following guide a read and quickly complete all the objectives in the Photo Fervor quest.

How To Start Photo Fervor In Disney Dreamlight Valley

First of all, you have a couple of requirements you need to meet to start the said quest. Here is the list:

  • Reach Friendship Level 8 with Goofy
  • Progress further with Remy and Scrooge McDuck
  • Unlock the Biomes: Sunlit Plateau, Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust
Disney Dreamlight Valley Photo Fervor Quest Walkthrough

So, you’ll need a lot of Dreamlight to unlock the 3 areas in the video game developed by Gameloft.

The total amount of Dreamlight you must spend depends on the order in which you unlock the Biomes because each time you access one, the next one will be more expensive.

If you want to raise your Friendship Level faster with Goofy, it would be best to check our guide here.

And, of course, it’s obvious that you also have to complete Goofy’s previous friendship quest, named Dinner With A Friend (covered in this guide).

How To Take Photos Of Landmarks

Upon talking to Goofy and starting the quest, you have to take photos of the following landmarks:

  1. Scrooge’s Store
  2. Remy’s Restaurant
  3. Dream Castle
  4. The Swamp’s Giant Willow Tree
  5. The Plateau’s Elephant Graveyard

On the following map, I’ve pinpointed the locations of the landmarks in the order listed above.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Photo Fervor Landmarks Locations

Start with Scrooge’s Store, which is located in the middle of the Plaza area, as shown on the map above.

Select your camera with the RT button on your Xbox controller, press X to get into selfie mode, and then X again to take the photo. Make sure Scrooge’s Store is in the frame before you take the photo.

The landmark should get checked off the objectives list if you took the picture properly.

Repeat the process with Remy’s Restaurant, also in the Plaza, a little to the northeast of Scrooge’s Store.

Then go take another selfie in front of Dream Castle, which is on the north side of the Plaza.

You are now done with the Plaza area, so you can go to Galde of Trust, more exactly to the big tree in the middle of the zone, which is also the house of Mother Gothel.

Get the huge willow tree in the frame and take the photo for Goofy’s scrapbook.

If you want details on unlocking Mother Gothel take a look at the guide here.

Finally, go to the northeastern corner of the Sunlit Plateau area, at the location marked with 5 on my map above.

Position yourself in front of the elephant skeleton and take a selfie.

You’ve finished with the landmarks, and you’re a natural, but there are more photos to take, so speak with Goofy.

How To Take Photos Of Pillars

The next Photo Fervor task is to take photos of the following Pillars in Dreamligh Valley:

  1. Pillar of Friendship in Peaceful Meadow
  2. Pillar of Power in Dazzle Beach
  3. Pillar of Courage in Forest of Valor
  4. Pillar of Trust in Glade of Trust

I have a map for you again, where I’ve marked the locations of the 4 Pillars in the order listed above.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Photo Fervor Pillar Locations

Start by going to the Pillar in Peaceful Meadow, a little south of the biggest pond in the area, near the brown fence with flowers. Take the photo and move on.

The second Pillar you must take a selfie with is in Dazzle Beach on the northeast side, between some palm trees on the grass.

Head to the southwestern corner of the Forest of Valor area for the third Pillar selfie, between some fir trees; check the previous map for the exact location.

And the fourth Pillar is in the Glade of Trust Biome south of the small pond on the southeast side of the area.

Take the photo for the scrapbook and talk to Goofy because you’re done with the Pillars.

How To Take A Selfie With Goofy

The scrapbook seems to be missing a photo of its authors, so you have to take a selfie with Goofy.

Get your camera out, catch Goofy in the frame and take the photo, just like in the next screenshot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Photo Fervor Goofy Selfie

Now all that’s left is to speak with Goofy one more time to complete Disney Dreamlight Valley Photo Fervor, unlocking the next friendship quest from the clumsy NPC named Scrapbook Blitz (covered in this guide).

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