God of War Ragnarok Dragon Beach: How To Kill The Ormr Loot Lizard

by Vlad
November 15, 2022

God of War Ragnarok Dragon Beach Ormr Loot Lizard is the third one you can find in Svartalfheimm, alongside the one in Aurvangar Wetlands and the one in Modvitnir’s Rig.

It is similar to the first two, meaning that even though it doesn’t count as a collectible or a side-activity, you still have to kill it to get your hands on some extra loot.

Furthermore, you won’t unlock a specific trophy for finding all God of War Ragnarok Ormr Lizards, and as you probably know by now, they are peaceful creatures.

Suppose this is the first Ormr you find in the video game developed by Santa Monica Studio; then you should also know that while peaceful, the Loot Lizards in God of War Ragnarok are tricky creatures because they’ll always spot you when you try to attack them unless you attack them from a specific angle.

The correct angle is usually behind them, but sometimes obstacles block Kratos’ path, thus his ranged attacks.

Since the God of War Ragnarok Dragon Beach Loot Lizard is no different than the rest, throughout the following guide, we’ll go over this little puzzle so that you can kill the Ormr and loot it.

Dragon Beach Loot Lizard Location

The God of War Ragnarok Dragon Beach Ormr Lizard is found under a wooden platform on the beach.

The area known as Dragon Beach is best visited when you start the Spirit Of Rebellion Favor explained here.

After starting the said quest by talking to Durlin, you’ll be asked to find a Hammer, and this tool is on Dragon Beach.

So head northeast of Nidavellir, and find one of Dragon Beach Boat Docks.

After docking your boat, take your time to look around, and follow our Dragon Beach Collectibles guide here if you want to achieve 100% completion in this area.

Also, make sure you clear the beach.

Now, you’ll want to look for a suspended wooden platform, and beneath it, you’ll see the small Loot Lizard or the Ormr if you wish.

God Of War Ragnarok Dragon Beach Ormr Loot Lizard

How To Kill The Dragon Beach Ormr Lizard

Upon finding the GoW Ragnarok Ormr above, if you look on the right side, you’ll see a golden chain.

It’s also visible in the screenshot above, and you’ll need to climb it if you are looking for Durlin’s Hammer or want to start The Lost Treasure Favor we explained in-depth.

So climb on it, then on the next platform, look around for a hole in the floor.

From this location, you can easily spot the Loot Lizard on the ground; as you can see, it’s facing the other way.

God Of War Ragnarok Dragon Beach Loot Lizard How To Kill

To kill the Dragon Beach Loot Lizard, equip Krtos’ Leviathan Axe or the Draupnir Spear; if you unlocked it, aim by holding down L2 and throw your weapon by pressing R1.

After you deal with the critter, use the chain on the platform to descend and loot the remains to receive 4 Shattered Runes, 1 Slag Deposit, 1 Forged Iron, and 1 Rawhide.

Great job! Now that you are done with this Ormr, head to our God of War Ragnarok Wiki Hub to find the next one.

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