God of War Ragnarok Mining Glory Treasure Map: Where To Find The Buried Treasure

Written by Vlad Susanu
November 18, 2022

God of War Ragnarok Mining Glory Treasure Map is, just like the Washed Ashore Treasure Map, one of the items you won’t be able to retrieve until later in the game after you obtain the Draupnir Spear.

The main reason for this is that the God of War Ragnarok Mining Glory Map is on top of a ledge you won’t be able to access without the said weapon, which must be used as a pole.

The good news about the GoW Ragnarok Mining Glory Treasure Map is that the Buried Treasure it leads to is close to another Treasure Map or in the same area you’ll get to explore.

So, assuming you don’t know where to find the Mining Glory Treasure spot, in the guide below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it.

Where To Find The Mining Glory Treasure Map

The Mining Glory Treasure Map in God of War Ragnarok is found in the northernmost plaza of Nidavellir, the Dwarven Town you’ll get to explore early in the video game developed by Santa Monica Studio for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

To get close to it, however, you’ll want to progress Kratos’s story and complete the Forging Destiny Main Quest, or the 10th Quest in the game.

Upon you finish it, you’ll unlock the Draupnir Spear and start training with Brok on your way down the mountain.

Brok will teach you how to use the Spear as a pole to reach higher areas. Since the Treasure Map is found in one of these areas, it goes without saying that you’ll need it.

With the Spear unlocked, fast travel to Nidavellir and make sure you follow our Nidavellir Collectibles guide here to mop up all collectibles you didn’t get during your first visit.

One of these collectibles is the Treasure Map in the northern plaza. When you get to the plaza, you’ll notice an air stream coming out from a wooden pole.

On the ledge above, you can see one of the 53 Legendary Chests in the game. Next to it, on the ground, is the Mining Glory Treasure Map.

As you can see in the following picture, you have to use the Spear and pin it to the wooden pole (aim for the airstream and throw it), then jump on it to get to the Legendary Chest and the Treasure Map.

God of War Ragnarok Mining Glory Treasure Map Location

After obtaining the Treasure Map, open the menu, then the Goals Tab, and navigate to Treasure Maps.

Select the Mining Glory Treasure Map, which comes with the following riddle:

Oh, how deep a Dwarf can dig. Whether the profound and fertile soil of their imagination, or the lode-rich mines of beloved Svartalfheim, the greatest treasures await those willing to venture to the greatest depths…

Mining Glory Treasure Map Riddle – God of War Ragnarok

Next to the puzzle, you can also see an image depicting a Dwarven Mine.

God of War Ragnarok Mining Glory Buried Treasure Location

The God of War Ragnarok Mining Glory Treasure is found in the area known as The Applecore in Svartalfheim; however, since you have already explored it once, you’ll have to return.

To do so, you must travel to Aurvangar Wetlands Mystic Gateway; then, you must look around to find the chain ferry you used to escape with Tyr.

Next, take the ferry to Sverd Sands, an important location you’ll visit while playing A Viking Funeral explained here.

While on Sverd Sands, find the elevator that will take you down into The Applecore.

When you enter mines from the other side, it’s best to follow our Applecore collectibles guide here because the path you are about to follow is slightly changed, and there are many items you’ll want to retrieve to get 100% completion.

One of these items is the Demise of Dagestr Treasure Map we explained here.

Now, assuming you are here only for the Mining Glory Hidden Treasure, you’ll find it in the center of The Applecore area.

When you get to the large cave with train tracks on the ground, look for the central stone pillar, and you’ll see the tracks going down.

Follow them, and the GoW Ragnarok Mining Glory Treasure will be on the right side at the end of a ledge that allows you to jump over the water canal (pictured below).

God of War Ragnarok Mining Glory Buried Treasure Location

By finding the Mining Glory Treasure, you’ll obtain the following items:

  • 1 Petrified Bone
  • 1 Luminous Alloy
  • 1 Asgardian Ingot
  • 40 Shattered Runes
  • Muspelheim’s Blessing Amulet Enchantment

Now that you are done with this treasure mop up the area and check out our God of War Ragnarok guides here to find all other collectibles in the video game.

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