God Of War Ragnarok The Mysterious Orb Favour Guide

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December 8, 2022

God of War Ragnarok Mysterious Orb is a Favour or Side Quest you’ll receive from Lunda after returning to Freyr’s Camp region during The Reckoning Main Quest.

Also, GoW Ragnarok Mysterious Orb Favor is one of the 47 Side Quests (see our full list here) that you must complete if you wish to achieve 100% game completion.

To retrieve the Mysterious Orb, you’ll have to discover a new optional region named River Delta (we covered in-depth here) in the southern part of the Vanaheim Realm, which you will not go through during the story.

But, going through the River Delta area can be a bit tricky because it requires opening a path while exploring the regions alongside the river.

Therefore, in the following guide, we will explain where to find the Mysterious Orb and how to return it to Lunda in God of War Ragnarok.

How To Start The Mysterious Orb In Vanaheim

To start the GoW Ragnarok Mysterious Orb Favour, talk to blacksmith dwarf Lunda in the Freyr’s Camp region we’ve covered here after returning to Freyr’s Camp at the end of The Reckoning Main Quest.

You can start this side quest whenever you want, during the story at the Blacksmith Shop in Freyr’s Camp or after the story at any Blacksmith Shop around the Nine Realms.

god of war ragnarok the mysterious orb favour start location - GameClubz

Now, let’s see where to look for the Mysterious Orb, which Lunda is eager to have back.

Where To Find The Mysterious Orb

A bit after you start The Mysterious Orb Favor, you’ll reach Freyr’s Camp Mystic Gateway. If you’re doing the favor after the story, fast-travel to Mystic Gateway.

If you are playing during nighttime, interact with the nearby Celestial Altar to change the time of the day.

Doing so, the fallen tree blocking the river leading to the River Delta area will get out of the way.

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Get in the boat and sail to the left (west) until you discover the hidden region River Delta. Along the way, you’ll automatically start Freya’s Missing Peace Favour we’ve covered here.

After you discover the River Delta area, keep sailing southeast-south underneath a broken bridge, a zipline, and an Odin’s Raven, which sits on a broken tree trunk until you reach some ruins near another zipline.

Dock the boat on the beach of the Cliffside Ruins region we’ve covered here, deal with the enemies around and climb the wall to the left of the ghost/spirit.

Jump across the platform toward the golden chain covered in red vines. Place large sigils along the cliffside and detonate the closer one with your Blades of Chaos to create a chain reaction that will burn the vines.

To create a large sigil, shoot three sigil arrows in the same spot, increasing the sigil’s radius effect.

god of war ragnarok the mysterious orb favour the veiled passage path - GameClubz

Climb the golden chain and interact with the altar to clear the giant stone pillars blocking the river.

Now, get back in your boat and follow the river to the right until you receive the prompt that you discovered a new hidden region, Goddess Falls.

Immediately after that, follow the river to the left, leading inside a cave known as The Veiled Passage. After entering the cave, dock your boat on the small beach to the right.

On the left side of the beach, you’ll find The Mysterious Orb that Lunda is looking for.

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Now, since you are here, grab all The Veiled Passage collectibles we’ve covered here, which will take you back to the Cliffside Ruins region.

After you lower the drawbridge at the Cliffside Ruins by pulling the chain, go down the zipline on the right to reach the Blacksmith Shop near the River Delta Mystic Gateway.

god of war ragnarok the mysterious orb favour location - GameClubz

Talk to Lunda to complete The Mysterious Orb Favour and unlock the New Friends Trophy as a reward for your efforts.

Feel free to check our GoW Ragnarok Wiki Hub here if you need additional help finding collectibles and completing favours around the Nine Realms.

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