God Of War Ragnarok Nocturnal Predator Favour Guide

by Vlad
November 27, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok Nocturnal Predator Favour becomes available in the Eastern Plains area of the Vanaheim Crater, and it counts as one of the 47 Side Quests in the video game developed by Santa Monica Studio.

The GoW Ragnarok Nocturnal Predator Quest requires you to capture three whisps feeding on animals, but as the name implies, this Favor can only be played during the night.

Furthermore, by capturing the three God Of War Ragnarok Wisps, you’ll be able to summon a Flame Phantom or a mini-boss you must defeat.

In the following God Of War Ragnarok Nocturnal Predator walkthrough, we’ll discuss where to find the three Wisps you must capture and what you must do to complete the Side Quest.

How To Start Nocturnal Predator In The Vanaheim Plains

While GoW Nocturnal Predator Side Quest can be played the moment you arrive in The Plains area at the Scent of Survival, this quest is best approached after you finish For Vanaheim, explained here, and after you release the water from the dam in The Jungle area, by playing Return of the River Favour.

By following this order, you’ll be able to reach the Eastern Plains Mystic Gateway and the Celestial Altar faster by boat.

Additionally, you can mop up all The Plains Collectibles we’ve covered here before heading to The Sinkholes area.

When the Crater Plains area has been flooded, head to the Eastern Plains Mystic Gateway and use the Celestial Altar nearby to switch from daytime to nighttime.

Now, if you open your map west of the Celestial Altar, you’ll see a rather large area. While standing next to the altar during the night, you’ll see some purple glowing wisps. Two of them appear in the following screenshot.

God Of War Ragnarok Nocturnal Predator Walkthrough

Get close to one of them, and you’ll hear your companion telling you that the Wisps siphon the life out of the animals.

How To Capture The Wisps

To capture the God Of War Ragnarok Nocturnal Predator Wisps, you have to use Kratos’s Chaos Blades.

After you are close to one of the Wisps, just aim at it, then press R2 on your PlayStation 4/PS5 controller.

God Of War Ragnarok Nocturnal Predator Guide

When you capture the first Wisp, the GoW Ragnarok Nocturnal Predator quest begins, and you need to catch two more.

You can see the first two in the first screenshot above, while the third one is found by the river northwest from the Celestial Altar on your map.

God Of War Ragnarok Nocturnal Predator Quest Walkthrough

After you capture the third Wisp, you’ll need to return to the Sigil Plate.

Where To Find The Sigil Plate

The GoW Ragnarok Sigil Plate is found in the center of the Eastern Plains area, several steps away from the third Wisp above.

You can’t miss it because, as you can see, it glows in the dark.

God Of War Ragnarok Nocturnal Predator Sigil Plate

When you find it, step on it, and you’ll summon the Flame Phantom mini-boss.

The Flame Phantom is killed by stunning it first, so make sure your companion uses Sonic Arrows (green) and you attack the phantom’s core that looks like an eye. Once you stun it, you have to destroy the purple pillars.

Most of them are found around the plate; however, there is another one across the river (throw your Leviathan Axe at it), and one is behind some brambles you have to burn with Kratos’s Blades of Chaos.

Once you kill the Flame Phantom, the Nocturnal Predator God Of War Ragnarok quest ends, so check our Wiki Hub for more side-quests you can complete in this area.

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