Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Mining Cave Korok: How To Reach His Friend

by Vlad
May 14, 2023

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Mining Cave Korok, or the Korok Construct sitting outside the Mining Cave in the  Great Sky Island, is the second NPC you’ll encounter in the first area of the video game developed by Nintendo.

Like the Great Sky Island Stone Korok we helped earlier, the Mining Cave Korok Construct needs your help reaching his friend’s camp.

Except that this time, we have to build another type of vehicle so we can cross the large gap separating the cute Korok NPC from his friend.

In exchange for helping the Zelda ToTK Mining Cave Korok, you’ll receive 2 Korok Seeds you can use later to upgrade the capacity of Link’s pouches or increase his inventory.

If you are struggling with this specific Korok, throughout the following guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about him and how to help the NPC return to his friend.

Where To Find The Mining Cave Korok In Zelda ToTK

Let’s start with the location of the Korok NPC, and as you can see on the map below, the little fellow is found on the plateau above the Mining Cave.

It’s worth knowing that the Korok is found outside, not inside the Mining Cave. The map coordinates are 0472,1693, 1442.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Mining Cave Korok Friend

To reach the Korok, you’ll need to cross the mining cave and get to the upper plateau on your way to the third Shrine in The Closed Door main quest. Or the Gutanbac Shrine.

Once you reach the said area, look around, and near a Device Dispenser, you should see the little fellow crying for help.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Mining Cave Korok Help

How To Help The Mining Cave Korok Reach His Friend

Zelda ToTK Mining Cave Korok Puzzle follows the same logic as the previous Construct you’ve helped, meaning that your objective is to find a way to help the Construct get close to his friend.

In this case, his friend is on the other side of a gap, found behind the NPC.

To get him there, you’ll need to build a vehicle identical to the one you have used to cross the Mining Cave—specifically, a motor mining cart.

As such, select Link’s Ultrahand ability and look around for a mining cart. Pick it up and rotate it accordingly to be able to place it on the tracks behind the Korok. Or the rails across the gap leading to the island in the distance.

Now, pick a Zonai Fan device and place it on the cart, as you see in the picture below. This will be your cart’s engine, so make sure it is placed on the back of the mining cart. If you can’t find a fan, you can get one from the Dispenser nearby.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Mining Cave Help Korok Puzzle

Finally, use the Ultrahand Ability to move the Korok NPC and place him inside the cart you just created.

Once the cart is on the rails and the Korok is inside the cart, jump in and hit the Fan with your weapon to start it.

Now, enjoy the ride to the other side of the gap.

After you reach the other island, jump outside the mining cart, and use the Ultrahand Ability on the Korok inside. Pull him out and transport him to his friend in the camp nearby.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Great Sky Island Mining Cave Help Korok Puzzle

Put him down, then talk to him to receive two Korok Seeds you can use upon leaving the Great Sky Island.

Now that you know how to help the Mining Cave Korok in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom, look around, and you’ll see another rail that can help you get to the next small island. This, however, requires you to solve the Broken Rail Puzzle and build a new type of vehicle.

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