Diablo IV An Acquired Taste: Where To Find Thorn Beast Meat

by Vlad
June 18, 2023

An Acquired Taste is one of the three Diablo 4 Scosglen side-quests available in Tirmair, the settlement found in the northeastern area known as The Shrouded Moors.

Diablo 4 An Acquired Taste is an accessible fetch-quest during which you’ll be sent to hunt down Thorn Beasts and obtain their meat.

As part of our complete Diablo 4 Wiki, and because the quest is mandatory if you are a completionist who wishes to finish all side-quests in the latest video game released by Blizzard Entertainment, throughout the following walkthrough, we’ll cover the side quest named An Acquired Taste, its requirements, objectives, and rewards.

How To Start An Acquired Taste Quest in Diablo 4

To start An Acquired Taste side quest in Diablo 4, you have to discover the village named Tirmair in The Shrouded Moors area of Scosglen.

Tirmair is an important landmark during the game’s second act, and you’ll get to visit it while playing the Feral Nature main quest after the Dark Omen. While looking for Knight-Captain Razia, you’ll eventually get to Tirmair.

As you can see below, close to the blacksmith in Tirmair, there is an NPC named Atli.

Diablo 4 An Acquired Taste side quest becomes available in Tirmair.

Atli is a hunter located by the road leading north of the village. When you ask him if he caught anything, he’ll tell you that he had a bad day and his traps are empty.

Even though the Thorn Beasts are abundant, his traps are empty because the beasts are getting smarter.

Atli wants you to find 12 Thorn Beast Meat and bring them to him as part of the D4 An Acquired Taste quest.

Where To Find Thorn Beast Meat in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Thorn Beast Meat drops from Thorn Beasts found west of Tirmair in The Shrouded Moors; however, as you are about to see, these beasts are pretty rare.

After you start the quest, open your map and notice a large search area outside the town.

Head to the search area and keep your eyes on your minimap, looking for red dots depicting the locations of the Thorn Beasts you must hunt.

Diablo 4 Thorn Beast Meat is dropped by Thorn Beasts in The Shrouded Moors area

When looking for Thorn Beasts, you are, in fact, looking for porcupine-like creatures that are relatively easy to deal with.

The Thorn Beast Meat drop rate is quite high, so you won’t spend too much time hunting these creatures; however, it is worth knowing that while exploring the region marked on your map, if you completed the First Among Wolves side-quest, you have a chance to obtain the Broken Carving which is found inside chests or dropped by the Thorn Beasts you are hunting.

The Broken Carving allows you to complete The Wrong Hands, one of the Scosglen hidden quests.

Once you obtain 12 Thorn Beast Meat, feel free to head back to Atli, and he’ll thank you for giving villagers a chance to sleep with full bellies again.

Besides Gold, XP, and Renown Points, Atli rewards you with a Leather Cache for hunting the Thorn Beasts.

Now, Diablo 4 An Acquired Taste is complete, so you should focus on starting the next quest available in Tirmair, named Of Pests and Pestilence.

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