Disney Dreamlight Valley The Compressed Garbage Incident: How To Remove The Cubes

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September 14, 2022

Wall-E needs your help yet again, this time with a Compressed Garbage Incident, which is also the name of the friendship quest we will cover in this Disney Dreamlight Valley guide.

The loveable little robot won’t take much of your time this time because the quest is shorter than others in the video game developed by Gameloft and requires little effort from you.

But just in case you come across any problem, we’ve prepared the following walkthrough in which we will discuss everything you need to know to complete the said quest.

How To Start Compressed Garbage Incident In Disney Dreamlight Valley

You have only 2 requirements to begin the Compressed Garbage Incident friendship quest.

The first thing you need to do is to complete the previous quest from Wall-E, named Village Project The Garden. If you haven’t gotten to it yet and encounter difficulties completing it, make sure you check this walkthrough.

Just as important is to reach friendship level 4 with Wall-E. If you want help in this matter, don’t forget to check our guide here.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Compressed Garbage Incident Quest Walkthrough

After you are done with all of the above, go to Wall-E and speak with him to finally start the quest.

You can make use of the game’s map to locate the shy robot faster.

How To Remove The Compressed Garbage

Upon talking to Wall-E, you find out that he wants to show you something, so you’ll have to follow him to his garden in Peaceful Meadow.

Once in front of the garden, you must speak with the little robot again, getting yourself into a garbage disposal task.

So now you have to remove the Disney Dreamlight Valley compressed garbage cubes scattered around Wall-E’s garden.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Compressed Garbage Incident Quest Guide

To remove a cube, just go near it and press A on your Xbox controller. Take care of every cube you can see until you find a broken strange machine.

Pay attention to every compressed trash you remove because the machine will pop after you interact with a random cube.

The machine will have a glow around it to make it easier to spot once out of the compressed garbage, as shown in the next image.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Compressed Garbage Incident Broken Strange Machine

Pick up the machine ignoring the rest of the compressed trash cubes, and then go to Wall-E to show him what you found.

After a short conversation with the little robot, the Disney Dreamlight Valley Compressed Garbage Incident quest comes to an end, unlocking the next quest in line, named The Broken Memory quest.

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