Disney Dreamlight Valley A Deal With Ursula: Where To Find The Crystals In The Village

by Vlad
September 23, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Deal With Ursula is the last quest in Ursula’s Early Access questline and the most difficult one because it requires you to find 3 Crystals in the Village areas.

What makes A Deal With Ursula a bit complicated is that the Sea Witch doesn’t give you any clues on the Crystals’ locations, so you’ll be looking for needles in a haystack.

Regardless, since this is the last quest in her story, it is worth completing it because one of the rewards is a new character who will join your Village. This character is Ariel’s beloved Prince Eric.

So, if you wonder where to find the Crystals in Disney Dreamlight Valley A Deal With Ursula and how to use them, we’ll share their locations throughout the following walkthrough.

How To Start A Deal With Ursula In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before going after Ursula’s Crystals, though, let’s check the quest requirements or how to unlock it.

The first requirement is to progress further with Ariel, so first, you’ll need to unlock her by helping Goofy repair the Mysterious Wreck.

Then you’ll need to use the raft to reach Ariel and bring her to your Village. Last but not least, you must finish Ariel’s first quest, The Missing Prince.

The second requirement refers to Ursula’s Friendship Level, which is the trickiest since you have to reach the Early Access cap of 10.

Since you can’t assign a job to Ursula, you’ll need to constantly gift her favorite things and have daily discussions. However, you can also increase her Friendship Level faster if you give her gems (any kind) and flowers (any type).

Finally, you’ll want to unlock the following Biomes: Forgotten Lands, Forest of Valor, and Frosted Heights; but to reach Forgotten Lands, you’ll need to enter Sunlit Plateau, so the latter must be unlocked as well.

Unlocking all these Biomes costs 35.000 Dreamlight, meaning that you’ll need to spend quite some time with the video game developed by Gameloft and focus on the tasks listed in the Dreamlight section of the menu.

Assuming you reached this stage in the game and all the requirements are met after you complete the previous quest (The Ritual), find Ursula and talk to her.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Deal With Ursula Walkthrough

The Sea Witch asks you to help her with one last thing, so play along and agree to find out that after the failed experiment from the previous quest, Ursula discovered a very powerful item in the Forgotten Lands Biome.

Obviously, she needs it, but this time tell her that you are not going to help for free. She’ll then tell you she was expecting this answer and has what you need.

Ask what it is, and you’ll find out she has Prince Eric. She’ll then explain how Eric came into her possession, so ask her to free him. She will, but only if you help her retrieve the powerful item in the Forgotten Lands Ruins.

Where To Find The Forgotten Lands Ruins

Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Lands Ruins are found north of the fast-traveling well, so that’s where you’ll need to go next.

Open your map, and head west from the Plaza area to Sunlit Plateau.

Next, you’ll want to move northwest and enter the Forgotten Lands. Keep heading west until you see the well; then, you’ll spot the ruins pictured below north of it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Deal With Ursula Forgotten Lands Ruins

Approach the ruins, and when you get close, your objective changes. Your next task is to get the Dark Crystal which is also pictured above. Get close to the pedestal and get it.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Dark Crystal is a quest item you’ll need to progress Ursula’s final quest.

Once you have it, head back to the Sea Witch and give her the Dark Crystal. When you tell her that there were three additional empty pedestals in the forest, she’ll figure out that she needs 3 Dark Crystals, and as you can guess, they must be placed on the pedestals.

So, now she sends you to find the remaining three and also gives you back the Dark Crystal you found earlier.

Village Crystals Locations

Besides the fact that you need the missing Disney Dreamlight Valley Dark Crystals, Ursula won’t provide a single clue regarding their locations. Except that they are in the Village.

So finding them can be a bit tedious; unless you know where they are, which is exactly what we’ll tell you next.

1. Near Mother Gothel’s Tree House

The first Dark Crystal is found in the Garden of Trust Biome, next to Mother Gothel’s house or tree if you want.

Head to the middle of the swamp, and while facing the large tree and its entrance on the right side, you’ll find the Purple Crystal between the tree’s roots.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Deal With Ursula Crystals Locations

2. Near The River In Frosted Heights

The second Crystal you need to complete A Deal With Ursula quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is on the right side of the river in Frosted Heights.

It’s sitting by the mountain wall, near the northern stone bridge, as you can see below.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Deal With Ursula Dark Crystals Locations

3. By The Lake In Sunlit Plateau

The third and final Disney Dreamlight Valley Crystal is in the Sunlit Plateau Biome. You’ll spot it by the lake on the western side but be advised that you can only reach it by crossing the Forgotten Lands area from east to west.

Then, you’ll want to use the southern slope in Forgotten Lands to enter the Sunlit Plateau.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Deal With Ursula All Crystals Locations

Great! So now that you found all Crystals head back to the Ruins in the Forgotten Lands and place all four of them on the pedestals by approaching one pedestal at a time and selecting the Crystals from your inventory.

The order in which you place the Crystals is not important as long as you place all of them.

After placing the fourth Crystal, a Magical Crystal appears on the ground.

If you can’t see it, turn around and look for a glowing purple crystal several steps away from the pedestals (pictured below).

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Deal With Ursula Magical Crystal

Pick up the Magical Crystal, then head back to Ursula. Give her the Crystal of Power, then ask her to hold up her end of the bargain. In exchange, she’ll give you the Poor Unfortunate Eric quest item and refuses to tell you how to use it.

Don’t worry, though, because this is part of the Poor Unfortunate Prince quest you’ll unlock after you receive one final reward from Ursula: The Sea Witch’s Gown.

Now, Disney Dreamlight Valley A Deal With Ursula quest ends, and so is the Sea Witch’s questline in Early Access.

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