Gotham Knights Blackgate Blues: How To Find And Examine Marked Items

by Vlad
October 21, 2022

Gotham Knights Blackgate Blues mission features a Bonus Objective that requires your to find and examine four marked items in the Records Room within the Blackgate Penitentiary, where you find Harley Quinn.

Blackgate Blues is the fourth sub-case in Gotham Knights Case 01: Batman’s Last Case, and once you complete it, you’ll be able to start Case 02: The Rabbit Hole.

While Blackgate Blues is a linear mission with no investigations to complete, finding the Records Room Marked Items can become problematic if you don’t know where to look for them.

This Bonus Objective becomes available after you talk to Harley Quinn, and throughout the following guide, we’ll tell you where to find the four items in the video game developed by Warner Bros. Games.

Where To Find The Records Room In Gotham Knights

Upon talking to Harley Quinn, follow the linear path inside the Blackgate Penitentiary, and eventually, you’ll get to the Basement via a ventilation shaft.

In the Basement, you have three inmates you’ll have to deal with, one of them wielding a large shield.

To get rid of him faster, consider shooting the fuse box, then after you clear the area, head through the corridor ahead and open the large iron door.

Behind the door, you’ll be able to spot a sign on the wall showing the direction towards the Records Room.

Gotham Knights Blackgate Blues Records Room Location

Head left when you see the sign, and at the end of the next corridor, you’ll find a round chamber or the Records Room.

Inside the Gotham Knights Records Room, you’ll need to find a card catalog for your main objective and four marked items. Let’s see where they are.

Find And Examine Marked Items Bonus Objective

To easily track the marked items you must find and examine, follow the order below, and make sure you don’t progress the story before finding all of them.

From the central office, head left and follow the stairs up. On the left side, you’ll see several cells; the first one is closed.

Check the second one pictured below, where you can also see a chest. Open the chest first; then, in a drawer on the left side, you’ll see a highlighted item (use your AR to scan the area).

Gotham Knights Blackgate Blues Marked Items Locations

Scan the Prisoner Profile, then pick it up because it’s the first item you need to find. This is an excerpt from Cyrus Gold’s (aka Solomon Grundy) journal.

Now, head right and follow the three stairs to the next level.

On the left side, on a cabinet between two shelves, you’ll see another marked item.

Gotham Knights Blackgate Blues Marked Items Bonus Objective

It is a Note from Warden dated the late 1930s. Make sure you pick it up, then in the same area, cross the room and look for a shelf where you can see a flute.

Next to the flute is a Business Card, as you can see below.

Gotham Knights Marked Items Bonus Objective

This Business Card belongs to Johnatan Brindley, a former attorney who lived in Gotham in the 1980s.

Now, for the last marked item, head back to the lower area where you saw the central desk, and check the cabinets. One of them (pictured below) has an open drawer, and if you scan it, you’ll find an Old Newspaper.

Gotham Knights Marked Items Locations

Make sure you scan it, then examine the Old Gotham Gazette to complete the Gotham Knights Bonus Objective inside the Blackgate Penitentiary Records Room.

With the 4 marked items found, all that’s left to do is to scan the card catalog, which is located on the central table several steps away from the last marked item above.

And that’s it, Knights! You just found the 4 Gotham Knights Marked Items required to complete the Bonus Objective in the Blackgate Blues mission, but don’t forget to check our Wiki Hub here for all collectibles locations and all puzzle solutions.

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