Gotham Knights Powers Club: How To Activate The Mechanism

October 23, 2022

Gotham Knights Find a Way to Activate the Mechanism is your first objective upon reaching the Powers Club during the second subcase of Case 02: The Rabbit Hole, in the video game developed by Warner Bros. Games.

The said Mechanism allows you to progress through the mission but activating it can be tedious and requires a bit of detective work since you’ll need to use your AR and follow some wires.

These wires will lead to several objects you’ll need to interact with to open a hidden passage inside the Powers Club.

The Gotham Knights Powers Club subcase includes two puzzles you’ll have to solve, and the one involving the hidden Mechanism is the first one.

As such, if you need help figuring out how to activate the Mechanism during the Rabbit Hole Powers Club case, below, we’ll tell you the steps you must follow.

Entering The Powers Club In Gotham Knights

Upon reaching the Powers Club building in Old Gotham, head to the roof and get inside via the open window.

Inside the Powers Club, open the first door, then follow the corridor ahead to reach a small round garden.

Vault over the balcony, then deal with the two guards that roam around.

Now, you’ll have to use your AR to scan the area for clues. Specifically, you’ll want to find the blood trail on the floor near the fountain.

Gotham Knights Powers Club Clues Locations

Press Down on your D-Pad to scan the blood trail, then scan the lamp on the nearby stone pillar.

Finally, follow the lamp’s wire that’s going to the area below, and it will lead you to a mechanism (also pictured above).

Make sure you scan all these clues using your AR and keep the cursor over them until the scan is complete.

How To Find A Way To Activate The Mechanism In Powers Club

Once you scan the objects above, it’s time to find a way to activate the underground Mechanism, and the key to continuing this puzzle is the lamp marked above.

Pay attention to the wires above the lam, and you’ll see that they are moving to the upper level.

So use the grappling hook to get to the balcony above the lamp, then open the door at the end of the next room.

Now, you’ll reach a larger room divided into two sections. There are also a lot of guards here, so feel free to deal with them in any way you want.

Since the next room is divided into two sections, let’s start with the one on the left as you enter.

Mechanism Clue 1: The Bust

The section on the left is, in fact, a large library where you’ll see a pool table and a large statue depicting Athena.

Here you’ll need to find the first Gotham Knights Mechanism Clue, which is a button placed under a small bust on the right side of Athena’s statue.

Gotham Knights Powers Club Mechanism Clues

To be able to push the button, first use your AR to scan the bust marked above, then approach it and press X to interact with it. Just like you did with the bugs in the Penguin’s office.

Mechanism Clue 2: The Book

To find the second Powers Club Mechanism Clue, move to the other side of the large room (right as you enter from the garden).

While looking around, you should be able to spot a bar. After dealing with the guards, place yourself in front of the stairs while standing on the ground.

On the left side of the stairs, you should be able to spot a rather large book.

Scan it to reveal the second secret switch, then get close and interact with it by pressing X.

Gotham Knights Powers Club Mechanism Switches

Good job! Now that you powered up the Mechanism, it’s time to activate it, so head back to the small garden where you found the lamp pictured above.

Simply get close to it and press X to activate the Mechanism in Gotham Knights Powers Club sub-case and continue your investigation, which will eventually lead to the next puzzle.

Last but not least, if you need additional help, don’t miss our Gotham Knights Wiki Hub, where you discuss all collectibles and all riddles solutions.

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