Gotham Knights Batman’s Last Case: How To Open Kirk Langstrom’s Hidden Door

by Vlad
October 21, 2022

Gotham Knights Batman’s Last Case is the first mission you’ll need to complete in the video game developed by WB Games Montréal, and it takes place inside Langstrom’s Lab, where you’ll need to solve a small puzzle.

With Batman dead at the hands of Ra’s Al Ghul, Gotham needs a new protector, so it’s up to you to assume the vigilante role, but first, you’ll also need to solve Batman’s Last Case.

During the introductory cutscene, after Bruce’s funeral, you’ll find out that the Dark Knight was working on revealing a secret that could shake Gotham to its core.

Unfortunately, he was interrupted by Ra’s Al Ghul, and the fight led to the tragedy depicted at the beginning of the game.

After the funeral, Batgirl suggests continuing Batman’s investigation and revealing the secret he died for.

Luckily, Batman’s Last Case involves a doctor named Langstrom, so that’s where you’ll start your investigation.

The first sub-case in Gotham Knights Batman’s Last Case is known as Kirk Langstrom and acts as a tutorial that will help you learn the game’s mechanics and how investigations work.

Since the first section is linear, you likely won’t encounter any difficulties completing it; however, once you reach Langstrom’s Office, you’ll have to find a series of clues and solve a small puzzle.

Here is what you need to do when you enter Gotham University via Moulton Hall’s Balcony.

Where To Find Langstrom’s Office In Gotham Knights

The moment you reach Gotham University, you’ll notice a corridor, and if you take your time investigating it, you’ll notice that it’s pretty linear.

Langstrom’s Office is on the left side and is the only room you can access.

Gotham Knights Langstrom’s Office Location

Head inside the Office, and you’ll find out that the GCPD already investigated the Office but missed some clues.

At this point, you’ll learn how to use AR Targeting in Gotham Knights.

How To Scan The Marks On The Floor

For the next objective, activate the AR Targeting by pressing down on your D-Pad, then look down on the left side of the desk.

Gotham Knights Batman’s Last Case Floor Marks

While scanning the scratches, do not move the reticle. Eventually, you’ll find a trail leading outside the Office.

Follow the said trail back to the hallway, and you’ll reach a wooden door you can open.

Once on the other side, keep following the trail and descend the stairs, then enter the Worksop through the door on the left side.

Now vault through the broken window on the right side, and you’ll drop into Langstrom’s laboratory, where you’ll have to investigate a crime scene.

Batman’s Last Case Crime Scene Investigation

To begin your investigation, you’ll first want to approach the blood trail in the corner of the room.

A small cutscene starts, and you’ll find out that while deadly injured, Kirk Langstrom tried to reach the cabinet.

Now, you’ll need to look for clues and figure out why.

How To Scan For Clues

Activate your AR Targeting by pressing down on your D-Pad, then check the floor area under the cabinet Langstrom tried to reach.

You should be able to spot it on the right side of the blood trail.

Gotham Knights Batman's Last Case Clues Locations

As you can see in the screenshot above, there is a Hidden Mechanism under the floor, so make sure you fully analyze it, then follow its connection that will eventually lead to the lab workstation.

To investigate the lab workstation, approach the table, then press and hold X on your PlayStation controller.

Great, now the puzzle starts, and your objective is to find a way to open the hidden door by figuring out the following:

  • Which input device unlocks the hidden door
  • What is Langstorm’s secret password

How To Open The Batman’s Last Case Hidden Door

To solve this small puzzle, start by checking the objects on Langstrom’s desk.

On the wall on the left side, you’ll find an Old Movie Poster with the film’s re-release date (04-11-92).

Under the poster, but on the table, is a sticky note with a phone number on it (127).

This is the first clue you’ll have to find Langstorm’s secret password in Gotham Knights because North American area codes are not permitted to begin with 1.

So Langstorm’s secret password or passcode is 127.

Now, it’s time to find which input device unlocks the hidden door.

Since you already have the code, which consists of three digits, the only device you can use is the Microwave because the Thermostat, for example, has a display that requires six digits.

Therefore the Microwave is the device that unlocks the hidden door in Batman’s Last Case mission.

Now, to progress, you’ll have to connect the clues you’ve found. So select the Microwave by pressing square on your PlayStation controller, then mark the sticky note on the left side of the desk.

Gotham Knights Langstrom Hidden Door Device Password

Finally, press the triangle button to solve the crime and open the door behind the cabinet.

Once you finish the Gotham Knights Batman’s Last Case Kirk Langstrom crime investigation and the associated puzzle, follow the corridor behind the door and get ready to exercise your combat abilities on the goons ahead.

Last but not least, make sure you check our Gotham Knights Wiki hub for all collectibles locations in the game and all puzzle solutions.

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