Need For Speed Unbound Apolonia: All 3 Billboards Collectibles Locations

Written by Alexandru Popescu
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December 4, 2022

Need For Speed Unbound Apolonia Billboards Collectibles are mandatory if you want to reach 100% completion in this district of the latest video game developed by Criterion Software.

Of course, you’ll also need the 3 Bear Champs and 5 Street Art available in the same area.

Note that the Billboards must be smashed with your car in order actually to obtain the collectibles.

And if you are struggling to find the NFS Unbound Apolonia Billboards make sure you check the following guide.

Need For Speed Unbound Apolonia Billboards Locations Map

As you are probably used by now, we will start with an NFS 2022 map, which in this case, will show you the exact locations of the Apolonia Billboards.

Need For Speed Unbound 2022 Apolonia Billboards Locations Map

Now, let’s see how to smash each Billboard in the same order as on the map.

Billboard #1: On Top Of A Tunnel

The first collectible can be found on the west side of the Apolonia district.

It’s important to know that you have to approach the location marked on our map from the west.

That is because the Billboard is on top of the entrance to a tunnel, and you can only reach the collectible from the street above the underpass, on the west side.

Once in the right spot, as shown in the next image, go through the Billboard with your car.

Need For Speed Unbound Apolonia Billboards Collectibles Locations

Billboard #2: On Top Of A Parking

Upon smashing Need For Speed 2022 Apolonia Billboard #1 and dropping down, continue on the street toward the second location marked on the map above.

You’ll see the collectible on top of a parking when you reach the said location.

And to reach the upper level in order to smash the Billboard, you have to go up the ramps on the right side, near the flags.

You can’t see the ramps because of the wall, but trust me, they are there.

Need For Speed 2022 Apolonia Billboards Collectibles Locations

Billboard #3: At An Intersection

For the last Apolonia Billboard, you have to go forward on the street after you destroy Billboard #2 and drop down.

Then turn right at the first intersection and proceed until you reach the last location marked on our map.

You should see the collectible in front of you at an intersection, like in the following screenshot.

NFS Unbound Apolonia Billboards Collectibles Locations

There you go! Those were all 3 Need For Speed Unbound Apolonia Billboards. Now you should go to our Wiki Hub here to find more collectibles.

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