Disney Dreamlight Valley Crafting Materials Guide: How To Get Sand

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October 5, 2022

If you are struggling to get Sand in Disney Dreamlight Valley, don’t worry because there are multiple ways to easily obtain this Crafting Material.

However, you must progress enough through the video game developed by Gameloft to unlock all the methods to obtain the Sand.

The Crafting Material is very important because you can use it to make Glass which you’ll need fairly often.

Also, if you want your house and Village to look good, there are some Crafting Recipes that use Sand to make furniture.

So, make sure you follow the guide below to learn how to get and use the Sand in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Get Sand In Disney Dreamlight Valley

The easiest way to get the Crafting Material is to dig it out of the ground in the Dazzle Beach area.

Thus, you need to spend 1,000 Dreamlight to unlock the Biome, which can be easily earned by completing a couple of tasks listed in the Dreamlight tab of the game’s menu.

Then, I suggest you hang out with your highest-level companion, who is specialized in digging, to have a chance of doubling what you find.

Once you are all set, go to the Dazzle Beach Biome, equip your Shovel (press RT on your Xbox controller), and start digging.

As you can see, the Sand is not guaranteed to drop, but you have a chance with each hole you dig.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Sand

Another way you can obtain the Crafting Material is to break the small and big chunks of sea debris, also in the Dazzle Beach area.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Sand

But for this method, which is more efficient than the previous one, you first need to upgrade your Disney Dreamlight Valley Pickaxe.

You upgrade the Royal Tool, making it able to break the small chunks of debris, by completing The Great Maui quest, and to smash the big chunks, you must complete A Tale Of Stone And Fire.

And the best method by far is to buy the Sand from Kristoff’s Stall for 8 Star Coins a piece, provided you have enough money to spare.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Sand Kristoff Stall

Keep in mind that for the last method, you first need to complete Kristoff’s friendship quest Village Project: A Mountain Man’s Stall, covered in our guide here. Doing so will unlock the Stall from where you can get the Crafting Material.

Crafting Recipes Based On Sand

As mentioned before, the most useful item you can make with Sand is Glass, for which you need 5 units of Sand and 1 of Coal Ore. Check our How To Get Glass Crafting Materials Guide for more details about how to make Glass.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Sand Crafting Material

However, you can make a lot more with Sand, so here is a Recipes list of items that require the Crafting Material.

Crafting Recipe NameRequired Sand
Natural Rock Path1
Blue Light Low Beach Torch3
Blue Light High Beach Torch3
Granite Fire Bowl20
Green Light High Beach Torch3
Green Light Low Beach Torch3
Red Light High Beach Torch3
Red Light Low Beach Torch3
Yellow Light High Beach Torch3
Yellow Light Low Beach Torch3
Zen Garden200

As you can notice, there is plenty to do with the Crafting Material, so stock up.

And if you consider you have too much, you can always sell it for 8 Star Coins a piece at any of Goofy’s Stalls.

Well done, friend! You can get as much Disney Dreamlight Valley Sand as you want because you now know how to obtain it.

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