Disney Dreamlight Valley Crafting Materials Guide: How To Get Glass

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October 6, 2022

Glass is a Disney Dreamlight Valley Refined Material that can be made at any Crafting Station, provided you have the necessary resources.

You can use Glass to craft all sorts of items that will make your house and the Village a prettier place.

This Refined Material will also be a necessary item in certain quests, so if you want to complete every single quest in the Early Access Version of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to stock up on it as soon as you can.

Therefore, throughout the following guide, we will explain how you can get the Glass and what exactly you can do with it.

How To Get Glass In Disney Dreamlight Valley

So far, there are two ways you can get the Refined Material:

  • Make it at a Crafting Station
  • Buy it from Kristoff’s Stall

The materials required to craft 1 Glass are 5 Sand and 1 Coal Ore.

So, you should first check our guide on how to get Sand and then get the necessary amount of this Crafting Material.

Then focus on obtaining the Coal Ore by mining the black rock deposits scattered on the Valley’s mountain walls.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Glass

To do so, equip your Pickaxe (press RT on your Xbox controller), get close to a rock deposit like the one in the image above, and hold X (also on Xbox) to mine it.

You can get different resources from the deposits, but you are looking for the small black rocks, as shown in the next screenshot.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Glass

Once you have enough Sand and Coal Ore, head to a Crafting Station, interact with it, and make the Glass from the Refined Material tab.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Glass Refined Material

As mentioned, you can also buy the Refined Material from Kristoff’s Stall, which you unlock by completing the Village Project: A Mountain Man’s Stall quest covered in this guide.

However, you also have to upgrade the Stall by completing the A Broken Sled quest, discussed here.

Now, check Kristoff’s Stall once a day until the Glass is available for buying. The materials you can buy from the Stall change daily in random order.

How To Use The Glass

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Glass is a quest item in the following quests:

  • A Broken Sled – the already mentioned quest in which you help Kristoff upgrade his Stall. You’ll need only one unit for this quest
  • The Mystical Crystal – this quest requires eight units so you can help Prince Eric enchant his Compass
  • Part Of His World – in this quest, you’ll help Eric craft a Nautilus Pendant, which requires three units
  • The Ritual – to help Ursula obtain an Enchanted Flower, you’ll need three Glass
  • What Home Feels Like – this quest requires three pieces of Glass
  • The Forgotten Project – again, you’ll need three Glass for Donald’s friendship quest so you can help the angry duck remember his Village project
  • Lair Sweet Lair – three units are also required for Ursula’s quest in which you have to help the Sea Witch get accommodated in the Valley

Note that you can’t complete any of these quests without the required amount of Glass.

Crafting Recipes Based On Glass

And if you feel like you want to renovate the Village or your house, you can use the Refined Material for the following Crafting Recipes:

Crafting Recipe NameRequired Glass
Black Flat-Top Stove3
Black Gas Stove2
Gray Flat-Top Stove3
Gray Gas Stove2
Pale Gray Flat-Top Stove3
Pale Gray Gas Stove2
Pink Flat-Top Stove3
Pink Gas Stove2
White Flat-Top Stove3
White Gas Stove2
Black Wrought Iron Streetlamp2
Blue Wrought Iron Streetlamp2
Elegant Gazebo50
Green Wrought Iron Streetlamp2
Lamppost with Blue Light1
Lamppost with Green Light1
Lamppost with Red Light1
Lamppost with Yellow Light1
Purple Wrought Iron Streetlamp2
Round Blue Three-Pronged Lamppost3
Round Lamppost with Blue Light1
Round Lamppost with Orange Light1
Round Lamppost with Pink Light1
Round Lamppost with White Light1
Round Orange Three-Pronged Lamppost3
Round Pink Three-Pronged Lamppost3
Round White Three-Pronged Lamppost3
Wide Arched Window12
Wooden Lamppost with Yellow Light1

It seems you need a lot of Glass in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but this shouldn’t be a problem now that you know how to obtain it. Also, if you have too much, note that it sells for 50 Star Coins a piece at any of Goofy’s Stalls.

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