God Of War Ragnarok Across The Realms Favour Guide

by Vlad
November 29, 2022

God Of War Ragnarok Across The Realms is one of the most rewarding Favours in the video game developed by Santa Monica Studio, even though it’s just a fetch quest that requires you to find the following recipe ingredients: Nordic Gourd, Prongfruit, Bantam Melon, and Elven Cap.

God Of War Ragnarok Across The Realms Favour can be started after you get access to Midgard; however, the ingredients you need to find for the recipe you are about to cook require access to specific regions in Alfheim, Vanaheim, and Svartalfheim.

Therefore, this quest is best approached after you beat the story, so you can quickly travel between realms via the Mystic Gateways you’ll open during your journey.

So if you wonder where to find all God Of War Ragnarok Across The Realms Recipe Ingredients, we’ll discuss their locations throughout the following guide.

How To Start Across The Realms In Midgard

GoW Ragnarok Across The Realms doesn’t have any special requirements, but the ingredients you have to collect do.

To start the Across The Realms Side Quest, after reaching Midgard, head northeast and follow the path up the mountain.

North of the Raider Hideout we covered here and northwest of King’s Grave, where you need to defeat the last of the Berserkers as part of the Fit for A King Favor, you’ll find The Eternal Campfire.

Climb the ledge, and you’ll find a small camp with a fire burning. Notice the rainbow coming out of the Cauldron.

God Of War Ragnarok Across The Realms Walkthrough

Get close to the campfire and interact with the book in front of the fire to start the Across The Realms God Of War Ragnarok Favour.

Now you’ll be asked to find the recipes’ ingredients, so check your Goals tab in the menu to see the list containing the following items:

  • Prongfruit
  • Bantam Melon
  • Elven Cap
  • Nordic Gourd

As said, these ingredients require you to travel between four Realms, and you’ll find them in specific locations.

Let’s cover them individually, and we’ll use the closest Mystic Gateways.

Where To Find The Nordic Gourd

The God Of War Ragnarok is found in Midgard, only several steps east of The Eternal Campfire, where you start the quest.

Retrace your steps east, moving towards the sled, and you’ll see it when you reach the ledge you climbed earlier.

It is on the ground, as you can see below, so you can collect it on your way back to the sled.

God Of War Ragnarok Across The Realms Nordic Gourd Location

After finding the Nordic Gourd, it’s time to go after the second ingredient, so head to the nearest Gateway, which is the one in King’s Grave.

Where To Find The Prongfruit

To find the GoW Ragnarok Prongfruit from the previous realm, travel to Nidavellir Beach Mystic Gateway in Svartalfheim.

If you have progressed the story, you won’t encounter difficulties reaching the mining train nearby. So use the Spear to jump over the gap and take the train to The Forge.

When you reach the top, follow our Forge Collectibles guide here if you need help getting 100% completion in this area.

If you are looking only for the Prongfruit, then you should know that it’s close to the Nornir Chest.

So from the mining train, follow the wooden platforms and take a right turn around the mountain. You should see the glowing Prongfruit waiting for you.

God Of War Ragnarok Across The Realms Prongfruit Location

Once you collect the Prongruit, use the same mining train to return to the Nidavellir Beach Mystic Gateway.

Where To Find The Bantam Melon

The Bantam Melon in God Of War Ragnarok is waiting for you in The Sinkholes area of the Vanaheim Crater.

Therefore, travel to The Sinkholes Mystic Gateway near the Celestial Altar. It’s worth pointing out that to unlock the Gateway and the Altar, you’ll need to flood The Sinkholes by playing Return of the River Favor first.

Then you’ll also want to finish Quaking Hollow and The Burning Skies to get close to the Mystic Gateway.

Assuming you have finished the said Side Quests from the Mystic Gateway, head east past the iron gate along the canal.

The Bantam Melon, as you can see, awaits on the other side of the river.

God Of War Ragnarok Across The Realms Bantam Melon Location

Now, return to The Sinkholes Mystic Gateway.

Where To Find The Elven Cap

Last but not least, you need to find the Elven Cap in the desert area of Alfheim. Specifically, the God of War Ragnarok Elven Cap is in the Forbidden Sands Region, so you’ll have to fast-travel to The Hjarta Mystic Gateway and then ride the sled northeast through the canyon.

Upon entering the Forbidden Sands, if you have already completed the Song of the Sands Favour, the sandstorm has been removed, so head west and look for a large broken pillar.

Behind it is another Nornir Chest or one of the Forbidden Sands Collectibles listed here, and on the right side, the Elven Cap.

God Of War Ragnarok Across The Realms Elven Cap Location

Great job! Now that you found all God Of War Ragnarok Across The Realms Recipe Ingredients, head back to the Gateway in The Hjarta canyon and to The Eternal Campfire in Midgard.

Interact with the Cauldron, and the quest is complete.

For finishing the God Of War Ragnarok Across The Realms Favour, you’ll receive the Meal of Comfort, which increases all of Kratos’s stats by 5.

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