Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Find & Unlock Donald Duck

Written by Alexandru Popescu
Edited by Vlad Susanu
October 1, 2022

Unlocking Donald in Disney Dreamlight Valley will get you access to new quests and rewards; thus, you’ll get to play more of the beautiful game developed by Gameloft.

Donald is a fictional temperamental duck that started in many comedic roles in animated cartoons, and his first theatrical appearance was in The Wise Little Hen in the year 1934.

The bad news is that you can’t get the angry duck to join you in the Village in the early game, as you need to unlock specific Biomes.

So, make sure that you check the following guide if you want to know everything you need to do to bring Donald to Disney Dreamlight Valley as soon as possible.

How To Bring Donald To The Village In Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first thing you need to concern yourself with is to progress in the main story because you’ll get to unlock the temperamental duck in the Lost In The Dark Grove story quest.

To reach the story quest mentioned above, you have to unlock the Dazzle Beach area and complete the previous main quest named With Great Power.

You’ll need 1000 Dreamlight to unlock Dazzle Beach and another 3000 to unlock the Forest of Valor area, where you can start the Lost In The Dark Grove story quest.

Gathering the 4000 Dreamlight shouldn’t take too long; all you need to do is complete the tasks in the Dreamlight tab of your menu.

Upon entering the Forest of Valor for the first time (located east of the Plaza area), you should find Kristoff near a pillar on the southwest side of the Biome.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Kristoff

Just in case you don’t know, Kristoff is a fictional character from Disney’s Frozen (2013) and Frozen 2 (2019).

Talking to Kristoff, you’ll get a clue about Donald’s whereabouts, and to find the angry duck, you’ll have to continue with the Lost In The Dark Grove story quest, covered in our guide here.

Completing the quest will unlock the lost duck and also Kristoff. Two birds with one stone, or one bird and one human.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Unlock Donald

Donald’s Quests In Early Access

Unlocking the angry duck is just the start of your friendship; you’ll get to help him on future quests as well. Here is the list of Donald’s quests in the Early Access version of the game:

  1. A House Fit For A Duck – as the name suggests, you have to find Donald a house in this quest
  2. A Fishy Dispute – in this funny quest, you have to settle a dispute between the angry duck and Goofy
  3. The Forgotten Project – where you’ll help the temperamental duck remember his Village project
  4. The Dreamlight Fountain – here, you’ll help Donald with his project by crafting a Fountain

You’re a really good friend for helping him with all the above!

Donald’s Friendship Level Up Rewards

Of course, you will not go unrewarded if you choose to help the angry duck.

Here is a list of each reward you’ll receive every time you raise your Friendship Level with the duck:

Friendship LevelReward
Level 2Blue backpack
Level 3Mickey outfit overlay that can be placed on your customized clothes
Level 4500 Star Coins
Level 5Furniture Item
Level 6Donald outfit overlay
Level 71000 Star Coins
Level 8Furniture Item
Level 9Another Donald outfit overlay
Level 10Wardrobe item, similar to Donald’s shirt
Disney Dreamlight Valley Friendship Rewards

To level up the angry duck faster and get all these cool rewards, check our Friendship Level Up Guide here.

So, great job, Villager! You’ve unlocked Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald and learned about his quests and Friendship Rewards.

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