Escape Academy The Breakout Walkthrough: How To Complete & Puzzles Solutions

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July 16, 2022

Escape Academy The Breakout is the fifth level you’ll unlock after completing Escape Artist we covered in this walkthrough, and, of course, Under Pressure which we also explained in depth in this guide.

The order in which you complete the previous two escape rooms doesn’t matter.

In Escape Academy The Breakout, you’ll have to help rescue Eel Barnes from a high-security prison ship in the video game developed by Coin Crew Games.

You have a time limit of 25 minutes for the Escape Academy Breakout escape room, and to get a good grade, you have to move as fast as possible. Also, don’t forget to avoid using hints if you don’t want to lower your grade.

Considering that the Escape Academy Breakout level is quite hard, you should check the following guide, where you can find solutions for all the puzzles you’ll have to solve.

Escape Academy Breakout Walkthrough – How To Complete The Escape Room

You can start Escape Academy The Breakout escape room by first going to The Headmaster’s Office using your map.

Then go through the highlighted door on the left, where the Headmaster will debrief you for the upcoming level.

You’ll have to help rescue Eel by solving tricky puzzles inside this room, so let’s get to it.

How To Solve Make Contact And Disable The Turret Puzzles In Breakout

The first thing you want to do upon starting Escape Academy The Breakout level is to make contact with the Headmaster, which is now inside the prison ship.

You can do this from the desk with the chair in front of it. But first, take a look at the piece of paper on the right side of the desk.

Escape Academy Breakout Walkthrough Guide

Memorize just the following codes:

  • 10-4 for Affirmative/Ok
  • 10-10 for Negative/No

Now answer the Headmaster through the radio on the desk by inputting the code 10-4.

As the Headmaster advances, she is stopped by a turret which she can disable if you send her the serial number.

To find out the serial number take a look at the upper right monitor.

Escape Academy Breakout Guide

On the left of the monitor, you can see a bone and -b, which of course, means one (1).

On the right of the monitor, you can see six D’s, which, if you say it fast, sounds a lot like sixty (60).

So, the code is 160. Input it into the radio to disable the turret.

How To Find The Computer Terminal In The Breakout

Now that the turret is disabled, the next step for the Escape Academy Breakout level is to help the Headmaster find a computer terminal.

To do this, you must first check the blueprint book left of the desk, more precisely under two lamps.

A quick sweep of the blueprints, and you’ll find a computer icon on deck 02, as shown in the next image.

Breakout Escape Academy Walkthrough Guide

So to answer the Headmaster asking you if the computer terminal is on the first deck, you have to input the 10-10 code for Negative/No in the radio.

Then you have to tell the Headmaster on which deck she can find the computer terminal to answer the follow-up question.

As you can see in the blueprints and the image above, the answer is 02. So, again, use the radio to communicate the answer.

Then Quanty, the supercomputer that is helping you, informs you that the ship is on the move and you need the new coordinates to maintain the connection.

Let’s see what we can do about this and get closer to completing Escape Academy The Breakout escape room.

Breakout Recombobulate Yourself Puzzle Solution

On the right side of the room, you can notice a computer, a map, and a clock, as shown in the following screenshot.

Escape Academy Breakout Recombobulate Yourself Puzzle Solution

The map shows you where the ship should be based on the time. So take a look at the clock and then figure out the ship’s location on the map.

If you are having problems, the clock should not show more than T+3:00. Look at the corresponding part of the map and memorize it.

Now access the computer marked with the arrow on the left in the screenshot above and select the correct location.

You should now hear the Headmaster again, so use 10-4 on the radio to let her know everything is ok.

She will fax you some data from where you have to find Eel’s cell number, which is the next step in our Escape Academy Breakout walkthrough.

The Breakout Locate The Prisoner Puzzle Solution

To solve Locate The Prisoner Puzzle in the Breakout, you have to find the fax machine and analyze the data.

The fax machine is near the door, left of the blueprint book, like in the following image.

Escape Academy Breakout Locate The Prisoner Puzzle Solution

Pick up the three paper sheets with Prison Data next to the fax to find out the next details:

DO NOT hold subject on the same floor as a trash compactor. He would escape through chutes.

Subject must be held between the mail room and the cafeteria.

Subject must be held on a floor with an even number of cells, in cell #3.

Prison Data

If you consult the blueprint book and pay extra attention, you’ll see that there is only one possible deck and cell where Eel Barnes should be.

If you just can’t figure it out, the cell number is 503. Put the number on the radio to continue the Escape Academy The Breakout escape room.

Now it’s time to get Eel out of the cell by making a copy of the key.

How To Solve Copy The Key Puzzle

First, go to the desk and look at the upper left monitor to see the following colors:

  1. White
  2. Red
  3. Blue
  4. White
  5. Red
Escape Academy Breakout Copy The Key Puzzle Solution

Then go to the monitor left of the door that says EEL’S CELL KEY and interact with it.

If you scroll through the reference keys, you can see the following patterns:

  • White goes down 1 space
  • Blue goes down 2 spaces
  • Red goes up 2 spaces
  • Yellow goes up 1 space
How To Solve Escape Academy Breakout Copy The Key Puzzle

Keeping all these in mind, go to the opposite side of the room, where you have a device with five levers for the five colors on the desk monitor from before.

Starting from left to right and from number 3, input the following code:

  1. White, meaning you have to go down 1 space
  2. Red, meaning you have to go up 2 spaces
  3. Blue, meaning you have to go down 2 spaces
  4. White, meaning you have to go down 1 space
  5. Red, meaning you have to go up 2 spaces
How To Solve Breakout Escape Academy Copy The Key Puzzle

You should get a perfect match, and the number 24213 will appear on the screen. You know the drill, send it to the Headmaster with the help of the radio to solve Copy The Key Puzzle in Escape Academy Breakout.

But you’re not done yet because a power surge interrupts your communication with the Headmaster and Eel.

The Breakout Flip The Breakers Puzzle Solution

It’s kinda dark in here, so you should find a flashlight. Look at the door and head to the corner on the right, where you can see a purple light.

Pick up the UV Flashlight and aim it at the four white signs scattered on the room’s walls to reveal the following tips:





Now turn toward the desk and go to the corner on the right, where you can see a purple light again.

As you get close, you can see a panel with switches that can be turned left or right.

Escape Academy Breakout Flip The Breakers Puzzle Solution

Taking into consideration the tips from before, you should be able to figure out the code.

If not, here is the code from top to bottom:

  1. C
  2. H
  3. A
  4. R
  5. G
  6. E

Just like that, you restored the power, and all that is left to do to complete Escape Academy The Breakout is to take out a couple of turrets so that the Headmaster and Eel can safely get to the helicopter.

The Breakout Save The Day Puzzle Solution

To start solving Save The Day Puzzle in Escape Academy The Breakout, you must take a seat at the desk one more time.

Focus on the monitor in the upper left corner.

Escape Academy Breakout Save The Day Puzzle Solution

In the left square, you can see S + EVEN numbers, so you have SEVEN (7).

In the second square, you have teen written four times. However, the third teen is circled, so you have thirteen (13).

Use the radio yet again to input the code: 713. Then go to the computer to the right, the one you used for the Recombobulate Yourself Puzzle.

You can take control of a turret from the computer and destroy the other three turrets to solve Save The Day Puzzle.

The Headmaster and Eel are now safe, thanks to you! You have just completed The Breakout escape room, but you can now focus on the next level, named Lab Rat.

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