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Updated January 16, 2024

Escape Academy Under Pressure is the fourth escape room in the video game developed by Coin Crew Games, and it is unlocked alongside Escape Artist upon completing the Entrance Exam level. Escape Academy The Tresher room is notably harder than the previous levels in the game, with many puzzles to figure out and a lot of objects to find.

Although at first, you won’t be given a specific time limit to beat Under Pressure in Escape Academy, you should know that the moment you start the level, you’ll have to move as fast as possible because otherwise, you’ll drown.

Basically, in the Escape Academy The Tresher Under Pressure room, you’ll have to climb several floors before they get flooded, and the remaining time will be added to the clock as you progress. As such, moving as fast as possible is essential, mainly because the last puzzle in this room is quite tricky, so you’ll need extra time to solve it.

Obviously, to get the best grade, you’ll have to avoid using hints, and you’ll want to escape the room as fast as you can. To help you with this task, our Escape Academy Under Pressure walkthrough below provides all solutions to the puzzles you’ll encounter, outlining the steps you should follow to escape The Tresher.

How To Complete Under Pressure Escape Room

To start the Under Pressure escape room, first select The Tresher from your map, then talk to Jeb, the janitor. He won’t help you solve the puzzles ahead, but he’s an interesting character you’ll want to approach. Now, when the level starts, you’ll be inside the maintenance room, which has multiple floors.

The idea here is to climb from one floor to another by finding keywords that allow you to open the locked gates. To save as much time as possible, it is recommended to pause the game and learn the steps ahead following our Escape Academy Under Pressure guide.

How To Open the First Gate

The moment you enter the escape room, ignore all objects and focus on the case that is on the gray box in front of you (pictured below).

Escape Academy Under Pressure Walkthrough

Open it to get the Small Key, then use the key on the locked power box on the right side (also pictured). Once you open the power box, turn off the light, and then turn around to spot a handprint on the wall where you entered the room.

Interact with the handprint, and you’ll get the following tools: Clippers, Hammer, and Screwdriver. Now, turn the power on from the power box, and on the right side, you’ll see a message on the wall: We All Water.

Notice the wooden board with a heart on it. This board can be sashed using the Hammer you found earlier to reveal the word: Fear. Now, approach the terminal on the locked gate and type the word Fear.

Escape Academy Under Pressure Guide

Since this is the first locked door, it is worth pointing out that to type the word, you have to press the buttons that contain the corresponding letters. For example, for F, you have to press the DEF button. So, to open the first Under Pressure locked gate, press the following:

  • DEF
  • DEF
  • ABC
  • PQR

Now, climb the ladder to get to the second floor.

How To Solve the Valve Puzzle

On the second floor in the Escape Academy Under Pressure room, you’ll need to solve a puzzle involving some colored valves. Upon reaching the said floor, you’ll first want to use the Clippers and get the Blue Valve hanging in the middle of the room (pictured).

Escape Academy Under Pressure Walkthrough Guide

Now, place the Blue Valve on the metal door and look around to spot some clues on the boards around the room. These boards provide hints that allow you to solve a small math problem, thus revealing the correct combination of numbers you can use on the colored valves: “Blue is more than Yellow but less than Red. Yellow is odd. No Valve should be set to 5. Red is double Yellow.

Using these hints, you can find the Under Pressure colored valves puzzle solution, which is 346. Spin each valve accordingly to get the following combination:

  • Yellow – 3
  • Blue – 4
  • Red – 6
Escape Academy Under Pressure Puzzles Solutions

As you can see in the screenshot above, by solving the Under Pressure valves puzzle, you’ll unlock a door, and behind it, you’ll find a small crane. Use the handle to pull the Rusty Key out of the water, then use it on the hanging locker in the previous room, where you found the Blue Valve.

Grab the locked Handicam, head back to the crane, and place it on the hook. Next, you’ll want to spin the handle to submerge the camera. For the last part of the puzzle on the second floor, you’ll want to retrace your steps to the main room and look at the monitor near the yellow pipe. You should spot the word Will, which is the password to open the locked gate.

Escape Academy Tresher Under Pressure Puzzles Guide

Following the same logic as the one above, approach the locked gate and press the following buttons:

  • VWX
  • GHI
  • JKL
  • JKL

Under Pressure Safe Code Puzzle Solution

Under Pressure escape room continues on the third level, where you’ll need to solve another puzzle. Once you get to the third floor on this level, there are several items you’ll have to find. The first one is a Safe Manual inside the toilet on the right side (pictured below) as you reach the third floor.

Escape Academy Under Pressure Acrilyc Sheets Puzzle Solution

Get the Safe Manual, then get the Acrilyc Sheet on the wall on the right side of the toilet (also pictured above). Finally, get the last two Acrilyc Sheets in this room. One is found on the red couch, and the other one is inside a cardboard box in front of the locked door.

Now, your next goal is to place the three Acrilyc Sheets on the wall near the toilets, but you’ll have to be quite careful because you need to form a code. This code is 510, so make sure you place the sheets accordingly, then turn around and use the same code on the locker attached to the power box.

Escape Academy Under Pressure Locked Power Box Code

Upon opening the power box, you’ll notice that you are missing the handle, which brings us to the Safe Map you have found inside the toilet.

How To Open the MK. 5 Safe

To open the MK5 Safe in the Under Pressure escape room, you’ll have to use the hints provided by the Safe Map we found earlier in the toilet. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the map shows the codes for Mk. 1, Mk. 2, Mk. 3 and Mk. 4 safe models, but no Mk. 5.

The actual safe code is, in fact, given by the pattern or the map. Pay attention, and you’ll notice that the shapes are moving from left to right. That is the only difference between the safe models. So, following this logic, to open the Escape Academy Mk. 5 Safe in Under Pressure, you’ll need to use the combination:

  • Circle
  • Circle
  • Square
  • Cross (Spin the lever)
  • Square

After you open the safe, get the Switch Handle and return to the Power Box. Attach the handle, turn off the light, and look at the panels where you attached the Acrilyc Sheets. On the wall, you’ll see the word Slow, which is the password to open the locked gate. Next, turn the power back on, approach the locked gate, and press the following buttons:

  • STU
  • JKL
  • MNO
  • VWX

Strange Devices Puzzle Solution

As you get to the fourth floor in Escape Academy Under Pressure level, you’ll have to get ready for yet another puzzle that is even trickier than those we have solved so far. Fear not, though, because we’ll share the solution with you as part of our walkthrough.

On this floor, the first thing you’ll want to do is get the Cipher Sheet pinned on the beam near the workbench. You can see it marked by the left arrow below, and once you get the sheet, you’ll also want to get the two Strange Devices from the workbench nearby (also marked below).

Escape Academy Under Pressure Cipher Sheet Puzzle Solution

Upon getting the Cipher Sheet, look around, and you’ll see several words on the walls. They won’t make too much sense unless you use the sheet. Basically, you’ll have to translate them by using the sheet you have found to match the corresponding letters:


This means that the codes on the wall translate into Under Pressure and Over Weight. Using these two hints, you’ll need to solve the next part of the puzzle, and if you look around, you’ll see several plates on the walls.

First, find the one that reads Water Pressure and use the Screwdriver to remove the screws on the small gray panel. Place one of the Strange Devices in the first slot on the bottom, directly above the Under word, as you can see below.

Escape Academy Under Pressure Strange Devices Puzzle Solution

Now, find the plate on the wall, which reads Water Weight, and once again remove the screws. Place the second Strange Device inside the top slot, directly under the word Over.

By doing so, if you look at the letters displayed on the Strange Devices, you’ll be able to form the next password, which is Your. Great job! Now, head to the locked metal gate and use the panel to exit the room. Press the following buttons to do so:

  • YZ
  • MNO
  • STU
  • PQR

How To Solve the Pipes Puzzle

The Escape Academy Under Pressure pipes puzzle on the fifth floor is the most difficult so far, but you can easily skip it if you know the password or the keyword beforehand. The said password is Mind; however, assuming you want to solve the riddle, the first step is to find the Old Map inside the wooden crate pictured below.

Escape Academy Under Pressure Pipes Puzzle Solution

Break the box using the Hammer you found earlier in this level, then grab the map and examine it. On the paper, you can see four numbers on a grid. Now, look around the room to spot some pipes leading to specific nodes.

Before using them, make sure you start the power from the switch on the wall. Now, the fun begins, and your goal is to identify the nodes featuring small yellow triangles in their corners. Those need to be powered up by rotating the pipes.

By powering them, you’ll reveal some letters and words. The words you should be looking for are Move, Kind, Bend, and Fire. Once you find them, use the triangles in the corner of the grids to discover the exact order on the map, as follows:


Using the same map and the numbers on it, you can discover the keyword, which is Mind. As you can guess, you’ll need to use it to open the last metal gate by pressing the following buttons:

  • MNO
  • GHI
  • MNO
  • DEF

What Is the Moral of This Story Correct Answer

After you open the last door, follow the ladder up, and you’ll reach the end of the Under Pressure escape room; however, you have one last riddle to solve in order to exit. This riddle is spotted above the terminal on the right side as you face the exit door. Look on the wall to see a painting that reads: What Is The Moral Of This Story?

The answer to this question is: Fear Will Slow Your Mind, and the solution comes from the keywords you have found while exploring the five floors. Now, all you need to do is use the terminal and rotate the words until you get the correct answer.

Escape Academy Under Pressure What Is The Moral Of This Story Answer

And that’s it! You just completed the Under Pressure escape room in The Tresher, but stay close and check The Breakout guide for the next chapter.

Welcome to our Escape Academy hub, which covers everything you need to know about the action-adventure puzzle video game developed by Coin Crew Games and published by iam8bit for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Our Escape Academy walkthroughs and guides have been created to help you solve all Escape Academy puzzles and unlock all secrets while exploring the campus. Looking to become an Escape Room Master? This is the best place to start!


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