Escape Academy The Tea Kettle Walkthrough: How To Complete & Puzzles Solutions

July 20, 2022

Escape Academy Tea Kettle is one of three escape rooms unlocked upon completing The Breakout level we talked about in this guide.

The other two are Lab Rat (covered in the walkthrough here) and Trial By Taste (explained here). The order in which you complete them doesn’t matter.

In Escape Academy Tea Kettle, you have to brew the perfect cup of tea, so if you like puzzles and tea, this is the escape room for you.

The Tea Kettle level is quite challenging, as you are probably used to in the video game developed by Coin Crew Games, so consult the following walkthrough if you encounter any problems.

Escape Academy The Greenhouse Walkthrough – How To Complete Tea Kettle Escape Room

Start by going to The Greenhouse with the help of your in-game map.

You’ll meet professor Bonilla who will debrief you about the upcoming level, and Eel is here too. It looks like you just can’t shake him off since you freed him.

Before you begin, keep in mind to move as fast as possible to get a good grade. Also, don’t forget to pause the game when you’re checking the guide.

Now let’s start Escape Academy The Tea Kettle escape room because I would really like a hot cup of tea.

How To Find True Love In Tea Kettle

The first thing you want to do is go to the tree in the middle and memorize the initials on it (AB).

As you can see, there should be another set of initials on the tree, and you need to find out what they are.

Facing the tree from the place you started the level, cross the small bridge to the left side.

Then turn left, and you should be able to see a Garden Shovel in a patch of soil surrounded by a small fence, as shown in the following screenshot.

Escape Academy Tea Kettle Walkthrough Guide

Pick up the shovel and return to the tree in the middle, but this time cross another small bridge to the right side.

On this side, you’ll find another two patches of soil marked with an X.

Dig in both patches with the Garden Shovel to get:

  • Professor’s Necklace with the initials KZ on it
  • Sereni-Tea Seed which you’ll need later

Now go to the place from where you got the Garden Shovel and inspect the lock on the pink shed door.

The code to the lock is formed out of the initials scratched on the tree and the ones on the Professor’s Necklace: ABKZ.

Great job so far! On to the next Puzzle for the Escape Academy Tea Kettle escape room.

How To Solve Free The Beast Puzzle In The Tea Kettle

Tea Kettle Free The Beast Puzzle can be completed right inside the shed you just opened.

But first, pick up the Strange Tiles inside the box on the table in front of the shed’s window because you’ll need them later.

Now look to your left to spot some grey, red and blue mugs. It’s important to remember the order in which they are arranged:

  1. Grey Mug x 1
  2. Red Mug x 1
  3. Red Mug x 1
  4. Blue Mug x 2
  5. Red Mug x 2
  6. Grey Mug x 1

With this in mind, turn to the shed’s right side, where you can see a couple of blue wrenches, grey wrenches, and red brushes.

Arrange them in the order suggested by the colored mugs from before, like this:

  1. Grey Wrench
  2. Red Brush
  3. Red Brush
  4. Blue Wrench
  5. Blue Wrench
  6. Red Brush
  7. Red Brush
  8. Grey Wrench
Escape Academy Tea Kettle Free The Beast Puzzle Solution

The Beast chainsaw will be revealed if you arrange everything correctly, pick it up because you’ll need it later for the Tea Kettle escape room.

Tea Kettle Fuel Up Puzzle Solution

The next step in completing Escape Academy The Tea Kettle level is to get a Propane Tank and refuel the stove near the tree in the middle because you can’t make tea without fire.

Go back to the place from where you got the Professor’s Necklace, on the right side of the tree in the middle, across the small bridge, remember?

Right near the patch of soil from where you got the Necklace, you have to inspect the cabinet with the CAUTION yellow sign; you can’t miss it.

As you can see, there is a panel on the cabinet with a sort of flower family tree, and it’s missing four Tiles.

Remember the four Strange Tiles you got from the shed? You have to place them on the panel. But in what order?

You can see that there are different types of flowers in each column. From left to right, you can see:

  1. Daisies
  2. Bellflowers
  3. Sunflowers
  4. Tulips

So first, put your only Bellflower Tile on the second column’s missing spot.

And to correctly put your Sunflowers Tiles, you have to consider the color of the flower’s parents, don’t forget, this is a family tree.

It can be confusing so let me give you the solution:

  • in the top-right missing spot, put a white and green sunflower
  • in the center-left missing spot, put your only bellflower (white and green)
  • in the center-right missing spot, put a white and black sunflower
  • in the bottom-right missing spot, put a blue and white sunflower

You can also check the following screenshot.

Escape Academy Tea Kettle Fuel Up Puzzle Solution

After you’ve done it right, the cabinet opens, and you can pick up a Propane Tank.

Now go back to the stove with the teapot on it.

Then put the Propane Tank under the stove to start the fire. Next, it’s time to get the water for the tea.

The Tea Kettle Fill The Kettle Puzzle Solution

Of course, you must solve another Escape Academy Tea Kettle Puzzle if you want the water, precisely Fill The Kettle Puzzle.

Therefore, go to the right side area, where you got the Propane Tank, and cut the plants on the door in the back, near a beehive.

You need The Beast chainsaw you got from the shed to cut off the plants and open the door to a new room.

The first thing you want to do in the new room is to pick up the pink paper on the left wall above the sinks.

Pin it to your screen from the items menu and go to the flowers mentioned on the paper, behind the big window, in the middle.

Put your hands in the gloves in front of the plants by clicking the inspect button, A, on Xbox.

Rearrange the flowers following the rules on the pink paper. If you can’t figure it out, here is the solution from left to right: D, C, A, B, E.

If you put the flowers in the correct order, a different colored butterfly will fly above each plant:

  • D – Blue
  • C – Red
  • A – Green
  • B – Purple
  • E – Yellow

As you can see in the image below.

Escape Academy Tea Kettle Fill The Kettle Puzzle Solution

Keep that in mind and head to the right to the cabinet with the colored butterflies.

On the cabinet, you can also see the following message:

[B]eware: [A]gressive and [D]angerous [B]ugs [E]xist [E]verywhere

If you extract the capital letters, you get B, A, D, B, E, and E.

Cross-reference the information above with the colored butterflies from before, and you have:

  1. Purple
  2. Green
  3. Blue
  4. Purple
  5. Yellow
  6. Yellow

Now press the butterflies with the corresponding colors on the cabinet’s door in the above order.

And voila! The cabinet opens, and you can get a Bee-B-Gone.

Get out of the room and use the Bee-B-Gone on the beehive to the right.

With the bees gone, you can spin the valve and get the water needed for your tea.

Now you just have to go to the stove and turn on the faucet above to put some water in the teapot and solve the Fill The Kettle Puzzle in Escape Academy Tea Kettle escape room.

How To Solve Steep The Leaves Puzzle In Tea Kettle

All that’s left to do is to get the leaves needed for the tea, which is not an easy task.

First, go to the cabinet where you got the Propane Tank and put some gasoline in The Beast chainsaw.

Now take this bad boy and cut the plants on the door from the left side of the area, near the shed.

Enter the newly accessible room or lab, and go to the scale on the table in the back.

On the scale, you must put the Sereni-Tea Seed you got way back when solving the Find True Love Puzzle at the beginning of our Tea Kettle walkthrough.

As you can see, the Sereni-Tea Seed weighs 0.23 G, so keep that in mind and go to the Seed Weight Analysis chart on the left wall as you enter the lab.

The Seed weight corresponds to GTT- considering that 0.23 G is between 0.2 G and 0.3 G. Write down the initials on a piece of paper because you’ll need them later to complete the Escape Academy Tea Kettle level.

Escape Academy Tea Kettle Guide

Now go take a look at the charts on the right wall, above the sinks.

Escape Academy Tea Kettle Steep The Leaves Puzzle Solution

On the left chart, you have more initials, and the ones you want correspond to the number of Chloroplasts you can find in a Cell of the Sereni-Tea Seed. So you need to find out the number of Chloroplasts.

To help you with that, take a look at the chart to the right, where you can see how a Chloroplast looks.

Go to the microscope on the table in the middle of the lab and put the Sereni-Tea Seed in it for closer observation.

You can see 8 Chloroplast in a Cell, so with the previous chart in mind, you now know that the second initials are: -TAG.

It’s time to go to the machine to the left of the scale from before and input the code you just got, combined from both sets of initials: GTT-TAG.

Pick up the Tea Leaves and go to the teapot on the stove to finish brewing the perfect tea.

Tea is served, and you’ve completed the Escape Academy Tea Kettle level. But don’t worry; you have more escape rooms waiting for you, like the next one, Rival Room.

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