Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough: How To Complete & Puzzles Solutions

July 18, 2022

Escape Academy Lab Rat is the sixth escape room you can complete in the video game developed by Coin Crew Games.

Lab Rat is rated 3/5 for difficulty and has a time limit of 25 minutes, just like the previous one, The Breakout, which we already covered in this guide.

In the Escape Academy Lab Rat level, you have to prove to Quanty that you haven’t cheated on your previous escapes, which have been flawless, as the computer says.

So, if you want to complete Escape Academy Lab Rat escape room flawlessly as well, you should definitely consult the following guide.

Escape Academy The Computer Lab Walkthrough – How To Complete Lab Rat Escape Room

To get things started, you must go to The Computer Lab, located in the bottom left corner of your map.

You’ll have a short conversation in the lab with Quanty and Eel.

You basically have to hack into Quanty’s core drivers, a task that the computer thinks you’ll surely fail.

Also, to complete the Escape Academy Lab Rat level as fast as possible, don’t forget to pause the game while checking our guide.

How To Turn On The Lights In Lab Rat

The first impediment to hacking Quanty’s core drivers is that you don’t have sufficient power.

Begin by searching for three Power Tubes scattered throughout the room.

Face the monitors displaying Quanty, then look for a Tube on the sofa to the left of the scene from the middle.

Another Tube can be found on a board to the right of the entrance in the recreation area on the opposite side of Quanty.

And the last Tube is on another sofa on the left side of the recreation area.

Now put the Power Tubes in their place, near the door through which you entered the Escape Academy Lab Rat escape room.

As you can see, to the left of where you have put the Tubes, there is a hamster cage with a wheel, so you need to find a Rat to put inside.

And if you go into the recreation area, you can see a rat around, but you have to lure it somehow.

Also, in the recreation area, face the tv, and you can see a vending machine to the right. You have to get the Donut from the machine to lure the Rat.

Escape Academy Lab Rat Walkthrough Guide

First, get the Spare Change (coins) on the table in front of the tv.

Then get out of the recreation area and immediately turn left, where you can see a Sudoku paper. I suggest you take a picture of the paper with your phone or note everything down in a notebook.

Escape Academy Lab Rat Guide

Now go back to the vending machine, and with the help of the picture you took before, follow the Sudoku logic to find out the code for the Donut.

If you can’t figure the code out, let me help you out. The letter for the Donut can only be C, and the number 4, following the rule that it can only be one of each number (or letter) in each row, column, and sub-square.

So put the code C4 in the vending machine to get the Donut.

Then place the Donut on the plate left of the tv, on the floor.

Capture the Rat and place it in the hamster cage from before to complete the Escape Academy Lab Rat Turn On The Lights Puzzle.

How To Solve Turn Off The Lasers Puzzle In Lab Rat

You now have to bypass the lasers in front of Quanty for the Lab Rat escape room.

To do this, you must access the terminal on the left wall of the lasers and click FORGOT PASSWORD?.

As you can see, you need the MOTHER’S NAME and DOG’S NAME to continue.

You can get this information from the computers in front of the recreation area, but they also have a password.

To find out the password, position yourself in such a manner, so you can see all the monitors, as shown in the next image.

Escape Academy Lab Rat Turn Off The Lasers Puzzle Solution

You can notice that the screensavers indicate the following code: SQUARE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE.

This code is actually the password so input it into one of the computers. You would think nobody puts a password on their screensaver, but there you go. You are that lucky.

Now enter the computer’s FILES folder to find out the names you are looking for: DELL-ILAH (mother) and SPROCKET (dog).

Go back to the terminal near the lasers and reset the password. The new password should be SAFER.

Click the X button on the monitor and input the password to Turn Off The Lasers, and get a step closer to completing the Escape Academy Lab Rat level.

Lab Rat Install A Virus Puzzle Solution

With the lasers down, you now have access to another terminal, the one to the left of Quanty.

If you inspect the terminal, you can see the model of it on the top side of the display, which is MODEL #13.

Keep that in mind and look for the device near the Sudoku paper from earlier, to the right of the recreation area.

Interact with the device and flip the switches so that you have 13 on the small display. You know, from MODEL #13.

Escape Academy Lab Rat Install A Virus Puzzle Solution

By doing so, the device gives you the binary equivalent of the number 13, which is: 1101.

Now go to any of the computers in front of the recreation area to build a virus by clicking on the VIRUSES icon and introducing the binary code from before(1101).

Take the floppy disk you just got and insert it into the terminal to the left of Quanty to complete the Escape Academy Lab Rat Install A Virus Puzzle.

Lab Rat Get Your Groove On Puzzle Solution

After installing a virus in the computer, the room turns into a disco, so it’s time to dance your way out of trouble for the next step in completing the Lab Rat escape room.

Jump on the dancing floor formed out of squares and face the screens displaying Quanty.

Escape Academy Lab Rat Get Your Groove On Puzzle Solution

As you can see, the screens also display your position on the dance floor with a head icon (marked by the left arrow) and the square you have to get to with a footsteps icon (marked by the arrow from the right).

However, you have to get to the footsteps icon several times. Each time is harder and harder.

Stay away from the red skull icons, or you’ll have to restart. When you can’t go around the red skulls, note that you can leave the floor and make your way to the footsteps icon from outside.

Also, at some point, the screens will display everything upside down to confuse you.

It may take a couple of tries, but I’m sure you’ll pull it through, and the door to the server room will open, completing Escape Academy Lab Rat Get Your Groove On Puzzle.

How To Solve Finish The Job Puzzle In Lab Rat

Great job! Now you have one last Puzzle to complete for the Lab Rat escape room, so get inside the server room, access the terminal in the back, and press HACK.

Next, you have to press eight switches scattered through the room in a specific order to complete the Puzzle.

Each switch has a different letter assigned to it. In addition, every switch also has a SERIAL VALUE that consists of a square, triangle, and circle, with colored lights above them.

Looking at the MANUAL OVERRIDE PROTOCOL near the door, you can see that each shape has a value depending on its color.

How To Solve Lab Rat Escape Academy Finish The Job Puzzle

So, a red square, blue triangle, and white circle each value one point or three points if you add together the value of the shapes.

You can see the rest of the values in the MANUAL OVERRIDE PROTOCOL now that you know how it works.

As an example, the G switch has a value of 8 because a blue square (3) + a blue triangle (1) + a red circle (4) = 8.

Escape Academy Lab Rat Finish The Job Puzzle Solution

The correct order to press the switches is from the lowest point value to the highest.

And if you just can’t figure it out, here is the correct order:

  • 1 – E
  • 2 – B
  • 3 – D
  • 4 – H
  • 5 – F
  • 6 – G
  • 7 – C
  • 8 – A

That’s all! You’re quite a hacker because you have completed the Escape Academy Lab Rat escape room and earned Quanty’s conditional respect, but don’t forget to check our Escape Academy Wiki Hub here to breeze through the game. Or just start Trial By Taste, the next level I suggest you complete with the help of this guide.

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