Escape Academy What Lies Below Walkthrough: How To Complete & Puzzles Solutions

July 26, 2022

Escape Academy What Lies Below is the final and most challenging escape room in the video game developed by Coin Crew Games.

You unlock What Lies Below after completing The Confrontation, the previous escape room we covered for Escape Academy.

What Lies Below is the only level rated 5/5 for difficulty, which makes sense since it’s the game’s last escape room.

Considering the difficulty, you’ll probably need our help with this one, so don’t hesitate to check our Escape Academy What Lies Below walkthrough.

Escape Academy What Lies Below Walkthrough – How To Complete The Escape Room

After completing The Confrontation, you have to go down using the secret elevator in The Headmaster’s Office.

Once outside the elevator, you’ll find yourself in a huge secret area, and in the middle of it, guess who waits in restraints?

The Headmaster! It looks like Quanty has lost it and locked her here.

Quanty was behind all the weird things that happened since the Headmaster disappeared, so you have to take him down and save the day to complete Escape Academy What Lies Below.

How To Start Quanty’s Exam In What Lies Below

The first thing you want to do is go up the stairs behind the Headmaster and proceed through the gates that are opening in front of you.

It seems Quanty has prepared an exam for you, and until you figure out how to stop him, play his game.

Once in the room with all the chairs, head right, and you’ll reach a couple of statues.

Pick up the glasses you see on the statue of Headmaster Solange because, with their help, you’ll see all sorts of hidden messages left by the Headmaster that will help you through the What Lies Below escape room.

Escape Academy What Lies Below Walkthrough Guide

Once you’ve picked up the glasses, you’ll always have them on; you don’t have to press any buttons to activate them or something like that.

Now open all the lockers on this side of the room to see the first hint from the Headmaster, as shown in the following image.

Escape Academy What Lies Below Guide

You’ve surely noticed that one of the lockers needs a code to open it. So now you’ll have to use the Headmaster’s hint, as you probably guessed.

Go to the locked locker and use the code:

  1. Start from 0.
  2. Then clockwise to 10.
  3. Anticlockwise to 25.
  4. Clockwise to 15.

From the locker, you’ll get:

  • Testing Sheet
  • Headmaster’s Pin

Now go to the machine near the locked door (it says 00 on it) on the other side of the room.

Left of the machine, you can see the following message:



With that in mind, inspect the machine and insert the Testing Sheet. As you can see, you can mark the letters on it, but which ones?

A C E, of course, from the previous message.

The Testing Sheet has four rows of letters, so at least four more Puzzles await.

Go to the next room through the door you just opened, but don’t forget to take the Testing Sheet from the machine.

How To Solve Do The Dance Puzzle In What Lies Below

You now have to solve a dance-type Puzzle for Escape Academy What Lies Below, like the one in Lab Rat (check the walkthrough here), if you remember. Quanty must have a thing for dancing.

However, this dance Puzzle is a little different and easier.

So, you need to position yourself in front of the dance floor and look at the big monitor.

Then step from one colored square to another in the order suggested on the monitor.

When you reach the last square, all you have to do is press the button on the corresponding gas tank releasing a colored smoke.

After that, look at the monitor again, and you’ll notice it now shows another route for you to take, starting from the square you’re already on.

Follow the colored squares again and press the button on the next gas tank. You’ll have to do this until the screen displays the message EXIT.

Note that you can go wherever you want on the dance floor without losing progress; just remember where you were.

Also, the Puzzle restarts if you press the wrong button. But if you remember the buttons you pressed until the restart, you don’t have to walk on the squares again; just interact with the correct gas tank directly.

Once you are done, look at the smoking gas tanks, and you should notice that each one has an orange square with a circle in it.

However, some circles have dots in the middle, so to get the letters needed for the Testing Sheet, you need to look at the smoking gas tanks with a dot in the circle.

If you are struggling, here is the solution: B, C, and D.

Before moving on to the next room, find the shelves marked by the Headmaster with a pink eye drawing (to the left as you go down the stage’s stairs) and pick up the Battery.

Escape Academy What Lies Below Walkthrough

What Lies Below Light It Up Puzzle Solution

For the next Escape Academy What Lies Below Puzzle, go up the stairs to the right in the new room and inspect the big board.

Next, you have to rewire the board so that the yellow cable to the right connects with the other yellow cable to the left.

The trick is you have to pass through the squares marked with A, B, C, D, and E.

Considering you have a limited number of cable parts, you can’t pass through all the squares with letters simultaneously, but you must pass through each one at least once.

When you’ve connected the yellow cables through a square with a letter, a green or white light turns on in the middle of the corresponding square.

Remember the squares with letters that will have a green light when the electricity goes through them because those are the letters needed for the Testing Sheet.

You can try solving the Puzzle yourself from here using the information above, but if you don’t want to waste time, let me help you out.

In the next screenshot, you can see what the board should look like so that you light square A.

Escape Academy What Lies Below Light It Up Puzzle Solution

For squares B, C, and D, check the following image.

How To Solve Escape Academy What Lies Below Light It Up Puzzle

And for square E, the board should look like in the next image.

How To Solve Light It Up Puzzle Escape Academy What Lies Below

As you can see, the green lights have turned on in squares: A, D, and E.

Before proceeding, you should interact with one of the giant electricity poles in the room and charge the Battery you picked up in the dancing room.

Now, put the correct letters in the Testing Sheet to open the door and get to the next What Lies Below Puzzle.

How To Arrange The Pillars In What Lies Below Escape Room

Ignore everything in the next room and proceed to the room with the pillars of different sizes.

As you can see, there are five pillars and five marked spots on the ground.

Each spot is represented by a different letter ( A, B, C, D, and E). So you have to move each pillar to one of those spots.

You are probably wondering what is the correct order, though.

Looking at the left wall, you’ll see each of the five letters translated in morse code, and if you observe the pillars, you’ll notice a blinking white light on each one.

To know which pillar goes where look carefully to see the pattern in which the white lights blink.

It’s clear that a short blink means a dot, and a longer blink means a line.

The information above should be enough for you to solve the Puzzle but just in case you get stuck, check the following screenshot, where you can see the correct order of the pillars.

Escape Academy What Lies Below Escape Room Walkthrough

When all the pillars are in the correct spot, a hatch will open on each column, revealing a letter with a circle next to it.

You know the drill; if you see a dot in the circle, note down the corresponding letter.

I’ll also put the correct letters here in case you don’t want to discover them yourself: B and D.

Put that on the Testing Sheet and move on to the next Puzzle in the Escape Academy What Lies Below escape room.

What Lies Below Chemical Tanks Puzzle Solution

For the next What Lies Below Puzzle, I hope you enjoyed chemistry while in school. Anyway, step into the next room.

First, pick up the Chemical Tanks from the shelves to the left, then read the text near door 04 that says:


So you have to figure out which of the tanks you’ve just picked up have water in them.

Now go up the stairs in front of the shelves, and look at the monitor to the left. All you have to memorize from it is that WATER is H20.

To the right of the monitor is a machine where you can put two Chemical Tanks at a time to create crystals.

The color of the crystals depends on what is inside the Tanks.

To the machine’s right is another monitor that, among other things, says BR2 + H20 = red crystals. Also, BR2 + CoO = purple crystals.

Knowing all that, you now have to find which Tanks create the red crystals because, as the monitor to the right says, one is BR2 and the other H2O.

After that, you must find out which of the two is the one with H20.

So the next step is to pair these two Tanks with the others, and you’ll see that only one combination makes purple crystals, meaning that you now know which is BR2.

In conclusion, the other one must be H2O (WATER).

I know it’s a little confusing so let me help you out; the two Tanks that make red crystals are D and A.

Escape Academy What Lies Below Chemical Tanks Puzzle Solution

And the H2O one is D. You can now complete the Testing Sheet with the letter D and finish Quanty’s exam.

But you’re not done yet! It’s time to take down Quanty and complete the Escape Academy What Lies Below level.

Before you leave the room, don’t forget to pick up the Testing Sheet and the Water Tank; trust me, you’ll thank me later.

How To Do A Little Damage In What Lies Below

To continue, you have to get off course a little, so instead of going to the containment dormitories, as Quanty suggests, you must go to the room with the pillars Puzzle.

Then you should rearrange the pillars to form a staircase leading to the vent marked by the Headmaster with purple arrows, just like in the next screenshot.

Escape Academy What Lies Below Escape Room Guide

It’s finally time to put the Headmaster’s Pin into action. You got it at the beginning of the What Lies Below escape room alongside the Testing Sheet, remember?

Anyway, use the Pin to open the vent and crawl through until you reach another room.

A few meters in front, you have a ladder to the left you can push and then use to go down a level.

But not before you press the button on the terminal at the end of the platform.

On the bottom level, you can see another three terminals you need to destroy.

For one, you must pin the Testing Sheet to your screen and copy the pattern from the Sheet to the terminal.

Escape Academy What Lies Below Escape Room Walkthrough Guide

The terminal that says MAX LOAD: 5V requires you to use the charged Battery you should have in your inventory from the Escape Academy What Lies Below Light It Up Puzzle.

And for the last terminal that says NO WATER (OR OTHER LIQUIDS), you need to use the Water Tank (Chemical Tank “B”) also in your inventory; I told you it would come in handy.

How To Deactivate Quanty In What Lies Below

Now that Quanty is exposed, you can deactivate him by interacting with the monitors in the middle of the room and solving a couple of mini Puzzles. I know, just when you thought the What Lies Below escape room was finally over, in comes another Puzzle.

Let’s start with the monitor that says:


>A+1 = B

You can notice that the solution has four letters, and there are four highlighted letters in the text.

Also, if A+1 = B, it should mean that S+2 = U and so on, meaning that the solution is non-other than UNDO.

Escape Academy What Lies Below Level Walkthrough Guide

Another monitor says:


The solution has seven letters, and the highlighted letters in the text have different numbers near them. The numbers are between 1 and 7. Coincidence? You should know by now that this game is not about coincidences.

So put the letters in their corresponding place in the solution (word), based on the numbers, and you’ll get: REFRESH.

Escape Academy What Lies Below Level Walkthrough

On to the next monitor, the one that says:


Here you have a four-letter solution. M180 hints that you should rotate M 180 degrees to get W. And the other letters are clear, so you get WIPE.

Escape Academy What Lies Below Level Guide

To the monitor saying:


This one is simple; the opposite of start is STOP.

How To Complete Escape Academy What Lies Below Level

Now you can interact with the main and final monitor that says:


Following the rules from the previous monitor Puzzles, you have to input the opposite of OPEN UP, which is SHUT DOWN.

How To Complete Escape Academy What Lies Below Escape Room

And that’s finally it! You’ve beaten Quanty, the Escape Academy What Lies Below level, and the game, so congratulations to our escapist hero! But if you want to replay some of the escape rooms to get better grades, be sure to check our Escape Academy Wiki Hub here.

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